June 2016 Release Notes. Agiloft Version 6 R8.7

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400 End user interface - improved handling of global variable / properties changes Previously, changes to translation properties files or global variables in EUI Templates required clearing the server cache from the admin console to take effect. The changes are now reflected in the EUI without manually clearing the cache from the admin console.
1636 Sending rule-based emails to a multi-value linked field It is now possible to create rule-based emails that go to multiple teams in cases where the teams are pulled into a record through a linked set from another table.

The following scenario will help to explain this enhancement:

1. Table A contains an Assigned Teams field. This is a multi-value linked field in which the user can select names of Teams in the Teams table.
2. Table B has a link to selected fields from Table A that includes the multivalue linked Assigned Teams field.
3. A rule or action in Table B sends an email to this Assigned Teams field.
4. When the rule runs, an email will be sent to all the users belonging to any team listed in the Assigned Teams field.

Previously, these types of email actions did not properly resolve to all users in the multi-selected teams field.
1638 New actions: Merge PDF Document and Convert Document Format

Two new options were added for managing PDFs:

  1. Merge to PDF
  2. Convert Document Format

The Merge to PDF action allows you to merge multiple source PDF files into one. In the configuration window, you can select source files from Local File Fields, Linked File Fields, and Related Tables.

Once you have selected the first source field, you can select up to three additional file fields and determine the order in which they are merged.

You can choose whether to open the merged file in the browser or store it in a file field, and whether to Overwrite or Append the file to a file field if you choose the second option.

You can define the field name using the Formula Help to ensure a unique file name. Note that the merged file extension will always be PDF.

If your configuration allows it, you can also select to Convert MS Word documents to PDF format before merging. The following options are available for this:

  • Use MS Word installed on this Agiloft server
  • Use Hosted MS Word services on a remote Agiloft server.

Once set up, the action will take the files in the defined file fields and merge them to a single PDF using the file name format you selected, in the order specified.

The Convert Document Format action takes a Word document from a source file field and converts it to a PDF.

If your configuration allows it, you can also choose to use a Hosted MS Word Service to convert the documents. This can be managed from Setup > Integration, in the Hosted MS Word Services section.

For additional documentation, go to https://docs.agiloft.com/display/HELP/Document+Management

1665 Print field documentation for all tables to Excel format Enhanced printing of field documentation and added an Excel output format.

Documentation of all fields for all tables can now be printed to Excel format using a single button. To do so, navigate to Setup > Tables and click Print Fields for all Tables on the action bar. An excel file will be generated with a worksheet for each table. This may take several minutes.

The Print Field Documentation option is available for specific tables on the Fields tab of the table wizard, and now includes the option to export to Excel. To do so, navigate to Setup [Table] > Fields and select Print Field Documentation

The Print Field Documentation dialog now has the option to select the Format for output, with two formats available:

  • HTML: fields are printed in HTML format, as before.
  • Excel: fields are printed to an .xls file which can be saved or opened in Excel.
1666 Chat functionality improvements To improve chat functionality, the following changes have been made:

1. URLs are now clickable in a chat window.
2. A notification sound plays when a new message is received.
3. Message "${user name} is typing" is displayed when the other person is typing.
4. If a user attempts to accept a chat sent to a team and someone else has already accepted the chat, a notification sound
plays and a message appears: "this request was picked up by another agent."
1672 Support of recurring events in a calendar project

The Calendar now supports recurring events. In the Calendar wizard, a new Recurrence tab was added with an option to select whether the event is Recurrent.

If the option is set to No, the event occurs only once in the calendar.

If the option is set to Yes, a number of additional options appear to set the type of recurrence.

The Recurrence Pattern sets whether the event occurs Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly, and Repeat After sets the number of Recurrence Pattern periods that should happen before the event recurs. For example, if the Recurrence Pattern is Daily and Repeat After is set to 3, the event will recur every 3 days.

The End Event Type setting determines what will terminate the event recurrence:

  • No End Date - the event does not terminate.
  • After Number of Events - opens an option to set the "Number of Occurrences" before the event terminates.
  • After Certain Date - displays a calendar input to set the End Date of the event.
1674 Rules evaluation by Sync Previously, sync compared rules by Universal Unique Identifier (UUID), and if it didn't find a rule with a corresponding UUID, created a new rule on transfer.

