January 2013 Release Notes. Version 6 R3

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2372 Calculated Result data type added A Calculated Result data type has been added to the list of data types. This floating point data type can be used to automatically and immediately populate the result of a formula into a numerical field whenever any of the underlying fields are created or modified. See https://www.agiloft.com/documentation/calculated_result_data_type.pdf for more details on this new data type.
9201 Ability to embed images inside outbound emails The new functions $EMBED_ATTACHMENT_POSITION() and $EMBED_ATTACHMENT_NAME() allow the user to send out emails with embedded images that are sourced from a file attached to the email rather than an external web server. This is significant from the recipient's perspective if they happen to access emails from behind a firewall/protected network as there will be no broken images in the body of the received emails even if they don't have access to the external web servers.

This is used when attaching an image directly to an email template to be sent out. Examples of the syntax are:

will embed the second attached image (numbers are shown at bottom of the email dialogue)

will embed the attached image named image1.jpeg. NB: if there are more than one attached images with the same name the first one will be used.
17523 Ability to expand and collapse table menu Expand and Collapse All items added to Tables menu in left panel.
21946 Behavior of the "Select All" checkbox in the Table view has changed Previously the "Select All" checkbox in a Table View, when clicked, selected all records found by the current filter, not just those on the currently visible screen. To prevent users from accidentally operating upon more records than they realize, we have changed the behavior of the checkbox. Now, when clicked, it brings up two options: to select all found records or only those records found on the currently visible page. A status message also informs the user how many records have been selected.
24327 Option to turn off 'Finish/Save and New' and 'Finish/Save and Next' for any table The Layout tab of the Table Wizard has a new option titled "Buttons" next to the Set Alignment option. This can be used to define whether or not the Save/Cancel and Next and Save/Cancel and New buttons are displayed on the new Save and Cancel drop-downs when editing a record. This option appears on both the staff layout and the end user layout so Admins can show the buttons to staff but not customers if they want to.
24435 Added Edit View and Create View options to Related Table field wizard A related table often needs a special view to be created. We added the Create View and Edit View buttons on the Display tab of Related Table field wizard. Now a user is able to create a new view or edit the existing view from here. If a user creates a new view it is selected automatically as the view to use for the related table when the user saves the view.
24836 Web Services SOAP interface improvements, including support for SessionId instead of cookies We updated the Web Services SOAP interface to support an explicit sessionId parameter (rather than cookies), with a new endpoint, the ability to choose which version to enable, and the ability to reenable the existing Web Services without changing the version. The Documentation has been updated with new examples and information. The old interface is still supported. The new settings are available by going to Setup > System and scrolling to the Web Services section.
25230 Support .xlsx output in Excel Reports Previously only the .xls format was supported for reports that had Excel selected as an output format. Now a user can select to output the report in either .xls or .xlsx format.
25516 Ability to schedule a rule to run one time only The ability to execute rules on an ad hoc basis has been added. Previously an admin could only schedule a rule to run at a certain time interval. Now, if an admin needs to run a rule once and process multiple records immediately, it is possible to use the option 'Run the rule now'. The 'Run the rule now' option appears on the General tab of the rule wizard. If admin clicks this button, the rule runs immediately, and a pop-up status report appears with the text: "Running rule <rule name> completed, actions have been called <> times."

**Important Note**: this option is available only for time based rules, that is, those rules that have either the "At selected time intervals" or the "When some summary condition based on multiple has/hasn’t been met" option selected on the Rule Type tab in the rule wizard.
25632 Run-time search dialogue is improved Previously the focus in a run-time search dialogue was on the search name on top of the page and required the user to tab to the Go button or click on the Go button to execute the search. Now in most browsers the focus is automatically on the first field and hitting the Enter key executes the search.. Select lists are not focused to prevent changing because of mouse wheel usage.
25931 Can now address emails to multiple linked users twice removed Previously if you pulled a link to single field with multivalues enabled holding multiple users into a record as part of a linked set to another table, the field holding the multiple users could not be used in the To User field: addressing option. Now such fields will appear.

For example, suppose a Team record has a custom field called Managers that is a link to the Full Name field from the user table holding multiple names. If the Team and its Managers field is pulled into a support ticket, an email template can now be addressed to the Managers field in the "To User Field" drop-down. Previously that wasn't possible.
26052 Action button when it saves and reopens for edit now returns to the correct tab Previously when a user clicked an Action Button that was set to Save and Open the record for Edit or View it always returned the user to the first tab of the layout. If a user clicked the button from the second or third tab, this was an undesirable outcome. Now there are additional options to capture the current tab location on an action and reopen to that tab.
26773 Improved display performance for browser pop-up actions Browser pop-up actions now occur more quickly when a rule with a browser pop-up action is triggered on record saving. In addition, the browser pop-up is displayed on 'Save and New' as well as on 'Save'.
27257 New control over whether Action Buttons save before executing Actions Enhancements to the Action Button options now allow a user to define exactly what happens before and after actions are executed. This new functionality allows a user to save the record before an action is run and then reopen the record to a specific tab. Previously when executing action buttons with the option to Save and Reopen, the actions were always executed before the record was saved, leading to timing challenges when running conversion or other actions that relied on data in the parent record that had just been created or edited. Now the record can be saved before the actions are executed.
27385 Action button are no longer included in emails sending "all fields" Previously if someone selected an Action Button field to be sent or displayed in an outbound email, the email would display the source code for that button. The rendering of action buttons has been fixed and now Action Button fields are unavailable in outgoing emails.
27680 List of searches in Calculation field setup now contains complex searches Previously Saved Searches with complex filters, like advanced filters, run-time filters, related table filters and full-text search filters, were not available in the Saved Search list for specifying a filter for Calculation fields. These types of filters are available for selection.
28127 Action buttons can now be left aligned with other field labels There is a new option on the Display tab for action buttons to left align them so they will line up with the left line of field labels, rather than with the field input box column.
28302 New field documentation capability System admin users can now include documentation for fields in the new Admin Notes area of the General tab in the Field Wizard. This is especially useful when there are multiple system admins and for system documentation and maintenance.

