July 2015 Release Notes. Agiloft Version 6 R8.0

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1438 New Variable Formula data type

A new Variable Formula data type has been developed, along with a formula help button to assist users with creating queries in variable formula syntax. A variable formula field is displayed in a record as an input box and a Formula Help button. This feature allows users to define a set of criteria within each record that results in a “true” or “false” when the query is run. The formula result can be used as a filter and/or trigger for rule actions that evaluate the field.

You can create custom formulas or queries in standard syntax, making use of field variables. Click Formula Help to access a list of field variables and build variable chains.

Check back soon at the Agiloft website for more detailed documentation.

Variable Formula field output types

1. A numeric value

Example: Calculate a simple sum using integer fields in a linked record

($linked_record_id.integer_2 + $linked_record_id.integer_1)

If integer_2 is 155 and integer_1 is 100, the result is:


2. Text

Example: Display a string of text with field values inserted

("I belong to " + $creator_login.teams)

Result is a text string that inputs the values from the Teams field in the user record linked by the Creator Login field, e.g.:

"I belong to Support Team,Company Team,Admin Team,Internal Implementation Team"

3. Logical expressions

Example 1: Create a filter based on a linked user record

($linked_record_id.department_main_contact == "John Barrows")

Result may be 'true' or 'false', depending on the actual value in the Department Main Contact field.

It outputs "true" when the linked record Department Main Contact is John Barrows, otherwise it returns "false".

Example 2: Evaluate fields and display the formula in a human-readable format

$integer1 + " > " + $integer2 + " = " + ($integer1 > $integer2)

Where $integer1 has the value 100 and $integer2 has the value 200.

The result is the logical expression formula, and in the second half the values are actually compared. The output is:

100 > 200 = false

1442 Auto-start of Linked Field & Schema repair on KB import The KB import process has been refined by adding two automatic repair actions for failures caused by incompletely created linked fields in source KBs. Now, "LF (linked field) and Schema Repair" is automatically started when a DAO sanity check fails. Additionally, LF and Schema Repair now supports removing orphan LF linked tables.
1454 New table/field creation optimization The process of creating fields and tables has been optimized to run faster.

1466 Improved control over hotlink authentication A new security option has been introduced in the hotlink configuration wizard: admins may now choose to require credentials at every login or only the first time (for each device).
1467 Python added to installation package You can now deploy Python 3 custom scripts in Agiloft.
For Windows servers, Python is installed automatically with current Agiloft downloads and upgrades.
For Linux servers, Python will install in the ALHOME/Python folder, with a binary file in ALHOME/Python/python.
1468 Support for Redlining as a hosted service The redlining feature, which previously worked only on systems running Windows, will now work on Linux systems as well. A Document Comparison Action sends the files to an external server hosting the Word API. For configuration instructions, see the Redlining Setup guide.
1470 Improved file field attachments in emails
Handling of attached file fields in email templates has been refined to improve usability.
When a File with Versioning field is included in an outbound email template, the file will be attached to the email as always, but the file name will no longer be shown in the body of the email.

1475 GUI pop-up message expiration Implemented a default 24h expiration for GUI pop-up messages to optimize memory usage.
1481 Clarification in email recipient error message
The email wizard error notifying users of empty recipient fields now specifies exactly which field (To, CC or BCC) is required.

1485 Quick Edit records from the table view

The staff interface has been enhanced to allow users to edit fields directly in a table view. For more detailed documentation on enabling this feature, please see the attached Quick Edit guide.

To activate the new Quick Edit feature, the following permissions and setup are required:

1. Go to Setup >  Access > Manage Groups  > [Select Group]. On the Permissions tab, choose the option to allow groups to edit records in a table view. This permission is activated by default only for the admin group.
2. Go to Setup  > Access > Manage Groups > [Select Group]. On the Menu-Specific tab, choose the option to allow users to select editable fields when creating a table view.
3. Go to Setup >  Tables > [Select Table]  > Fields > [Select Field] > Permissions to allow the field to be edited in a table view.
4. Go to [Select Table] > Views > Manage to create or edit a view using editable fields. 

When table view editing has been activated, a pencil icon appear in the column headings above editable fields. Just click in the field to edit. The input method is dynamically based on the field type. For example, choice lists will display a drop-down list, while append-only notes fields offer a standard input box. New buttons above the table are used to Save All Changes or Cancel All Changes.

