January 2008 Release Notes. Version 2 R2

Internal Category: Enhancement
number of Tickets: 24
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Fixed in Trunk Build
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Message broadcast facility added to
A message area has been added to the End User Interface above the top tabs, enabling messages to be
sent to End Users/Customers as well to staff groups via the EUI.
610 Calendar events can now be shown
in other table's records as related table
Previously when using the calendar icon in a table to create a calendar event, the event could not be viewed in the record from which it was created. A link was set up in one direction, so that in the calendar record view you could see the linked item, but not in the other direction.

This enhancement makes calendar entries available to the related table data type so you can now create a
related table in any other table that will show all calendar entries related to a particular record within that record.
10326 WE-10326-76
Javascript replaces Java applet dialogs Javascript dialog boxes tend to be faster than java applet dialogs and so this improves user experience. 10326 10272
4947 Global variables can be set in the Admin console. Global variables can be set in the Admin console itself so as to be available to all the KBs. However, if a global variable already exists in the KB then it takes precedence over the variables set in the admin console. If the referenced variable in unavailable in a particular KB then the Admin console variables take over.
Note: The global variables created through the admin console are not visible in the KBs.
10007 10026
5353 Unix installers are working in console mode by default Before this fix unix installers shoud be run with -c option to work in console (not gui) mode. Now this is default behaviour. For running in gui mode -g option shjuld be given in command line. 10220 10177
5410 Related Table data sorted by search options Prior to this release, Related Table data was shown in an order dictated by the table. Now, if the data in a Related Table is subject to a search criteria, the data will be displayed in the order dictated by the search. 10160 10252
5624 Hyperlink logins can now set user language By adding "locale=" to the hyperlink address, language can be set on login.
Available values for locale are: de, en, es, fr, ru, zh, pt_BR
These set the language to German, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Brasilian Portuguese respectively.
10873 WE-10453-77
5686 Conversion enhancements The conversion wizard now allows you to create more than one conversion action for any table. When running conversion through a rule, the administrator may choose which conversion records to run. The wizard also offers an easy way to open the newly-created record for editing. 10963
5840 Can suppress encrypted ID information in outbound emails
You can now eliminate the encrypted part of the subject line in all outbound email. The email dialog includes
a new option:
[x] Include encrypted ID information in subject line to enable replies to update correct record

If the user unchecks this checkbox, then the whole encrypted string is eliminated. The header of the email still includes the relevant information so that an email reply will still work if the header is left intact.
5916 New mass edit options available to administrators
If the user is a member of the admin group, new Mass Edit options allow the user to optionally run rules and
update defaults:

[x] Run rules. Deselect this option to prevent rules from being triggered by the change

[x] Update defaults. Deselect to prevent default field values such as date-modified from being updated
10841 WE-10862-85
5929 New scheduling options added to charts/reports wizard
New options are available to ensure that reports saved to disk can be scheduled more frequently than daily.
Those new options are:

( ) Every __ minutes during working hours of the <list of teams> Team
( ) Hourly during working hours of the <list of teams> Team

Then, naturally, run the report at that frequency, during the working hours of the selected team.
10503 WE-10522-78
5930 Macro for alternate end-user interface allows running saved reports Support has been added for the alternate end-user interface that would allow end users to run reports that had been scheduled and saved to disk. 10909
6082 Ability to append new team value to existing teams added. You can now mass edit users and assign them to a new Team and choose to overwrite their existing teams, or append the new value to their existing teams. 10600 WE-10601-79
6199 Curser changed over clickable
buttons - reduces chance of accidental
For URL data types, the cursor will change when you mouse over the delete and edit buttons, reducing the chance of accidental deletion. 10643 WE-10654-79
6275 Protection against password guessing EnterpriseWizard will now temporarily lock accounts for 5 minutes after login attempts fail 5 times in a row. 11035
6295 System fully supports HTML field labels You can now use HTML to specify the format of field labels for fields like short text fields. na WE-10736-79
6457 Email addresses are no longer case sensitive Email addresses are no longer case-sensitive and will not affect any comparisons EnterpriseWizard must use for validation. This had caused issues with inbound emails being rejected when the sender was not recognized because the user record's email had a different case from the inbound email itself. 10834 10997
6461 Apostrophe supported in email addresses The system now sees email addresses that include an apostrophe as valid. 10837 10839
6509 Chat supported in Safari for end-user interface Chat functionality in the end-user interface is now compatible with the Safari browser. 10990 11012
6526 Related table calculations can be used in formulas The formula wizard now allows you to use related table calculations in other calculation fields. 10927
6562 New field visibility option for calculations on related data You can now make the the visibility of the calculations on related data dependent on the choice value in a specified choice field. 10996 10998
6693 Delete attachments from multiple records at once You can now use Mass Edit to delete attachments from multiple records. 11003
6755 Improved Date Format for Excel exports When Date fields are exported to Excel, the columns will no longer include any reference to a time. 11109
7051 Related Table Calculation field updates tracked in History Changes to calculation fields in related tables used to be silent and not tracked in history. With this new version, changes to these feilds are tracked in history and can trigger rules if they meet search criteria and the rule acts upon API changes. 11158
Internal Category: Bug
number of Tickets: 4
Release Note Summary
Release Description
Fixed in Trunk Build
Build #
64bit mysql is bundled into 64bit
windows installer (instead of 32bit
Mysql can now use more than 1000mb for innodb caches.
6031 Communications table added to calendar
Email rules can now run on calendars, and calendar communications are stored in an associated
Communications table.
Apostrophes correctly interpreted in
variable values
HTML-formatted emails using variables whose value contained an apostrophe had been intrepreted as
"&#39;"; apostrophes are now displayed correctly.
10771 WE-10780-80
6440 Create permissions now recognized by related table
A group that was allowed to view records but not create in a table was still able to create new records
through a related table. Related tables permissions are now fixed.
10849 WE-10871-85