Field reports for a table including Admin Notes and other field attributes can be configured, providing system generated documentation for inclusion in specifications and manuals. A checkbox under Admin Notes controls whether the field is included in the report. The Print Field Documentation button on the Fields tab toolbar displays options for configuring the report.
28310 Email template name, not message subject, shown in email template dropdown list Active email templates are displayed in the email icon dropdown by template name. This method allows authors to differentiate between emails with the same subject but different functions by naming the templates differently.
28316 Automatic webform creation The system will now generate web-ready html code +js/css for publishing new record creation forms online. This option can be found by going to Setup for a given table and clicking the API tab.
28393 Updated permissions for the Email Templates table Previously permissions for the Email Templates table were treated as a table with record-level and field-level permissions. Now permissions for email templates are defined as menu-specific. Three new options are available in the Menu-Specific tab of the Manage Groups wizard.
28449 Reporting on and applying formulas to choice fields The ability to report on choice field averages and statistics has been added. The Y Axis tab of the chart wizard allows a standard Average function on all number and date fields. We added choice fields to the list of fields. A Choice field's average may be represented as choice, or as number. Choice values are represented by an integer on the back end, based on their position in the list in the choice table. If the admin changes the order of the choices, then this integer value is changed. If the admin hides a choice value, it does not lose its integer value, as there may still be data using that choice included in reports.

The order is always based on the actual choice order, not the display order (i.e. if the admin chooses to display the list alphabetically, we still base the order on the actual choice order). If a new value is added to the middle of the list, then all choices are renumbered whenever a report is run or a formula calls for the value.

If a report uses the average value of a choice in a set of records, it adds up all the values, divides by the number of records, eliminating from the count any records with null values, and then finds the choice value that corresponds to the number most closely. i.e. if the average number is 2.2, it will round down and if 2.5, it will round up. If the option is selected to display the result as a number, then it is displayed as a floating point with the selected number of decimal digits. Choice fields are also added to the summary functions for groupings.

A new variable is added to the formula functionality to convert choice values to numbers. If you insert: $priority + $urgency into a formula, and both are choice fields, you can use the 'to_number' function to report the numerical values for choices. For example: to_number($choice) where $choice is a column of choice type, returns a numeric representation of the choice value.
28492 Added options for MySQL in Installer Two options for MySQL have been added to the Installer. An option for embedded MySQL server to use innodb plugin + Barracuda data format + dynamic row format and an option for external MySQL server to use dynamic row format.
28545 Survey Presentation fields may be populated with an update action / mass edit Now it is possible to update a Survey Presentation field with an update action or mass edit. The update can be done with either:
1. A formula - the formula can only copy values from another survey presentation field. This could be another survey presentation field in the same record or used with a linked record action to copy the values across tables.
2. A saved search - only the first result returned by the saved search will be used. The search runs on the same table as the field being populated and will use the results in the corresponding survey presentation field in the returned record.

This makes it possible to copy a set of questions/answers from one record to another, primarily when users want to save their answers to reuse later.
28562 Linked Field update propagation Linked Field propagation is optimized. Now propagation is faster.
28563 Bounce email address moved to the outbound email wizard Previously the Bounce email address configuration was located on the access tab of the Inbound email wizard. Now the bounce email address has been relocated to the outbound email wizard. Bounced emails are not dependent on marketing emails.
28610 Changes in Questionnaire display Questionnaire display is improved. Each question is treated as a field on its own row now. It is left justified to the edge of the record. The question is treated as a field label and it is subject to the field label wrapping settings.
28615 Import of a survey presentation record now causes a refresh of linked field defaults When the user pulls in a saved set of answers using the "Import from ..." button on the Survey Presentation field and a linked set to the record is populated, the population of this link now propagates to other fields (linked field defaults or conditional visibility/requirements) that depend on the information in the link.
28655 'Find unused column' feature On Fields tab, at the top of the page, there is a new link with the text: "To find fields that are not being actively used click here". If an admin clicks the link, a new window will appear and report the progress until the process is completed. The list of unused fields is returned as result of this process.
28663 Import of Linked records with multiple values Data import now correctly resolves import of Linked fields with multiple values for target fields, when importing more than 1 donor record in 1 target record. Linked structures, which allow multiple values, may now be imported simultaneously. For example, if one Product has many linked Parts (as a related table), all Parts may be correctly imported and linked to corresponding Products at the same time.
28678 Available Fields in Layout Editor are now sorted alphabetically Fields that are not yet added to the layout are now ordered alphabetically by label on the Table Wizard Layout tab. The order is not case sensitive. This makes it easier to find the field you are looking for.
28811 utility to convert embedded innodb engine into innodb plugin in MySQL is added This utility can be used to convert the MySQL server embedded InnoDB engine data format to the recommended usage of a InnoDB plugin instead. It is included with the installation files for Agiloft.
29066 New configuration options for Last Opened items Added a new option to Preferences -> Left Pane so that users can set how many items they would like displayed in the Last Opened area. The dropdown has the numbers from 1 to 20. Also added an option for "Last Opened records should be opened in Edit mode" - Yes / No radio button with Yes as the default.
29186 New option for Validation Action allows user to bypass The Validation Action has been enhanced to allow users to bypass the validation action without having to cancel the save. Two options now appear in the Validation Action Wizard:
1) "Prevent saving record if the search condition is met"
2) "Allow saving after confirming the dialogue that appears
If the first option is selected, the action behaves as it does currently, blocking a Save of the record and returning the user to the Form. If the second option is selected, then instead of an "OK, Cancel" on the popup dialogue, the user sees two buttons: Ignore Warning and Save, Cancel and Return to Form. If he clicks Ignore Warning and Save, then the record is saved and the warning does not appear again.