1487 PDF print templates can use attached file fields as template source file

PDF print templates can now be defined by attached file fields as well as uploaded documents. This enhancement makes print templates more scalable, as it provides an easy way for customers with many different document or contract templates to automatically attach the right template to a particular record.

In the print template wizard, you can set an attached file field in a record as the template source. Under the 'Template' heading, select Field to see a list of 'File with Versioning' fields in the table. The file held in the selected field is loaded as the print template source when creating a document from the template.

Note: PDF templates cannot merge multiple files into a single output. If the template location field contains more than one document, an error message will prompt the user to create a Word print template instead.

1488 Records now update faster The record updating process has been by accelerated by 1) truncating REST action logs at 1KB, and 2) optimizing modification of very large linked fields with multiple values enabled to avoid redundant reading of data.
1491 New ability to report entity set dependencies

We added a reporting feature to entity sets under the Setup > Sync menu. After creating an entity set, users can click 'Report entity set dependencies' to find out why additional tables, teams, or groups were implicitly added to the entity set.

The system generates and displays an HTML report, divided into four tabs: Subtypes (tables), Columns (fields), Teams, and Groups. For each element, a dependency tree with a description of the dependency chain is shown.


Table "Support Case" added by user
  Subtype "Support Case" is head subtype of Table "Support Case"
    Field "Support Case"."CR Conv ID" is column of Sybtype "Support Case"
      Table "Change Request" is donor in Field "Support Case"."CR Conv ID"
        Subtype "Change Request" is head subtype of Table "Change Request"
          Subtype "Change Request" added by system
1495 Enhanced If-then-else actions allow use of Questionnaire answers in search conditions If-Then-Else actions can now use search conditions based on answers to survey questionnaires. For example, the answer given to a question about interest in various kinds of training programs might trigger the dispatch of a responsive email, notification, or invitation.


Question field "Q_preferred_training"  contains the question 'What form of training would you prefer?' and multichoice answers:

[ ] Webinar
[ ] On-site training
[ ] Administrator guide

You could then create an If-then-else action in a rule similar to:

if (Q_preferred_training=NULL) {
Send list of additional options
if (Q_preferred_training~='Webinar') {
Generate and send webinar invitation
if (Q_preferred_training~='On-site training') {
Generate and send offer for On-site training
Escalate to sales rep
if (Q_preferred_training~='Administrator guide') {
Send admin guide
Create Follow Up event
1496 New Shibboleth IdP Integration Agiloft now supports Shibboleth 2.x and 3.x

Two new GUI controls for
Shibboleth configuration are available via Setup > Access in the staff interface:

1. The
'Configure SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on' button allows admins to configure Agiloft to automatically authenticate login requests via a trusted SAML 2.0 identity provider. Configuration parameters must be obtained from the IdP.

2. The 'Download SAML 2.0 Service Provider Metadata' button allows users to download Agiloft's SP SAML Metadata XML file, to be uploaded to the IdP website.
1502 Use saved views to generate a list of fields for export A more convenient choice has been added to the Options tab of the export wizard. Before, users could export all fields, or manually select each field to export from the complete list of fields in the table.

Now, users can select a view and export the fields included in that view.
1. Under Fields, select Use this View, then choose from a list of existing views.
2. Click Edit View to open the view wizard and confirm or edit the view directly from the export wizard.

1503 New installer option to provide custom mysql location

MySQL locations may now be customized during an Agiloft installation.

The new command-line option -mysqldir is used to specify a custom mysql directory.


installer_file.sh -mysqldir /home/custommysqldir

1504 Added support for Kerberos SPNEGO authentication

We have implemented support for Autologin using a browser which supports Kerberos SPNEGO authentication. This provides a single-sign-on mechanism with Active Directory (AD). View the brief SPNEGO Configuration guide.

SPNEGO authentication can be used on systems with the following setup:

1. Agiloft is installed on a machine in the AD domain.
2. A known address for the domain key distribution center (KDC).
3. An account name and password in the domain to be used for pre-authentication.
4. A Registered Service Principal Name (SPN) with the account mentioned above for all known names of a server where AL is installed.

Enter the information above into the SPNEGO authorization wizard (Setup > Access > SPNEGO Setup).

The URL for SPNEGO authentication is:
https://{server_name}/gui2/spnego.jsp? autoLogin=true&project={KBName} &State=Main.