In order to improve rule comparison and sync in cases where the same rule was created manually in a source and a target in the same table, and the only difference is the UUID, a new method of evaluation was created. Now, the sync uses both the UUID and the Description to evaluate the rules, and if a rule with a different UUID and the same Description is found in the same table then these rules are interpreted as the same one. This prevents duplication on sync.
1675 Elapsed time field wizard improved Improved the Elapsed Time field wizard to avoid confusion during configuration. Now, dependent options are correctly greyed out when appropriate.
1688 Option 'Edit Quick Search Fields'

Added the ability to configure which fields are available for users in the Quick Search drop-down above a table view to simplify and optimize user experience:

Administrators can customize the field list on the Indexes tab of the Table wizard. Click Edit Quick Search Fields   to open the selection screen containing a list of all fields in the current table. 

All fields are selected by default. The window also contains the following options:

  • Add New Fields by Default
  • Select All Fields
  • Clear All Fields

Note: When subtables are present, the quick search drop-down will show the combined list of fields selected in the Edit Quick Search Fields window for all subtables.

1689 License assignment improvement Created a new license assignment mechanism which greatly improves the method for assigning licenses to the proper staff members. It is now possible to preserve assigned licenses so that they can be given to new employees.

The License Management window, which is available in the staff interface via Setup > License > Manage Licenses, now displays the Manage Assigned Licenses button for all staff licenses with an inactivity timeout greater than 60.

Clicking Manage Assigned Licenses opens the Assign Available Licenses screen with the following options for license assignment:

  • Automatically when a user logs in.
  • Automatically when a user record is created that meets a saved search - displays a list of all saved searches, and the option to Create new Saved Search.
  • Wait for them to be assigned by an admin.

Click the View/Manage Assigned License button to open a window where the admin can select users using the magnifying glass icon, and assign licenses for all of them at once via the Assign Selected Users button.

At the bottom of the screen is a list of the users who currently have an assigned license. Selecting any number of users and clicking the Terminate a user button opens a confirmation dialog to explain that the user's lock on the license will expire after 24 hours unless they log in, after which the license will be available for another user. Clicking OK will remove the user's lock on their license.

1691 New option for custom Table icon visibility Added the ability to disable table icons in the left pane and table tree.

In the Icons tab of the Look and Feel wizard, a new Custom Table Icons option can be selected or deselected to Display the Icons.

If deselected, tables are displayed in the left pane and table tree without icons; mouse over the list of tables and use the arrows to expand a table and find pinned searches, Charts/Reports, and the Setup menu for admins.

In the Last Opened and My Assigned menus, located in the left pane, the search name or summary field for each record is followed by the table name in parentheses.

1692 Group selection box in field wizard

Increased the height of the Group selection box in the Permissions tab of the field wizard from 4 rows to 8 rows. This makes scrolling and selecting groups easier.

1693 Mass edit of field properties

Added the option to select multiple fields in the Fields tab of the Table wizard and perform mass operations on them. A new Set Field Properties menu item has been added to the action bar.

The menu contains the following options:

  • Set Visibility Dependency
  • Set Edit Dependency
  • Set Requirement Dependency
  • Enable/Disable Quick Edit

To edit properties for multiple fields:

  1. Select the checkboxes next to the relevant fields.
  2. Hover over Set Field Properties to choose which property to edit.
  3. Make changes in the pop-up dialog and click Finish to save your changes.

The pop-up Edit window will list the selected fields, and notify the user if the changes can't be applied to any of the selected fields.

Set Visibility Dependence opens the Visibility Dependence window where you can set conditions on the visibility of the selected fields.

Set Edit Dependency opens the Edit Dependency window where you can choose to prevent users in a set of groups from editing the field if a condition is met.

Set Requirement Dependency opens the Requirement Dependency window where you can add conditions to the fields to determine whether they will be required fields.

Enable/Disable Quick Edit opens the Enable/Disable Quick Edit window where you can set whether the fields should be available for Quick Edit views.

1698 Dynamic MySQL ESA support

Implemented dynamic MySQL ESA support for external sync. The following changes were made:

  • Added MySQL External System Type as an available system type in the General tab of the External Sync wizard.

  • Introduced radio buttons for ID and last modified fields on Field Mapping tab to hold the Identifying and Timestamp fields names for each structure dynamically.
  • Introduced a new Helper API to get mapping metadata to get ID and last modified column name for each structure

1701 External Sync supports 'Link to single field from multiple tables' fields Syncing with external systems (via an ESA configured under Setup > Sync) now supports the field type 'Link to single field from multiple tables'. These fields can be mapped with the external table within External Sync configuration, and values are transferred to and from Agiloft.
1702 Email saving options enhanced

New options offer more control over how long emails are kept on the server before being deleted. To set how long emails are kept, navigate to the Inbound Email wizard via Setup > Email and SMS > Configure Inbound Email, then edit an account and go to the Access tab.