This makes it easy now to use Validation Actions to warn users about specific conditions without blocking them from saving a record.
29247 Improved search options for Users when sending Emails When addressing an Email and choosing to lookup a User as the recipient, you can now choose to search on Login, Full Name, or All text fields for the table.
29277 Added new option for Browser Popup Actions A new addressing option has been added for Browser Popup Actions:
() Show popup to logged in user whose session triggers the action

This will cause the popup to appear to the person whose action (clicking an action button or saving the record that triggers the rule) causes the popup action to run.
29356 New error handling options for Update Field Action allow records to be saved The new Error tab for Update Field Actions provides options for error handling. Options include: roll back of all rules/actions and no record update, ignore the Update Field action only and continue with other actions and rules, and send error notification with diagnostics in an email. Previously if an update action failed, it always generated an error to the user who saved the record and prevented the record save.
29432 Communication ID in EW-audit header EW-Audit header for emails sent from EW, now displays the communication ID as well as KB and table name.
29436 Look and Feel and Action Bar Enhancements Several new enhancements to the program Look and Feel and the Table Action Bar have been made. For more details, review the document at https://www.agiloft.com/documentation/look_and_feel_enhancements.pdf
29446 Added option to control display of the Action Bar for Communication Search Results Communication Search Results now display the same options to display the Action Bar as other Related Tables.
29747 Skype calls are recorded and stored Skype calls executed from Agiloft are now recorded and stored in the Voice Calls subtable of the All Communications table.
29982 Added ability to rename choice lists The ability to rename choice lists has been added. This feature can be found in Setup > System > Manage Choice Lists.
30074 Changes to options in the Field Wizard Several changes have been made to the General tab of the Field Wizard. New fields showing "The login of the person who last updated this field" and "The date at which this field was last updated" have been added to the bottom of the tab. The checkbox and the following text: "If this checkbox is selected the Admin Notes shown above will be included in the automated Field Documentation printout.", have been moved immediately below the Admin Notes. The Security options have been moved to the bottom of the Options tab since they are specific to particular field types.
30130 Export sessions no longer time out The system behavior has been changed for export sessions so they will not time out. Previously when doing a large export of records, if the session timed out due to inactivity, the export was halted. Now the default behavior is to keep the session open until the export has completed. The session is terminated only when a user clicks on the logout link manually. This enables a user to export millions of records without session expiration.
30746 WS-Security timestamping to prevent SOAP replay attacks One of the attacks using SOAP web services is a "replay" attack in which the attacker intercepts messages in transit and replays them multiple times. This has the potential to update data or create a lot of tickets (i.e. DOS attack).

SOAP allows one to implement and use "WS-Security" extensions. These include time-stamping - where each incoming and outgoing message carries a time-stamp in the SOAP envelope, and the server as well as the client may be configured with certain tolerance values. If a message arrives with a time-stamp that is outside the tolerance values, it will be rejected as expired.

In Setup/System under the Web Services section two new fields were added - "enable WS Security" checkbox and an input box for TTL (time to live) value. The WSDL for a web service with enabled WS-Security doesn't change. The client code has to be configured to handle WS-Security enabled web services i.e. to send WS-Security headers (time-stamp only at the moment) and to expect one back.
30780 Status message indicates minutes left for record lock release The record locked for editing message now includeds the number of minutes that remain for the lock to be released.
31014 New combined reports permissions Added new permissions to Setup > Access > Manage Groups >General tab to allow modification of Combined Reports. The options are: Don’t Allow; Allow group to create/modify their own Combined Reports; Allow group to create/modify Combined Reports for all users.
31103 Implemented an icon for displaying a record in a new window When a record has been opened for view or edit in the main system window, an "Open in new window" icon is displayed in the upper right corner. Click the icon to display the record layout in a new window. The main screen is refreshed as it was before the record was opened.
31137 'Enable' and 'Disable' options for Setup/Rules Sometimes it is necessary to disable or enable several rules at once. We implemented a new feature to make mass enabling/disabling easier. New options 'Enable' and 'Disable' are available now in Setup/Rules. To use it, just select all rules which should be enabled or disabled, and click corresponding button. System will perform the operation and report the result.
31148 Linked field default values based on action now refresh on screen Previously linked fields with the default value of "run this action when this field is set or updated" did not refresh their value immediately on the screen, even if the defined field had a default value to start with, and instead they were only set when the record was saved. Now the field is dynamically updated when the triggering field has a value or is changed to a different value, and the screen is refreshed.
31151 Added option to restrict editing based on value in another choice field Added a new option to the Options tab for the Field Wizard for all fields, labeled: "Make the ability to edit this field conditional." This option restricts the editing of a field by specific groups based on the value in another choice field. For instance a field may be restricted from editing once the Status changes to Closed for all but the admin group. This eliminates the need for complex validation conditions to prevent such editing.

A group must still also have edit permission to the field to be able to edit it. This is just a further restriction within the edit permissions.
31294 Added Global Variable to set inbound email polling frequency We introduced the possibility of configuring the frequency of connections to email server. A new system variable allows an administrator to define how often a KB will connect to the email server and check inbound email. The variable is available via Setup->System->Manage Global Variables->Variables with Default Values-> `Period of checking inbounds in project`. By default, the system checks for new inbound emails once per minute. This variable can be used to reduce the frequency with which it checks for new inbound email. This is useful when the mail server regards frequent checking as evidence of an attempt to hack the server.

Example: if the value of this variable is changed to 10 then mail for all inbound accounts in this KB will be processed once every 10 minutes.
31898 Added KB name to global variables Function getKBName(), which returned the KB name, has been added to the Formula Wizard.
32040 Removed Outlook specific header in replies Along with the capability to discard quoted content from replies of email messages, the system now also removes the Outlook specific header that's embedded in the reply. This was a security fix to prevent confidential material that may have been in the Outlook header from being seen.
32072 Enhanced hyperlink widget in staff home page allows explanatory text Hyperlinks in a hyperlink widget did not allow for any text or control over formatting.

We have added the ability to set vertical padding between each hyperlink, defined on the General tab. On the hyperlink definition screen, the first instruction "Provide a Title for the Home page that will be displayed on the home page" has been changed to "Provide the hyperlink text".

Additionally, an option to display instructional text for the Hyperlink has been added along with an option to display the instruction above or below the hyperlink text (below is default). The instructional text can be configured with HTML coding. The padding defined for the hyperlink widget items is applied between the instruction and the hyperlink as well as between hyperlinks (if there are no instructions).
32091 Added new command to merge multiple attachments into a Print template New $merge($fieldname) command for MS Word print templates has been added. It merges all attached .docx/.html files from the field $fieldname in the current record into the resulting print template's .docx file.

The $merge command must be placed in the body of the print template. The attached files will be displayed one after the other in that position.