For IE users, you must also select "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" in the browser options (Internet Options > Advanced > Security).
1505 Finer sync action granularity

In the Setup > Sync menu, entity set sync actions have been refined to distinguish between and define explicit entities (those added directly by the user) and implicit entities (those added by the system as a result of dependencies). 

As a result, sync can now be limited to entities defined as explicit. Go to Setup > Sync > [Select Entity Set]. Click on a heading (e.g., Teams) to expand the list and define individual entities as explicit. All entity lists in a given set will display options to add or remove particular entities from the sync, and to make them implicit or explicit.

To limit the sync to explicit entities, scroll down to the Transfer Mode option and check the box to transfer only explicit entities. 

When this option is selected, all explicit entities will be transferred but implicit entities will be transferred only if their corollaries are not found in the target KB

For additional information on working with sync, see Entity Set Sync.

1508 New Global variable "OCR PDF files containing text"

Running OCR on text in PDFs sometimes results in degradation of text quality. A new global variable has been added to disallow OCRing text-based PDF files.

The default value is 'No,' meaning that the system skips running OCR on files which already contain a text layer on any page.

If you want to run OCR even on files with a text layer, set this global variable to Yes:

1. Go to Setup > System > Manage Global Variables.

2. On the on the Variables with Default Values tab, click Add next to 'OCR PDF files containing text'.

3. Next, go to the Customized Variables tab and edit the variable.

4. In the pop-up window, change the value to Yes under Select Values.

When the variable set to 'Yes,' the system will evaluate each page of the document separately:

-Pages without images are skipped
-Pages with images and more than 1000 text characters are skipped
-OCR runs on all remaining pages

1510 Redlining improvements to error handling The following improvements were made to the Redlining feature and error messages:

1. Fixed an error on comparing files which used the ampersand symbol (&) as part of file name. Now such files may be correctly redlined.

2. If a user tries to compare two identical files, they will receive an error message:
"Previous and Revised documents are identical, the system did not run the comparison action."

3. If a user tries to compare a file that already contains redlines, the system now provides a message indicating which file contains unaccepted changes:
"The file RedlineTest.docx contains redlines (unaccepted tracked changes). Please accept/reject all changes and upload the document again before running the comparison action."

4. If a user tries to compare files with inappropriate extensions, the system reports an error:
"The type/extension of the file: test_picture1.jpg is not supported by comparison action. Ensure that files of type and extension .docx / .doc are provided for comparison."

5. An attempt to compare Google docs, which is not currently supported, results in an error message:
"Comparing documents stored in Google Docs is not supported. File Name: GoogleTest2.docx"
1512 Sync optimization for Agiloft running under MSSQL Fixed MSSQL-specific sync errors.
Optimized the creation and modification of entity sets, as well as the sync transfer process itself, in cases where Agiloft is running with MSSQL.

1513 Updated Velocity engine to resolve syntax conflicts with JQuery
Velocity has been updated to version 1.7, which allows the use of #[[will not be parsed]]# blocks. This resolves conflicts with JQuery syntax.

1516 Ability to align survey questions with field labels We added a display option to treat survey question text as a field label, and align it with other filed labels. With the option selected, the input box for survey answers is aligned with input boxes for other field values.

On the Display tab of a survey presentation field, check the box "Left justify the input box with the Label column and put any label or instruction above the input box"

The effect of checking this box is shown on the right in the screenshot below:

1517 New Setup Menu item: Integration We have reorganized the administrator Setup menu.The following extensions can now be found in the "Integration" sub-menu: Twitter, Skype, LogMeIn Rescue, Payment Accounts, DocuSign, and Bomgar.

1519 Date field default value changed The default value for date fields has changed from 'Date record is created' to 'Use a precise value or no value'. This will affect only newly created fields; all previously defined default values will remain unchanged.

1520 Integrate Bomgar remote support sessions with Agiloft Agiloft has added support for integration with Bomgar remote support platform. Please see the Bomgar Integration Guide for detailed setup information.
1529 Ability to clear/nullify Linked Field via SOAP/REST
We implemented changes to the REST and SOAP interfaces to support clearing/nullifying a linked field set.

