June 2017 Release Notes. Agiloft Version 6 R10.1

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Category : Enhancement
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1888 Workflow Overrides moved The WF Overrides tab in the Table wizard has been removed. The functionality has been added in a new tab, Override Settings, inside the Workflow wizard. The Override Settings tab behaves the same as before.

1881 Update Groups and Teams in LDAP/Active Directory Added the ability to update a user's Groups and Teams in LDAP/Active Directory, when they have been updated in Agiloft. When the LDAP synchronization happens, the new Group or Team fields will update in LDAP/AD according to the field mapping. Previously, all simple fields apart from the Group and Team could be transferred to LDAP/AD.
1879 File name suffixes for version, timestamp, and editors initials for Direct File Edit

We have enhanced the Direct File Edit feature so that documents can now auto-generate suffixes based on the settings in the File with Versioning field wizard. Admin users can now specify the type of suffix information that is added to the file name when new versions are checked in. Suffix information provides better metadata and protects intern changes to files from being overwritten.

In the File with Versioning field wizard, when the option to "Allow direct editing of MS Office document and directly save back to the file field" is selected, the following options to add a version number, date stamp, or initial-based suffix appear:

The default selection is 'Do not add a suffix.' 

Any number of suffix options can be selected, and will appear in the file name once the file has been saved. The options appear in the following format: Filename–{version prefix}-{version number}{timestamp}–{initials}.docx

For example, sample-document--v2--2017-06-05--ao.docx

While the document is still open for editing and is saved, the system increments the file name with a temporary suffix that is dropped once the file is checked in. With versioning tags, the file is incremented with a decimal point, for example: Health IT Checklist--v2.1--ao.docx. Once the file is checked in it becomes Health IT Checklist--v2--ao.docx.

1875 Look and Feel Action Bar settings

Simplified the Action Bar section in the Tables tab of the Look and Feel wizard to remove settings that appeared to be duplicated or unnecessary.

This is how Action Bar Look and Feel section looked previously:

This is how it looks after the rework:

1874 Linux installation NGINX and HTTPS improvements During the Agiloft installation in Linux, NGINX is now installed by default. If the user defines the correct path to the 'crt' and 'key' files for the security certificate in the Web Server section of the Setup Assistant, HTTPS will then be enabled by default. Otherwise, only HTTP will be enabled.
1872 Performance Test Improvements Created some additional performance tests, which can be run by the admin in the Admin Console > Performance.

Previously, the performance test measured the time to import a KB and the time to generate 4000 records:

The test now also measures the time to render 40,000 reports: 

In addition, the task descriptions provide an explanation of what they are measuring.

1871 Validation error messages now hide rule details We simplified error messages provoked by Validation actions. Users who do not belong to the Admin group will no longer see the Rule ID, Rule Description and Record ID in the error message and only the error description will be displayed.

Note that users in other groups with admin access to the Setup menu will see the truncated version of the error message. This change is hard-coded to the "admin" group. Admin group members will see the full error message as before:

1870 Created By added to views when managing saved searches Added the Created By field to the Manage Searches wizard, which lets users see who created each search in the Manage Searches screen. You will need to manually edit the applied view and add the Created By field to see the data in the Manage Searches screen.

Instructions for modifying the view can be found at https://wiki.agiloft.com/display/HELP/Saved+Searches
1869 Run-time Chart/Report filters now allow multi-select for Choice and Linked fields

Added the ability to use multi-select in run-time filters for choice and linked fields. In the Saved Search wizard, the options "is fully contained in, <<" and "is not fully contained in, !<<" allow the user to select multiple options from the field at run-time.

When using a run-time search, you must select values in the pop-up window. De-selecting the checkbox in this screen will filter the search by "Any value".

This option works with Charts/Reports, too. When a saved search that includes a run-time filter is applied to a chart/report, the user will now be given the option to select any of the choice or linked options when the report is previewed or run.

For example, a filter on a run-time search based on "is not fully contained in" for Status, with the options 'Open' and 'Closed', would return records on all states apart from Open and Closed.

1868 Questionnaire and survey field display improvement Improved the naming of Question fields, to allow for more naturalistic questionnaire views and reports without joining characters and prefix labels. 
  • In the Create/Edit Question screen, which opens when a survey question is edited, a new Label was added below the question Name.