It is also possible to merge multiple documents held in separate file fields, using the format:

This makes it possible to compile a large pdf or word document out of several attachments.
32200 Added ability to specify which tab is opened in action button "reopen for edit" option Save and Open options for Action Buttons now support opening to a different tab than the previous one. This is among some other new field options for the Action Button Data Type.
32354 Added error messaging when logging into free language specific KB using default English If there is a Russian license installed and the user tries to login in English and is refused, there is now a message telling the user that they need to login in the proper language. There is a sample login page that specifies Russian at enterprisewizard.com/ru/russian_login.htm Please download this page and edit it to specify your KB_NAME and SERVER_NAME, then use this page to login.
32476 Added buttons to check for Agiloft/MySQL index mismatches If an index is added or deleted in Agiloft and the database is restarted before the change completes, the result can be that the system believes that MySQL has indexes that it does not have, or vice-versa. This can also happen internally with MySQL - one part of MySQL thinks that it indexes while another does not (see https://www.percona.com/blog/2011/11/29/innodb-vs-mysql-index-counts/ for details) Buttons have now been added to check for index mismatches.

On Setup / Tables / <Edit table> / Indexes, there are now two buttons "Check Indexes" and "Synchronize Indexes". "Check Indexes" compares what indexes Agiloft and MySQL believe they have and reports on any discrepancies. "Synchronize Indexes" syncs the system with MySQL and also syncs the MySQL INNODB and ISAM data.
32537 Added support for removing email headers added by Outlook and Gmail Previously inbound email from Gmail and Outlook accounts included header and footer information that was not relevant. Support has been added to remove extraneous information. On Setup/Email/Configure Inbound Email/ there is an option: "Do not include quoted content when mapping into the field above:" that says: You can now choose to delete the content in the body of the updating email that follows after a hidden code that was inserted into this table"s outbound emails. This prevents repetitive quoting of previous conversations being mapped into the field in the main record. The full email will be stored in the communications table, so you will still have access to the full content if needed. Note that this requires the setting of the "Include hidden code at top of emails to permit truncating mapped replies" in the "To" setting for outbound email.
32544 New option allows exported/imported date values to be shown in "user time" instead of KB time Previously when data was imported or exported, all date/time fields were interpreted in KB time. A new option has been added to the Import and Export Wizard on the Options tab that controls the Output of date/time fields. The Default value is KB Time, but the user may elect to use "Display setting" time instead, which will export the same values he sees on the screen for those fields. Date fields may be displayed to a user in KB time, User time (based on the user's time zone value), or Browser time, so depending on which value is used for a given field, the displayed value may be different from the KB time.

For example if the KB time zone is PST, the user is in New York and the display setting is user time, a time might display as 6pm (user time), but be stored as 3pm (KB time). If KB time is chosen for the export, the user will see 3pm as the exported value. If he chooses "Display setting", the exported value would be 6pm.

Note: if data is being exported/imported by different users, it is best to export/import in KB time.
32847 Added "Add missing choice values" option to Scheduled Import Action Manual imports have long supported an option to "add missing choice values" upon import. That option has now been added to the Schedule Import Action.
32934 Added global variable to control behavior of embedded search result and Communications tables Added the use of sub-selects instead of temporary tables in order to find and display embedded search results, such as the Communications embedded Table within each custom Table. This enhancement reduces disk I/O and database locking. The result is improved scalability when multiple users are accessing the system concurrently. A new global variable is added: Create Temporary Tables For Embedded Searches. The default value is No. If it is more important to speed searching/sorting of Embedded Search result tables than to manage overall system perforrnance, the variable can be set to Yes.
33093 New Rule options allow rule updates NOT to trigger other rules or update defaults like Date Updated When Mass editing records, the user has the option to prevent rules from being triggered by the change and to prevent default field values from being updated. These same options are now added to the Condition tab of the Rules wizard.

So when running a rule, an admin may choose whether he wants any actions performed by that rule to 1) trigger other rules that would run on that change and/or 2) update fields that use dynamic default values, such as the Date Updated and Updated by fields.

Leaving the boxes selected will cause no change to previous behavior, and this is the best approach in almost all circumstances.

Deselecting the "Run rules" checkbox will prevent any changes made by this rule from triggering another rule. Previously the only way to control this was to have any subsequent rules run only on Web or Email changes, not on API changes (since rule changes are considered API changes).

Deselecting the "Update defaults" option will prevent Date Updated, Updated By, and any other fields that hav a dynamic default from being updated. It does not prevent a History entry from being created.
33143 Added additional options for detailed control of password requirements Options have been added allowing the admin to require a minimum number each of numeric, lower case alphabetic, upper case alphabetic, and symbol characters such as "#" to create a valid password. The controls are shown in the Field Wizard for the Password data type.
33235 Force re-read of linked multi-value field if there are more records than the limit A global parameter max_lf_records_cached_for_quick_search limits how many source records are read for multi-value fields for performance reasons in the context of the GUI. Previously, that variable also affected REST/SOAP behavior. Now when accessed via REST/SOAP, all linked records are returned irrespective of the parameter.
33236 Added ability to execute REST/SOAP update based on previously supplied value Implemented the ability to execute REST/SOAP update of ticket based on a previously provided external id value rather than the record ID within Agiloft. This requires that the external ID uniquely identify the record to be updated within the system.
33301 Disabled unused functionalities on SOAP/REST EWSelect Previously EWSelect called functionalities unnecessarily. Now no functionalities are invoked on EWSelect statement, making the calls more efficient.
33358 Added OCR Integration and Auto-Display of Attached File This release adds Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Auto-Display of Attached Files. Options for the File with Versioning field type include the ability to run OCR on an attached file and convert the attachment to a text-searchable PDF. Additionally, an option to auto-populate a text field with the document title of an attachment has been added. If there are multiple attached documents, each title will be shown on a separate line. These options are on the Options tab of the Field Wizard for Fields of the data type File with Versioning. The capability is automatically included on a Windows server. On Linux, there is an add-on utility called Tesseract that needs to be installed to enable the capability. Contact our support line for more information.
33523 OCR: Added option to convert images to PDF and to make PDFs searchable as text New options in the Field Wizard for the Attached File Data Type include the capability to auto-convert an image file to a text searchable PDF. The option converts a pure PDF image file to a searchable PDF document with the addition of a text layer beneath the image. This approach retains the look of the original page while enabling text searchability. The options also enable the title of the document to be auto-populated into a text field. If there are multiple files, the system will place each title on a separate row. The new feature works automatically on Windows servers, but requires some additional software to be installed on Linux servers. The Linux version is in beta testing currently.
33569 Improved refresh for Embedded Search Results The Embedded Search Result data type is a field that displays the results of a search on some table. Previously the Embedded Search Result only ran when a record was saved and was not refreshed immediately on the screen when the search criteria were updated. Now updates to the search criteria will automatically refresh the Embedded Search result.