Via SOAP, linked field sets can be set to NULL or an empty structure, as in the following examples:

<DAO_Dao3_Link xsi:nil="1"/>
<DAO_Dao3_Link5 xsi:type="ns1:WSCaseContacts_Dao3_Link5"/>

Via REST, a colon will clear a linked field. In the example below, the Groups field in the People (contacts) table is set to empty:

https://SERVER/ewws/EWUpdate?$KB=Demo&$table=contacts.Customer& $login=admin&$passsword=qwerty& $lang=en&id=411&f_group=:&comments=test%20comment
1533 Enhanced table support for Salesforce ESA Enhanced the Salesforce.com ESA code to support all the standard Salesforce default tables and support custom Salesforce tables.

It is necessary to map the following tables for the Contract sync to be successful:

1. Agiloft Company table --> Salesforce Account
2. Agiloft Contract table --> Salesforce Contract

In addition, the Company ID in the contract of Agiloft should be made a "Required" field to enable the Contract <-> Account relationship in Sync. 
1548 Multiple conditions for fields visibility

It is now possible to set multiple conditions that lead to a field becoming visible. In addition, users can choose whether all conditions must be met to show the field, or the field should be shown if any of the conditions is true. Please see the Visibility Dependent Fields guide for more detailed information.

1552 New administrative access for specific tables only

Enhanced support for administrative access by creating a new level of admin privileges. Agiloft administrators can be granted System Admin (corresponding to existing admin group) privileges, or be granted Table Admin access to specific tables. This allows departmental admin groups to modify the rules, layouts, and actions of their own tables, without access to the Setup menu.

Please see the document Administrative Access Permissions for further information.

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1413 All Communication search management error resolved An inappropriate expired search error shown while managing All Communications saved searches has been fixed by properly defining underlying filters.

1433 Conditional field edit option logic improved The behavior of conditional field edit permissions has been fixed. Previously, setting a conditional edit option for users in some group could incorrectly block their ability to create new records, since the condition was unmet at the time the record was created.

Conditional edit permission requirements are no longer applied during record creation.
1434 WSDL example code generator improved The WSDL example code generator for attachments fetching has been fixed; a new comment explains how to retrieve the attachments.
1451 Optimized Agiloft under MSSQL Intense usage by very large systems in MSSQL sometimes caused high load errors. We optimized rules, history, and tables behavior to make large systems run faster and fixed a bug in the MSSQL code which was causing dump-initiated deadlock.
1457 Corrected records counting and Status reporting for All Communications table A bug in the record count process for the All Communications table has been fixed.

1463 Fixed js error in hotlink authentication screen Fixed a javascript error on authentication via email hyperlink. This error could occur when the option 'Require Login and Password Every Time' was selected in Setup > Access > Configure Hotlinks.
1465 OCR functionality optimization The OCR processing of Files with Versioning has been improved for quality control. Whether files are OCRed or attached "as is" now depends on file type and content:

1. If the input file is neither an image nor a PDF, then it is attached "as is" (not OCRed).
2. Image-only files are OCRed.
3. Non-image PDFs are not OCRed.
4. PDFs with images, but mostly text, are not OCRed.
5. Images in PDFs with no text are extracted, OCRed, and converted to a new PDF.
1469 Support for SAML v2 SSO Agiloft added support for SAML v2 Single Sign-On. To use this feature, go to Setup > Access > Configure SAML 2.0 SSO. IdP XML metadata can be pasted directly into the SAML configuration wizard, which will automatically populate the specific IdP fields. Check back at our website for more detailed documentation.
1471 Fixed multivalue linked field population during conversion A bug has been fixed that caused incorrect values to be populated into multivalue linked fields during record conversion.
1472 Removed ActiveX for Windows SSO Our SSO process no longer depends on ActiveX settings in IE. It now depends on the User Authentication settings only.
To enable SSO in IE 11 for Agiloft, go to IE Tools > Internet Options > Security and choose the appropriate zone (e.g. internet or intranet). Then, click Custom Level and scroll toward the end of the list to select "Automatic logon with current user name and password" under User Authentication:

1473 Background LF propagation waits for record unlock Background linked field propagation processes now wait for a record to be completely unlocked before updating that record to prevent users from overwriting data during the process. This forced pause ensures the accuracy of affected history logs.

1478 Prefix changed for browser pop-up actions
The prefix for browser pop-up actions has been changed from "P" to "B" because "P" was also used for payment actions. The prefix for payment actions remains "P."

1479 Fixed exception on DocuSign Deploy A deploy monitor was added to the DocuSign extension. Previously, an exception occurred in cases where a user tried to deploy DocuSign after the process was already started. Now if users click Deploy DocuSign while deploy is running they are redirected to a screen with the message "Deploying DocuSign. This may take a few minutes."
1480 Resolved error on PDF printing Multiple tabs in a single paragraph (such as those shown below) are now supported for printing PDFs.

