January 2007 Release Notes. Version 1 R2

Internal Category: Enhancement
Number of Tickets: 8
Release Note Summary
Release Description
3196 New operator for advanced searchesspecifies user change or rule change Sometimes due to rule priorities, it is critical to separate field updates made by rules from changes made by users. New operators have been added to the advanced filter for searching to distinguish between these types ofchange.

For example if a user changes the state to Closed, previously if a rule ran then that changed another field and then a second rule was supposed to trigger based on the "last modification" being the state changing to closed, the second rule would not have triggered, because the last modification was the one made to some other field by another rule.

Now, you can use the operator "last user modification" for that state change search in the second rule and the second rule will now fire, since the last user's modification did include the state change.
3167 Button added for editing search in reportwizard A button for editing the saved search has been added to the report wizard.
2685 Control over email sending and receiving added to envrionment variables For backup servers it is desirable to be able to turn off email processing. New environment variables have been added and support for those variables, so that EW will not receive or send email if the variables are set.

The appropriate settings are:
2644 Mass edit wizard now allows search andreplace for email fields Previously search and replace options were not available for fields of data type email. Now they are available.
2587 New timeout and warning messages available as global variables There are two new global variables that can cause a popup warning users they are about to be timed out and can then time them out, at intervals set by the administrator.

disconnect_timeout is set by default on new KBs to 360 minutes (6 hours)
warning_timeout should be set to the number of minutes prior to the disconnect timeout that you want users to bewarned (i.e. 5, 10, 15 minutes).

To set the global variables in existing KBs, go to Setup > System > Manage Global Variables and add the entries as integer constants
2349 New rule action permits automatic deletion Rules can now run a new action called a Delete action that automatically deletes the found records. This is useful for automatically deleting records marked as spam by staff or for automating timed cleanout of old records, for instance "Delete all records older than 3 years and not published as FAQs".
2339 conversion actions can work silently throughrule Previously even when a rule ran a conversion action, a dialogue appeared to the user who edited the record that provoked the rule. Now when rules run conversion, they do so silently without a confirmation dialogue.
2183 new display types for linked field offer greater flexibility In addition to the original display types, new display types for plain text view only and plain text box with lookup have been added to linked fields. The purpose of the new options is to allow long linked text fields to be displayed without hyperlinks and also to allow fields that contain URLs to point to the real URL rather than to the linked source record (using a plain text view display for a hyperlink will cause the URL to work as a URL).

The plain text box with lookup is a good option if you are using a field that has a default value (such as user who creates a record) but often need to look someone up (for a staff person creating the record on behalf of an end user, for instance). It allows you to overtype the content already in the field before clicking the lookup icon so the search can be run immediately instead of having to click the lookup, enter the text and click Go on the lookup screen.
Internal Category: Bug
number of Tickets: 5
Release Note Summary
Release Description
2770 Calendar selection of wrong date is fixed There was a bug that caused the calendar to provide the wrong date by one day when a user selected to createan entry for a date. This has been fixed.
2715 Search on Team table from linked field lookupfixed There was an error in using a search in a lookup on the teams table. It has been fixed.
2679 defaults based on field change now work on new tickets Previously, a default value for a field such as "the date the state changed to closed" did not work on new tickets, because a new ticket was seen as having no previous value. The logic has been changed so such defaults work for new and existing records when the condition is true.
2455 append only display option as scrolled box no longer breaks field The option to display an append only text field in a limited size box with scrollbar now works properly.
2246 Calendar search now finds correct records based on date field Previously when using a calendar search criterion on a date field, sometimes the results were a day off on either end of the month due to time zone offsets that were added to the date value. Now calendar searches work correctly on date fields.