So for instance, you can now show all tickets submitted by a particular customer on screen as you create a new ticket - as soon as you populate the customer name, their other tickets can be displayed.
33704 "Active Only" search refresh behavior improved Previously entering data into the search field and then activating the "Active Only" option cleared the values entered in the input box. Now the data entered will be retained after selecting the option.
33756 Added support for 3rd party SSO authentication for email hotlinks The ability to use an encrypted email hotlink to connect to a custom web SSO application for authentication and access to the system has been added. A global variable, SSOENDPOINT, has been added to store the URL for the custom web SSO application. When that variable has a value, hotlinks included in emails do not include the login/password for authentication, but rather redirect to the authentication server to allow the user to be authenticated and logged in.
33970 Password reset message updated The message displayed to users when resetting passwords has been changed to the following: "A new password will be generated and emailed if a user with the specified login or email address exists, unless that user is a member of a group that is not allowed to receive passwords via email."

The previous message contained information that was too detailed for a regular user.

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Release Note Summary
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34295 Enabling Google SSO (GSSO) allows a hacker to impersonate a KB user GSSO is disabled by default, but if it was enabled and the malicious individual had access to the system and knew the Google domain name of a valid user who was using GSSO, the exploit allowed them to login to the KB as that user. Full details were distributed in the security bulletin of 4/17/2013.
24265 Corrected the use of custom Global variables in filters and formula wizard A problem where custom Global variables were not present in the formula wizard and filters has been fixed.
24707 Corrected missing choice list for 'Table that Represents a Campaign' field A problem where a value could not be set in the 'Table that Represents a Campaign' field on the Marketing tab of the Outbound Email wizard has been fixed.
24722 Corrected display of Append-Only fields in table view and reports Previously Append-Only fields in table view and HTML reports displayed HTML tags such as <br>. This issue has been fixed.
24878 Added option to set row coloring for just the first line of a record in Table Views In order to improve the Table look and feel and give users the option of coloring the even and odd rows of just one record differently, we introduced a new option in the Row Coloring options for Table Views. This option allows users to set whether the whole row is to be colored, or just the first line. The option is available when Editing a View, on the Order/Colors tab,
24977 Added option to include a saved search under My Assigned heading A problem where a saved search named "My Assigned" cannot be created has been fixed. Search names are saved across all tables in a knowledgebase, and no two searches can have the same name, but they can have the same label. An option for saved searches to include this search under the My Assigned heading has been added. This allows the admin to define more than one search to be included per table and apply them to different group.
25561 Corrected sort order in Word print templates not being maintained A problem where print formats do not maintain sort order in tables has been fixed. Linked fields with a search and sort order applied did not print the table in the selected sort order.
25595 Fixed bug in auto-calculation of available disk space in non-standard installations Previously calculations for free desk space looked at the root file system. If there was sufficient disk space in an available file system and the root file system had limited space, the system would indicate there was insufficient disk space to perform updates. This issue has been fixed.
25688 Corrected the display of choice or workflow status fields in Elapsed Time Report Previously workflow status or other choice fields could not be used as 'Segment on changes' in elapsed time reports. This issue has been fixed.
25921 Corrected display of text copied from HTML only text fields to other text fields All text fields of type Text, Short Text, or Append-Only Text are fully compatible now in plain text, HTML, and auto-HTML mode, so content of one text field may be copied to a text field of another type by a rule, action button, mass update etc, and the text content is correctly rendered.
26401 Fixed error in exception checker when linking to external database An exception that occurred when setting a default value or performing a lookup to an external database has been fixed.
26459 Corrected the display of HTML formatting in Word print templates A problem where HTML-formatted text in a text field was not displaying correctly in a Word print template has been fixed. Previously, any HTML-formatted text displayed in a Word print template as text with HTML tags.
26886 Enabled multiple delete actions per table Previously the Delete action only deleted records and limited each table to a single delete action. The Delete Action type can now be used to delete sections of history instead of deleting the entire record. It is now possible to create multiple Delete actions per table.