1482 Resolved OOM errors on large text data imports
Out of memory errors caused by importing very large text files have been eliminated by limiting loading of data to the first 64MB in each column.

1483 Email daemons automatically restart
Stopped email daemons are now set to restart automatically if a KB is temporarily disabled. 

1484 Chat fixes and improvements The following improvements and fixes to the Chat feature were implemented:

1. In the left pane, the Chat status now correctly updates the count of online staff and queued chat sessions.

2. The field chosen in the 'Choose field to Display' option (on the Appearance tab of the chat wizard) is now correctly reflected in the chat GUI.

3. A chat configuration record error was fixed that could prevent the deletion of chat configuration records.
1489 Corrected "£" symbol display in charts
The currency symbol  "£" (e.g., for the British Pound) now displays properly, with no extraneous text.

1494 Searches recognize changes to text fields after first 255 characters
If-Then-Else actions in rules which are triggered by changes to text field values no longer truncate after searching the first 255 characters of text; the entire field is now searched for changes.

1497 Increased length of formula input Users may now enter longer formulas in the mass edit wizard. Previously, the size limit was 1008 characters; for all practical purposes, it is now unlimited.
1498 Improved handling of Date/Time field data import Fixed an error that could occur when importing Date/Time values. Date/Time conversion formats have been refactored to prevent changes by external code.
1499 Error on Multivalue Linked Field mass update Fixed an error that occurred when mass editing Multi-Value Linked Fields for a large number of records. The system now reads row properties for donor records in batches of 1000 records.
1500 MySQL has been upgraded to 5.6.23 The default embedded database installed with Agiloft has been upgraded to MySQL version 5.6.23.
1501 Chart running process optimized The process for running charts has been optimized to avoid Out-Of-Memory errors on data-heavy chart actions by using a filter to limit the retrieval of linked fields to only those required for the report.
1506 Improved OCR processing for attached files OCR processing of files with embedded images no longer causes an increase in the file size.

1507 User interface auto-detection for Google OAuth 2.0 Authenticated users logging into Agiloft with Google OAuth 2.0 are automatically brought to their default interface; attempts to log into other interfaces are overridden. Additionally, we initially encountered a conflict with certain hyperlink parameters. The keyword &State= can now be used with OAuth SSO hyperlinks.
1509 Fixed error on actions through chained variables Modified permissions logic for linked field actions launched via action button and updating fields through variable chains. Previously, these actions could fail because the user who clicked an action button was missing permission to view the donor field. Now linked actions through variable chains, like other rules, use all-access "God" permissions to perform the update. 
1511 Salesforce Sync improvements The Salesforce ESA no longer depends on individual salesforce.com account structure.  We also added support for custom objects in salesforce sync.
1514 Mass conversion execution Fixed conversion logic in cases where a user clicks Convert on the action bar for more than one record. Now conversion failure for a single record (for example, if it does not satisfy a saved search restriction) doesn't prevent other records from successful conversion. 
1521 Improved sending of large number of emails Fixed Out of Memory error which could occur when sending a very large number of unique emails from a knowledgebase. Implemented portion processing of emails in such cases.
1522 Starting email services after Jboss restart The diagnostic status report for email services has been improved. Added additional logging for cases where email services fail to start after Jboss (server) restart. Added special status report to the Email tab in the admin console.

Status report when email services are stopped intentionally: 
Quartz trigger  Quartz just stopped! No mail processing!.

Status report when the quartz service is working properly:
Quartz trigger  OK

If the quartz service fails to start, the system will display an error message:

The Quartz software service is configured to be active, but is not running. You may be able to fix it by restarting JBoss, but please also contact Agiloft Support for assistance in finding the root cause.
1523 History tables size optimization Records for action reports, which are not tracked by history, are not created at all now. This fix makes history tables smaller.
1524 Time since last user's activity displays correct value Previously, the Time since last activity field in Setup > License > View Usage displayed incorrectly in cases where the server time and KB time were different. Now, time since last activity is correctly calculated for any KB timezone.
1525 File name check to improve data imports Previously, attached files with commas in the file name were not imported correctly.  We have added a smarter file name check to resolve the issue.
1527 Bookmark tags removed from .docx print templates We fixed a problem that caused a formula parsing failure when using a .docx print template. Bookmark tags, which previously prevented correct formula parsing, are now removed before processing formulas and variables in a .docx template.
1530 Switching between Chart/Report tabs in IE11 fixed There was a browser-specific problem under IE11: Chart/Report navigations buttons were unresponsive once a user closed out of the excel spreadsheet. The problem has been fixed, and now all buttons work after saving, opening, or canceling a .xls Excel report.
1531 Linked Field attributes correctly propagate to subtables Fixed an error in which Linked Field attributes failed to propagate to subtables if the subtable was created after the Linked Field. 
1532 Google doc attachments rework

The ability to attach Google Docs via direct link or by selecting a Google doc in an attached file field has been reworked according with OAuth2 requirements. Now, you must configure an Oauth2 profile in Google and Agiloft to allow users to attach Google docs. Use the OAuth2 profile role of "Google_APPS" for this integration. Please see Google OAuth SSO configuration guide for detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up an OAuth profile.

If user tries to attach Google doc without Oauth2 configured then system reports the following: 


    There is no OAuth2 configured for Google_APPS role. Operation is impossible. Contact your administrator.
1535 Third party sync no longer depends on OAuth2 A bug in the sync subsystem required that OAuth2 be configured. This requirement is still necessary for Google sync, but other third-party sync actions no longer require OAuth2.
1536 Create history entry when linked action is triggered for record in the same table We have made the following improvement to tracking linked actions in history:

Consider the case:
Record R1 in table A triggers a rule that runs linked action 'A1.' Action A1 modifies a field in record R2, also in table A.

Previously, a history entry for the action was created only in record R1, but not in R2. History entries were created only if record R2 was in different table (not table A). Now, history entries are created correctly for both records, R1 and R2, in cases where R2 belongs to table A or table B.

1537 Excel97 report preview fixes
Fixed a random reset of the option Excel97 (.xls) to Excel2007 (.xlsx) which depended on the order the properties were passed to BeanUtils.populate. We also fixed reuse of Excel2007 (.xlsx) templates when the format is changed from .xlsx to .xls.
These improvements fixed an SoD error which appeared when attempting to preview an Excel97 report in some circumstances. 
1538 Fixed error on record conversion with file fields Fixed a conversion error observed in cases where file fields with min/max file sizes defined were mapped for conversion. Now file size validation works properly, and record conversion works perfectly in this case. 
1539 SoD on creation linked record from related table
Previously, Agiloft did not track the deletion of a table which was used as the source of an Embedded Search Result field in other tables. This caused an SOD error when editing records that contained embedded search results missing the source linked table.
Problem is fixed; the integrity manager now finds dependent embedded search result fields and prompts the user to confirm the deletion of the table and its dependent items.

1540 Password reset emails now send over SSL connections A failure to send password reset emails has been corrected. Previously, these system emails required a non-SSL connection to the SMTP host, leading to email sending failure in cases where the SMTP server required a TLS/SSL connection. Now, system-generated password emails are sent properly from an SSL-enabled SMTP server.
1543 Field labels used instead of variables in table status reporting Table status reporting has been improved in cases where a saved search with variables is used. Field labels are now displayed instead of field logical names (variables).

Previously, the status was reported as:

Status: 2 record(s) found, 1 pages (Search: Assigned Person changed from: any value to: any value last user’s modification and Assigned Person!='$_1903_full_name').
Status: 4 record(s) found, 1 pages (Search: Updated By='$_1901_full_name')

New status reports use the human-readable field label:

Status: 1 record(s) found, 1 pages (Search: Assigned Person changed from: any value to: any value last user’s modification and Assigned Person!=Updated By). Click here to re-count records..


Status: 4 record(s) found, 1 pages (Search: Updated By=Created By).
1545 Improved HTML print markup in related tables Related tables with HTML content now print correctly if the related table is included in a print template.
1546 New SSL cipher suite for Jboss New SSL cipher suite for Jboss has been added: SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5,SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA,TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA, SSL_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA,SSL_DHE_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA

This increases security and prevents the error message "this page can't be displayed" caused by windows patch Kb3061518.
1547 Fixed SoD on record modification The datasession manager has been optimized to fix a class of errors resulting in data loss or an SOD. The error occurred in some circumstances when users clicked an action button, or opened or saved a record, due to simultaneous GUI operations.