May 2007 Release Notes. Version 2 R1

Internal Category: Enhancement
number of Tickets: 28
Release Note Summary
Release Description
Rules can act on Activity Log
The Activity Log table can now be used as the basis for rules. For example, if you wanted to run a rule when users
login that updates their user record, or that notifies you if someone changes a rule or workflow, you can now create a
rule to do that when the relevant record is created in the Activity Log.
3951 LDAP Wizard enhancement allows
suppression of group and team updates
from LDAP.
With the new Group and Team Mapping options in the LDAP wizard, you can choose not to update groups and teams from LDAP after the first synchronization or login of a user. When LDAP synchronization is run for the first time, user records will be created with the default groups and teams value you select in the next option. After that first import, you may edit the group membership in the user record of EW at any time, and LDAP will never overwrite this value when the user logs in. This setting also affects the Primary Team field.
Email enhancement for Team Leader field
in Team table
The Team leader field in the Team table can now be used as a normal user linked field. It can be populated as a linked field along with the Team Name into another table, and then the team leader for a team can be emailed in rules.
1442 Enhanced installer supports rollback on installation error EnterpriseWizard's enhanced installer supports the same rollback facilities found when running the installer from the command line.
1499 Emails can include related table data and linked fields with multiple values Emails sent from within the system can now include related tables and linked fields with multiple values in the body of the email as well as in the included fields.

This makes possible the creation of attractive, custom email templates that can contain a related table, such as a price
quote that includes the products/items included in the quote, or a repair record that includes the parts and components for the repair.
2047 Enhanced EW installer updates system-dependent binaries automatically EnterpriseWizard's enhanced installer stores information about embedded mysql and jdk vervions and can update this software automatically when necessary.
2421 Important new linked field filter option There is now a new option on the Option tab in the linked field wizard that allows you to further restrict the records from which the values may be imported. (Setup > Tables > select table to edit > Edit > Edit linked field > Option tab).

This meets the need to provide a limited set of records to choose from based on some value in the current record, for instance the company of the user submitting the record.

Previous options included "Use all values" and "Filter by saved search". The new third option allows you to Filter records to those in which a field in the source table bears some relationship to a field in the current table.

A typical use of this might be when a user from a particular company submits a ticket, show him only the linked products or locations or assets for his own company by matching the company field in the ticket to the company field in the source table. Previously this had to be limited by group permissions and the filter couldn't be used for staff people who had full permissions.
3015 End-User Interface subtable access made more efficient When end-users have permission to create records in only a subtable of a main table, they will now see the name of the subtable only in the New "Table" tab, and clicking that tab in the end-user interface will take them directly to the appropriate form, instead of an intermediate screen.
3081 Calendar dialog includes 'Next' and 'Previous' links The Calendar dialog now includes Next and Previous links so you can move easily from one day to the next day, or the previous day.
3810 New option for Linked field display The application now includes a display option for linked fields called "Source field display type with lookup". Choosing this option causes the field to behave like a regular choice field in a non-strict link situation and allows choice selection, looking up and importing a record in a strict link situation.
4022 Enhanced relative date and time search option A new feature in the Search dialog's Time Filter enhances the options available when limiting to the hours of a specific team. In addition to specifying a hard-coded team, you can now choose the Team in a particular field in the record. For example, if a ticket must be escalated after 5 working hours, and you want to ensure the filter is looking at the working hours for the Assigned Team only, you can use this new option. The filter dynimcally works on whatever team value is in the field you specify.
4159 New tab-delimited option for Charts/Reports text output In addition to exporting reports as comma-delimited text, you can now specify tab-delimited text.
4204 Scrolling the mouse wheel no longer changes choice field values if they are first controls on form When a choice field is the first field on a form, using the mouse wheel to scroll down the form will no longer inadvertently change the choice field's value.
4227 New option for rule trigger upon edit
when edit is done by other rules as part of
Previously, if rule A ran only upon editing of a ticket and if a ticket was created, and if rule B running upon record creation ran some action that changed the ticket, that action was seen as an "edit" of the ticket, and thus triggered rule A to run. This has been changed so that any rules running as part of record creation do not trigger other rules that should run only for edits. A checkbox has been added to the Edit option and if checked, then the previous behavior is reinstated - edit rules will consider edits made by other rules to be edits even if done as part of record creation.
4598 Working Hours dialog enables hours to span from one day to the next If teams work evening hours into the next day, there was previously no effective way to enter their working hours. New logic has been added so that if the end time is an earlier hour than the start time, the system interprets the end time to be the next day, i.e.:

Sunday: 22:00 to 11:00 will mean 22:00 Sunday to 11:00 AM Monday
Monday: 22:00 to 11:00 will mean 22:00 Monday to 11:00 AM Tuesday
1374 EW Setup option enables adjustment of JVM/MySQL memory parameters The EnterpriseWizard installer has been enhanced to enable administrators to adjust JVM/MySQL memory parameters without editing configuration files or scripts. To change these settings, use the EW Setup utility in the Settings menu.
1375 EW Installer includes new default MySQL users In EnterpriseWizard's default MySQL install, 2 users are now pre-created: ewwrite and ewread. A password is generated randomly at install time for ewwrite. The administrator may choose a password at install time for the ewread user. The ewwrite user has full access to the database and is used by EnterpriseWizard instead of root. The ewread user has read-only access to the database and may be used by a customer for accessing the EnterpriseWizard knowledgebase.
1400 New Rule Action for automatic scheduled Import of data There are many situations in which it is desirable to run a regularly scheduled import/update of records in a table. Typically synchronizing users with some other system might be done this way. There is a new rule action type called Import that can be run as part of a time based rule. To enable this, create a rule with this kind of action on the table into which you want to import records. As you define the action, you will walk through the normal import wizard, map the fields from a sample file, define the location of the import file and so on.
1438 Installing using 'Restore KBs from dir' option writes logs to \logs directory When installing EW on any platform and setting the 'Restore KBs from dir' option, the system will write logs in the common logs directory.
3004 New Print format allows creation of custom printouts of records Mousing over the printer icon from the table view of records, you can select New to create a print format which may contain HTML text with specific fields inserted wherever you like. It may include embedded related tables as well as ordinary fields. The format is saved under a name and may then be selected by any staff user to print out a record in the preconfigured format.
3451 EnterpriseWizard's "guest" user may no longer be deleted To prevent loss of functionality because of accidental deletion, EnterpriseWizard now prevents the deletion of the "guest" user.
4413 Scheduled import supports custom delimitors Import actions can now use text files delimited with characters other than tab. To use another delimitor, on the action's Data Source tab, define the character that separates each field, and the character that encloses each field.
1392 New option in admin console to control time-based rule intervals Previously, time-based rules were limited to running in 10 minute intervals. It is now possible to run time-based rules in 5 minute intervals.

For users with purchased versions of EnterpriseWizard, a new option has been added to the Admin console to allow the administrator to set the shortest interval used in time-based rules.

To access this new option, log in to the Admin console, and go to Knowledgebases. Select the Knowledgebase, click Edit, and click the Options tab. Select a Frequency for "Shortest time interval allowed for time-based searches (in minutes)".
1446 Improved error messages when exporting Knowledgebase fails Error messages now indicate if a knowledgebase export failure was caused by a communication problem with MySQL.
1766 Hide tables from all Groups with single click You can now hide a table from all user groups with a single click. As an administrator, go to Setup > Tables, select the table you wish to hide, and click the Permissions tab. To hide the table from all groups, select the first option "Hide the table from all users".

If you wish to display the table to some users at a later date, go to Setup > Access > Manage Groups and turn it on for those groups of users.
3193 Scheduled reports now use default CSS style sheet defined for all users Scheduled reports now use the default CSS style sheet defined for all users in order to be consistent with the application's look and feel.
1645 Can specify order of actions in workflow transition "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons are now available in the workflow's transition wizard so that you can specify in which order actions and guards should execute.
5144 Inbox shows number of records assigned to you for each table Use the Inbox area of the Search window to easily find all the records in each table that are currently assigned to you. Now, instead of just displaying "Tickets, assigned to you", the search link also includes the number of records assgined to you for that table (e.g. "5 Tickets, assigned to you" or "0 Tickets, assigned to you").
Internal Category: Bug
Release Note Summary
Release Description
4215 Calculation field display bug fixed for saved search and views Calculation fields previously displayed the Calculate button instead of a search box in saved searches. Now a value can be entered to search on as a floating point.
4313 Improved memory configuration for Solaris installations Solaris installations use the correct environment properties for improved memory configuration.