Note: Initially, an admin is able to create a delete action either for record or history deletion. If a delete record action is saved, however, then this option disappears from the Delete Action wizard -- only a History Deletion action may be configured after that.
26969 Fixed a problem with actions order for the rules with more than 10 actions Fixed a problem with order of execution for rules with 10 or more actions. Previously, in some cases, when the order of actions was changed recently by an admin, it would suddenly roll back to the old order of actions on a server update or restart. The root cause of the issue was on the server side. The erratic nature of the bug was being caused by server-side caching obscuring the actual problem.
27102 Corrected problem with inbound email losing attachments If both image and non-image files were defined in Inbound Email Setup to go into the same attached file field, only the image files were saved when both file types were attached to an inbound email. The problem has been fixed.
27402 Prevented unintended permission changes from the Table Wizard Previously it was possible for edit filters to group permissions that were set by going to Setup > Access > Manage Group Permissions to be overridden by touching the Permissions tab of the Table Wizard. Now attempts to grant permissions to a group in the Table Wizard that has a saved search permission filter will result in an error message.
27874 Enabled import of large Excel spreadsheets via streaming mode Previously importing large Excel spreadsheets sometimes resulted in out of memory errors. Excel .xlsx files can be imported in streaming mode to avoid out of memory errors on using POI's built-in workbook access. Streaming mode can be turned off by setting a system property ew.import.xlsx.streaming.disabled=true in jboss.
28173 Corrected text widgets using hyperlinks Previously a text widget that was created with hyperlinks was stripping the hyperlink when the widget was saved, this issue has been fixed. Additionally, a global variable has been added to allow scripts in homepage widgets. The default value for this variable is Yes, however for improved security this variable should be set to No. When set to No, scripts will be stripped out of Home Pages.
28275 Corrected changes to Questions not reflected in Survey for questionnaire data types A problem where a question in a questionnaire survey is changed and those changes are not reflected in new surveys has been fixed. Previously it was necessary to re-edit the survey to cause a refresh to the questions.
28308 Corrected Workflow and Rules action view in email templates Previously, email templates did not have a field for actions that ran them. A column where a user can see all Workflow and Rules actions for a template has been added. If a user tries to delete an email template, the Integrity Manager will warn the user that this template cannot be deleted because it is being used in an action.
28368 Corrected tracking of bounced email in Email Marketing A problem where bounced email in Email Marketing was not reflected in tracking has been fixed.. Options have been added to Inbound Email wizard to handle bounced email.
28390 Corrected invalid Email Marketing selections Previously, the ability to select "Send same email to all recipients" if Email Marketing was enabled for the selected table was possible. This issue has been fixed. These options are incompatible and the result of sending the same email to all recipients would be to interfere with the information collecting functionality of marketing emails.
28525 Corrected support of timezones with non-integer-hourly shift Fixed support of timezones with non-integer-hourly shift (e.g. GMT+5.5). Now Date/Time fields correctly display the user-selected date.
28637 Corrected auto-complete for Linked Fields with hints An issue where auto-complete would not initially populate a linked field has been fixed. This issue resulted from linked fields with hints - italicized values that do not exist in the linked field. The hints are now removed from the auto-complete interface.
28671 Corrected display of time zone in History regardless of default time zone preferences A problem where the date/time field information in History was displaying in 'Knowledgebase Time' when the global variable 'Time Zone of date/time values' was set to 'User Time' has been fixed.
28786 Modified behavior of auto-complete choices when many results are found Previously when more that 50 variants were found as a user typed when auto-complete was on, only a partial list was displayed. The auto-complete behavior has been modified. Now, as the user types, no results are displayed until the number of results is less than 50. i.e. If after typing 3 letters of a word, there are 100 results, nothing happens, whereas after the 4th letter is typed, if there are now less than 50 matches, then they are displayed.
28833 Fixed a exception on opening a record with linked Image field An exception that occurred on opening a record with a displayed image, if the image was linked from another table, has been fixed.
28914 Fixed an exception on the edit of Charts/Reports An exception that occurred when editing Chart/Reports that included email messages larger than 1Kb has now been fixed.
29090 Added confirmation for multiple Email Marketing conversion Previously, the Email Marketing infrastructure could be added multiple times to a table without the system warning the user. Now, if a user clicks the 'Recover the Knowledgebase' button after a KB has been converted to the Email Marketing format, the system asks for confirmation for the second Email Marketing conversion.
29123 Corrected running order for Pop-up actions Previously pop-up actions could run in incorrect order in EUI. This issue has been fixed. Pop-up actions run according to the order that is defined in the corresponding rule.
29177 Added restrictions for Mass Edit Previously Mass Edit functionality allowed users to perform operations which were not allowed by usual Edit functionality. Mass Edits now have the same restrictions as Edits and can no longer perform operations not allowed by Edit functionality. If a Mass Edit operation cannot be performed because of Edit restrictions, an error is reported.
29245 Improved memory usage on Linked Fields propagation Memory usage by jboss on Linked Field propagation has been optimized to prevent Out Of Memory errors during mass updates which involved mass propagation.
29279 Corrected the refresh and clearing of field values in a loose linked field set A problem when manually entering data into a loose linked field set caused a refresh of the linked set and clearing of data already entered. Now all fields in a loose linked set are updated only when a lookup next to any field is used. If a value is entered manually, other fields are not affected and no refresh occurs.
29300 Email hotlinks in mobile interface no longer require popups for authentication A problem with the failure of hotlinks on mobile devices if email hotlinks were defined to require a login and/or password has been fixed. The authentication dialog for the mobile interface has been rewritten so it does not bring up the login and password block in a popup.
29386 Fixed an exception when loading Word templates An exception occurred when loading some Word templates that contained specific image tags in either the footer or the header has been fixed.
29760 Improved options in Integer field wizard Improved the options in the Integer field wizard. The option for selection 'List of values' input aid is disabled if min and max values are not defined.
29821 Corrected the display of diacritical characters An issue with the display of diacritical characters like ç, á, õ, ê ... in charts, reports and widgets has been fixed.
29838 Corrected browser lockup on Mac OS / Firefox when inserting a hyperlink using the HTML editor A problem when inserting a hyperlink using the HTML editor in the Firefox browser on Mac OS has been fixed. The modal mode for all popups opening in Mac OS has been disabled.
29937 Corrected autocomplete performance problem Previously customers experienced significant delays when using the autocomplete feature to provide selections. Optimization has been added into text autocomplete logic.
29952 Corrected updates via Action button in view mode A problem where updates to a record from an Action Button in view mode are not made has been fixed. An update action or mass update now reloads data in imported columns after nullifying the linked field linkholder column.