The options are:

- Do not remove it
- Remove it immediately
- Remove it after () days

These options allow you to either keep emails on the email server for a selected number of days, or forever, or remove them immediately.
1705 Bomgar Session HTML Reports Agiloft now has the capability to capture and store Bomgar Session details in the form of an HTML report, without using a URL to redirect back to the Bomgar App Server. The following features make the enhancement possible:

1. Ability to generate a template driven HTML report within Agiloft.
2. Enhanced Bomgar extension configuration features, including the ability to store an HTML template in an attached file field.
3. New file field added to the Bomgar Session Details table to hold the generated HTML report.
4. Session reports are now available in the Default View of the Bomgar Session Details table.
5. The default template file, provided by the system, can be used to create a customized report template, which can then be uploaded to the Bomgar Configuration page.
1706 Calculated results display spaces before or after field When adding currency symbols or other text before or after a Calculated Result field, spaces which appear directly before or after the field are correctly displayed in the output for charts, reports and table views. Previously, leading or trailing spaces displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances.

1707 Bomgar Session Details and Reports Agiloft can create reports for individual Bomgar session and store the details in a user knowledgebase. Previously, this functionality was only available for sessions which originated in Agiloft, but now includes all instances, regardless where the session originated.

The Bomgar Admin Console requires the following configuration to enable Agiloft to capture the events:

1. Login to your Bomgar appliance (example: mycompany.bomgar.com/login) as an admin user.

2. From the menu, click Management and then select Outbound Events.

3. Click Add New HTTP Recipient.

4. Choose a name and add the Agiloft Server URL. The new parameter KB should match the name of the Agiloft KB where the Bomgar Extension is enabled. For example:

Note: The KB parameter is mandatory in order to store details of Bomgar sessions which did not originate in Agiloft. In cases where Bomgar sessions are initiated from Agiloft, the parameter KB is optional and will not be used.

5. Finish the rest of the form according to your company policy and click Add Recipient.
1708 Redlining document comparison improvement Improved the logic of document comparison so that files with the same name are correctly identified and compared, and the proper redlined documents are generated.
1710 SMS integration released in beta SMS integration with Twilio is now available and in testing. For further documentation click here.

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1631 64-bit Outlook plugin is now compatible with Outlook 2013 Fixed error on installation of 64-bit Outlook Plugin under Outlook 2013.
Now the 64-bit plugin may be correctly installed (and uninstalled, if necessary) on Outlook 2013, and works with the settings.
1657 Icon selection available for 'Save Changes' and 'Cancel Changes' buttons In the Icons tab of the  Look and Feel wizard, added the ability to edit the icons for Save All Changes and Cancel All Changes.

1663 EWS mail processing Updated the Microsoft exchange.webservices library and fixed an email processing problem which occurred when communicating with the Exchange Web Services (EWS) server under some circumstances.
1668 Errors when removing tables Fixed a number of errors which appeared when the user tried to delete a table.
1682 Printing HTML field with images Resolved an issue where HTML text fields with binary embedded images failed to print correctly when included as variables in an MS Word print template.
1694 API HTML form encryption and regeneration Hotlink encoding in API forms is now managed by RSA encryption instead of the older RC4 method. Existing hotlinks generated before the change must be regenerated to work properly with the new method, so be sure to check any HTML forms in use.

You can regenerate the HTML forms and encrypted hotlinks via Setup > Tables > Edit table > API tab. Users attempting to access forms using the older encryption method will receive an error message.

1695 Parameter lengths increased in DocuSign calls DocuSign parameter limits for Subject, Email, Full Name, and Tab Name were changed from 100 symbols to the maximum values allowed by the DocuSign API in order to avoid conflicts.
1699 Chat improvements with multiple requests Ensured that accepting multiple chat requests using the built-in Chat function does not cause delays in message delivery to the end user.
1700 Error when deleting Communication records Fixed an exception which occurred occasionally when removing Communication records.
1703 Improved processing of bounced emails Bounced email handling has been improved so that multipart mails/reports are taken into account when processing the mime type. This will enable better processing of bounced emails and recognition of the original message.