29957 Fixed exception on deletion of choices using Cyrillic, French or other Unicode characters An exception that occurred when deleting choices containing Cyrillic, French or other Unicode characters has been fixed.
29971 Corrected calculation on multiple linked records Previously the calculation on multiple linked records did not take into account child records that were not finalized. This issue has been fixed..
29980 Corrected import of choice and multichoice survey questions for questionnaire data types The import of Survey Questions is improved and fixes the following problems:
1. Export of Question Definition fields now includes all choice lines of the choice that the Question Definition is based on.
2. When 'Create missing choices' option is turned on, Question Definition fields auto-create choices with all choice lines.
3. When create missing choices option is turned on, Survey Presentation fields auto-create missing choice lines.
4. Survey Presentation field's import now supports empty multichoices.
29996 Improved export/import of Survey Definition fields Export/Import of Survey Definition fields now includes the requirement and visibility settings.
30140 Workflow on subtypes Previously, when modifying the workflow of a sub-table, unexpected changes in the workflow of the parent table or other sub-tables could occur. Due to this, it is no longer possible to remove inherited elements in a workflow definition.
30238 Corrected availability of "Start time" in monthly time based rules Previously the hours control for monthly time based rules were greyed out. This issue is now fixed. The wizard for rules no longer disables the "hours" control for monthly rules anymore.
30259 Encrypted hotlinks in REST can now include fields other than ID Encrypted hotlinks with REST were improved to allow including fields other than id, $login, $table, $KB, $lang and $password into the encrypted part. Now the code is changed to properly parse other encrypted fields in EWCreate and EWUpdate cases.
30261 Linked record action now maintains html flag for text field when copying from one record to another Previously, when using a linked record action to copy a text field from one record to another, and both the source and target record text field were formatted as html only, the target record was updated with plain text. Now the html flag is maintained for the target record.
30296 Error in conditional requirement logic for questionnaire data type Fixed an error in conditional requirement logic. Now, if a questionnaire field is required conditionally, and the condition is met, the system marks this field with a red asterisk, and the user is asked to provide a value for this field.
30358 Corrected the inclusion of History field in Email templates Previously the History field could be included in an Email template. The inclusion of the History field in an email template is not possible. The history field has been removed from the list of fields available for email templates.
30395 Corrected Outlook plugin for 64-bit versions of Outlook Attempts to install the Outlook plugin for 64-bit versions of Outlook were failing. Support has been added for 64-bit Outlook. Users will need to select the "64 bit Outlook" download link in Home > Preferences > Download Outlook plugin menu.
30596 Corrected the alignment of fields displayed in End User Interface The alignment of fields in the End User Interface were not aligning correctly. This issue has been fixed.
30657 Corrected Action Button can now use "_latest" field variable Previously Action Buttons could not use the "latest" variable for append only fields to push just the latest entry to another field. Now this variable works properly.
30658 Speeding up the generation of Excel reports Excel reports now render data faster, especially for date/time fields without excessive locking on timezone access.
30762 Copy records with unique compound fields Corrected system behavior when copying records with unique compound fields. Now copy screen provides input boxes so that a user may edit selected fields.
30852 Corrected entry of elapsed time in French locale Attempts to enter elapsed time as a floating point character in the French locale failed. This issue has been fixed.
31057 Correct saving of Saved Searches on Append-Only fields Saved Seaches based on an Append-Only field search are now saved correctly.
31123 Corrected linked field with default value action when refreshed Previously editing a record where a linked field was set using a default value action produced unexpected results. This issue has now been fixed.
31142 "." support as a separator in fields of type 'Phone' Fields of type 'Phone' now accept "." as a numbers separator.
31242 Added refresh option for Table widgets in Homepages Tables in home page widgets can now be refreshed at the refresh rate in the widget Options tab and by a manual refresh icon, which is displayed in the widget header, permitting table and chart widgets shown in the same page to be consistent.
31327 Corrected linked field default failing to set single linked field with multiple values enabled A problem with update of multi-LF fields (linked fields with option Allow multiple value=Yes) with the option "Use the search to define the source record(s) to be populated into the field" has been fixed. This issue appeared in mass edit, action buttons, update actions and rules.
31413 Corrected a Field wizard navigation freeze in a browser with non-English default language A system hang that was reported when navigating between tabs in the Fields wizard, if the default browser language was not English, has been fixed.
31472 Size of Email CC, Email BCC, and To fields increased to 1M characters Previously the CC, BCC and To fields in emails were limited to 20,000 characters. The size has now been increased to one million characters each.
31506 Corrected handling of image and non-image email attachments An issue where only image attachments were included in emails that contained a combination of both image and non-image types in the same field has been fixed.
31575 Corrected linked fields using a saved search filter with default value Previously linked fields with a saved search filter and a the default value of "run this action when this field is set or updated" were not populating if the field that triggered the action was set by a default value when the record was created. This issue has been fixed.
31605 Fixed the deletion of multiple attachments in a record Previously the deletion of multiple attachments in a record resulted in the deletion of only one attachment . This issue has been fixed.
31843 Formatting of data type Calculation on Multiple Records fixed in Reports Previously reports did not properly format summary fields based on the 'Calculation on Multiple Records' data type. This issue has been fixed.
31938 Corrected loss of filter applied to a related table when screen refreshed Previously a filter that was applied to a related table was lost when the screen refreshed. This issue was fixed.
31983 Added variable to control use of covering index in queries Oracle and SQL Server 2012 SQL optimizers do not need any help and generally do a better job when given the freedom to choose what index to use. A global variable, Prefer USE INDEX Hint, has been added to control whether a covering index is used when one is available (for MySQL use only).
31993 Added a check to prevent a NullPointerException from interfering with mass emails Previously under some rare circumstances, a mass email that was sent to a large number of users was not sent to all of them. A check has been added to prevent a NullPointerException from splitting the pool of emails and eliminating some emails.
31999 Enabled password resets for LDAP users It is now possible to write back changed user data to LDAP. An issue where requests to reset the password of an end user using the 'resetPassword' URL were not propagated back to LDAP has been fixed.
32005 Corrected record search in the mobile interface Searching for records with 4 digit IDs in the mobile interface produced unexpected results. This issue has now been fixed.
32094 Corrected Print Field Documentation output for different languages Previously the Print Field Documentation output was displaying field labels only in English. The output now displays fields according to the selected language.
32143 Added variable to support changing default limits on attached file indexing By default, for a given record, the system only indexes the first five files that are larger than 1M and the first 200K of attached archive (eg .zip) files for FTS.

These variables, "Maximum size of file to be fulltext indexed," "Maximum size of archive to be fulltext indexed", and "Maximum number of large files in the record to be fulltext indexed" can be set using Setup > System > Manage Global Variables.

Note: If the file size exceeds the specified size, the first max_file_size_to_fts_index Kilobytes of the file will be indexed with a "strings" extracting algorithm (like "strings" unix utility).

It is not recommended to exceed these variables for most situations because the system needs to open the file in order to index it. If they are set to large values and large files are attached to a record, this can cause an Out of Memory (OoM) error. Indexing large files places a load on the database.
32203 Corrected condition where multi-value field was not available in Conversion mapping Previously when trying to map fields in a conversion, multi-value fields were not available. This issue has now been fixed.
32317 Corrected print template, which ignored style for plain text fields with line breaks A .docx print template displaying a plain text variable did not properly inherit the specified font size and appearance from the template. This issue has now been fixed.
32376 Corrected missing rules on imported KB There was a problem with certain patches that resulted in KBs losing visibility of their rules when the KB was imported or upgraded.
32421 Fixed an exception on searching a multivalue linked field using a variable when using MS SQL Fixed an exception that occurred when running a variable search of a multivalue linked field using a "contains" operator. The condition only appeared when using MS SQL as the database.
32481 Improved performance for complex queries on All Communications table Previously complex queries running on the All Communications table resulted in poor performance. Now the optimizer is turned off when the query is complex,which improves performance.
32518 Corrected auto-added index on owner field in MS SQL Previously when a field was added to a table in KBs that were using MS SQL as the backend database, and that KB was set to have the ownership field indexed, a warning message would appear: WARN: Index can't be built on column Assigned Section of type swtextfield. This issue has now been fixed.
32543 Added a permission option to control whether users can see the whole Team Wizard Previously when a user clicked the edit icon for the Teams table they saw the Team Wizard even if they had no right to edit any of those fields. There is a new permission added to the General tab of the Group Permission Wizard that defines whether group members can see the whole Team Wizard when editing a Team. If not, they will only see the Custom Fields tab of the Team when editing.
32566 Corrected the permissions for Views on Teams table. Previously the permission controlling access to the Views menu on the Teams table was ignored, and any user who could view the Teams table could access the Views menu drop-down and create/edit Views, even if the group permission was off. This issue has been corrected. This was important because the best way to hide the Team Wizard from users while still allowing them to edit just the custom fields for a Team is to give them a View of the Teams Table that does not contain an Edit icon or link.
32707 Corrected behavior when clicking an Action Button in View mode When clicking an Action Button in View mode and then clicking the Close button, the view screen did not close properly. Clicking the Close button a second time would take the user to the login page. This issue has been corrected.
32796 Fixed record creation hotlinks that populate a linked field displayed as Value List Previously a record creation hotlink that tried to set a value in a linked field whose display type was Value List did not populate the field as expected. If the display type was changed to Hyperlinked View only or another display type, the field populated correctly. This issue has been fixed.
32797 Corrected handling of creation of print template with bookmarks The creation of a print template with visible and/or hidden bookmarks would cause an SOD. This issue has been fixed.
32815 Duplicate emails no longer sent when addressees contain an invalid email address When an email was sent to multiple recipients and one of the recipients contained an invalid address, a 550 SMTP return code treated the email as a failure and the system sent the same email to the valid recipients two more times, resulting in duplicate emails. This issue has been fixed.
32827 Corrected the display of HTML Append-only fields in table-view and HTML reports The content for an append only field in a table view did not show a break after the first entry. The problem has been fixed.
32874 Corrected password reset by email address Resetting the password by entering an email address was broken and resulted in an error message. This issue has now been fixed.
32971 HTML escape codes no longer displayed in the table view Previously a record with multi-value enabled linked fields displayed HTML escape codes in a table view when the record included special characters such as "&" or apostrophes. This issue has been fixed.
32973 Fixed the display of multivalue linked field data An issue with the incorrect display of multivalue linked data when editing a record when the actual data doesn't match the filter has been fixed. The values now display consistently with how they are stored.
33032 Added Web Services support for all survey questions Support for extracting Question data from the Survey Question complex field type using Web Services has been added.
33040 Fixed an exception on saving record with multi-value linked image field An exception that occurred when saving a record with a multi-value linked image field has been fixed.
33169 Fixed the display of column names in print field documentation popup A problem with the display of column names in the print field documentation has been fixed. A font style from one part of the Look and Feel editor and a background style from another could cause the font to disappear against the background color. The print field documentation has been replaced with the SIStandTableText style.
33188 Fixed issue with updating calculation field after relink Previously the calculation on multiple linked records in one table is correctly incremented when a link is established in another table by changing the value of the linked field. But the calculation on multiple linked records was not decremented if one of the linked records was removed by an action in another table. This issue has been fixed.
33196 Fixed the assignment of licenses so users are assigned to the right license Previously assigning licenses on a KB with multiple licenses for the same KB name did not always assign to the valid license. That issue is fixed.
33227 Fixed an exception on uploading an improperly formatted .jpg image file An exception that occurred occasionally when uploading a .jpg file has been fixed. Previously uploading a file with a .jpg extension that was not actually formatted as a .jpg resulted in an error.
33297 Corrected Action Bar dropdown display in Chrome A problem with the display of the Action Bar dropdown in Chrome was fixed. When clicking or hovering the mouse over the Action Bar, the right side of the dropdown was truncated.
33311 Fixed an issue when saving records using mobile interface A problem when saving records using the Mobile Interface, when a required field was present, has been fixed. A missynchronization between the Staff and LowRes interface prevented the form from being saved.
33313 Fixed an exception when closing record using mobile interface An exception that occurred when attempting to close a record that was opened in the mobile interface has been fixed. A subsequent pop-up from the History tab that was displayed on the closing of the record resulted in an exception.
33368 Fixed record sorting in EUI view The sorting of records in a table view in the EUI has been corrected. Clicking the column header will now correctly sort records.
33385 Fixed an exception on creation of Field Documentation An exception that occurred when creating Field Documentation (from the Table Wizard/Fields tab) when one of the fields contains a default value of "changed from any value to X" has been fixed.
33417 Fixed errors in Excel reports that contain no data Previously an Excel report that did not contain data could not be opened. When attempting to open the report, Excel would indicate that the spreadsheet contained unreadable content. Attempts to recover the contents of the workbook would produce an error message indicating that the workbook was corrupted. This issue has been fixed.
33465 Improved barcode generation in print templates Barcode generation in print templates has been improved to correct a few barcode types that were unreadable by standard barcode scanners.
33483 Improved performance when running reports with a large number of results The performance of a KB could be adversely affected when running reports with a large number of rows. The DataFilter module for reports containing a large number of rows has been optimized.
33579 Fixed email status of the communication record for SMTP connection failures Previously, when an SMTP connection failed, the status of an email sent using the failed connection would be displayed as Sent. This status did not accurately describe the actual action of storing of the communication to the pool for further processing. A status of Bounced will now be used for outgoing communication failures.
33627 Fixed an exception on sending emails from the end user interface An exception that occurred when attempting to manually send emails from the EUI has been fixed. In most cases, end users are not allowed to send emails from the system. However, if this permission was enabled, a missing default Reply To address caused an exception. Now by default, the Reply To address for emails sent from the EUI is set to the sender's email address.
33644 Increased length of SMTP login field Previously the SMTP login field in the Email Wizard was limited to 30 characters, preventing some users from accessing their SMTP server. The field length has been increased to 99 characters.
33670 Improved accuracy of Next and Last pages when navigating in Table View For performance reasons, the system does not do an exact count of records when forming the Next and Last page links when viewing records in a Table. So sometimes if there were only 2 pages, it would show both Next and Last links, implying 3 pages. The logic has been improved to provide more accurate paging.
33710 Corrected missing HTML code when editing EUI templates Previously when a non-breaking space html code (&nbsp) was added to an EUI template for the end user interface, the code was removed on edit of the template. This issue has been fixed.
33802 Corrected anchor tags in email marketing templates Fixed an issue where internal anchor tags like <a name=XYZ were treated as hyperlinks. Clicking on one of these tags produced an undesirable result. This issue has been fixed. Now only external anchor tags like <a href=... will display a hyperlink.