January and May 2012 Consolidated Release Notes. Version 6 R1,2

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25530 A user's personal view is maintained when the team default view has been changed A user's personal view will not be overwritten with the default view for his team when the default view is modified. If a user is using the team default view and makes changes, then those changes are saved to the user's personal view. The user's personal view will not be changed if changes are subsequently made to the team default view, providing the ability for user's to have their own personal view and a team default view.
27333 Ability to copy multivalue linked field to text field Added a possibility to copy the value(s) from a link to single field with multiple values enabled into a text field. They are copied as a comma separated list.
21459 Ability to specify minutes in backup start times Previously it was only possible to specify the hour when backups should occur. Now the minute may be specified as well. This allows more precision when scheduling backups, so that backup start times can be staggered to prevent very high loads on a server.
24985 Ability was added to update a link to single field with multiple values enabled with a formula Previously a link to a single field with multiple values enabled could only be updated via automation with fixed values. This made it impossible to update the field with the value from another record.
It is now possible to update a link to a single field with multiple values enabled based on a formula.
27128 Added ability to propagate contact changes back to LDAP The ability to have the EW / LDAP sync propagate changes back to the LDAP server was added. This is an optional ability and of course requires the user EW uses to access LDAP have write permission.
21524 Added function to_date which converts an integer to a date format A function, to_date(), was added which takes an input of an integer and processes it into a date assuming the integer is the number of milliseconds since 00:00:00 Jan 1, 1970.
23559 Added mulitple email address support for import action notification Multiple email addresses may now receive notification of import/export actions in rules. Previously, only one email address could be specified.
22153 Added option to exclude borders when printing labels from print templates When using the EW print templates to print labels a black border was automatically included around each label. This is now an optional setting.
25726 Added support for X.509 Certificates authentication Setup/Access has been enhanced to add X.509 Certificates authentication. In Setup/Access there is a new option called X.509 Authentication, which displays a screen with a check box labeled "Enable login based on X.509 Certificates authentication".

There are three options to specify access using Common Access Card, otherwise known as CAC, or X.509 authentication. The first option requires that the specified groups use CAC and another form of authentication such as login/password or (if enabled) SSO via LDAP. The second option requires that the specified groups use CAC authentication, but not does require that they also use another form of authentication. The third option allows the the specified groups to use either CAC or another form of authentication.
27082 Added the ability to set 'LDAP user' flag manually or with import Previously the only way to set LDAP User to Yes and fill DN was through LDAP synchronization. Now it is possibly to set these values on Contacts modification either manually or by import from file.
21245 Added Twitter Integration Integration with Twitter has been added to EnterpriseWizard. Tweets may be sent from fields in a table, and responses can be stored. Publishing of tweets and the handling of responses is configurable. See documentation at agiloft.com/documentation/twitter-integration.pdf for information on how to configure Twitter integration.
25293 Added vCard support for easy contact export into MS Outlook and other PIM Implemented vCard (virtual contact card, RFC 2426) export for contacts.

To export a vCard, create an Action Button field in the Contacts table. Set it to open a URL in the new window.
The URL string shoud be: "/gui2/vCard;jsessionid=?id=" + urlEncode($id)
26914 Changes on Linked Field permissions tab Currently Linked Field (LF) permissions may be changed only in the Group wizard in Setup/Access/Manage Groups, because LF permissions are too complex for definition within the Linked Field wizard. In order to make this obvious in the LF wizard, we grayed out the permission optionsso that they aren't accessible any longer. A note was added at the top of the screen: 'Note: This screen is view-only because you are editing a linked field set. Please use the Setup/Access/Groups wizard to edit the access permissions of the individual fields in the set.'
27108 Complete Chinese and Russian localization In this release we introduce a complete localization for a Russian and Chinese languages product. All tables, fields, choice lists, calendar, email templates, home pages, widgets and demo records are translated into the corresponding language. This makes a local start with EW easy and user-friendly in Russian-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries. In addition to free language licenses, which were introduced in the previous release, the enhanced localization provides the ability to configure EnterpriseWizard, work with data in Russian or Chinese, and feel comfortable with a completely localized EW version.
27294 Custom domains are supported in the Google SSO module The Google SSO module has been enhanced to support Google accounts with not just @gmail.com domains but custom domains as well.
26767 Email Marketing and Tracking added to EnterpriseWizard This release adds Email Marketing and Tracking functionality. Users can now set-up email marketing campaigns, send emails, and track results (emaisl opened, hyperlinks clicked, unsubscribes, and bounces).

Customers with a prior release of EnterpriseWizard will need to run a patcher to add the tables and columns used by this enhancement and will either need to be using Unified Communications or convert to Unified Communications.

See agiloft.com/documentation/email-marketing.pdf for details on this new EnterpriseWizard functionality.
26467 Email template access enabled for teams Prior to this release, email templates were accessible only by admin users. In this release, team permissions have been expanded so that teams can have team-specific view, create, modify, and publish permissions for email templates. This enables staff members in different departments to control their email templates for their purposes, such as a marketing department using email templates for a marketing campaign, and the support department sending out support notifications.

Email templates are now stored in a special table structure which provides table-like functionality for searching and viewing templates. Fields have been added for email templates for name, description, publication, and availability to facilitate email template management by different users and teams. The new structure supports management of a large number of email templates by different users.

Documentation located at agiloft.com/documentation/email-template-tables.pdf describes the restructuring of email templates and their use.
26623 Enhanced access to the View menu for related tables Users can now change the view used to display a related table regardless of the view option specified in the related table field wizard. The data actions menu toolbar must be enabled for display above a related table (using the 'Select if to show data actions menu for the table' option in the related table field wizard Display tab). Additionally, the user must have permission to see views. Previously, users could only select a view to use if the user's default view was specified for use for the related table display, not a named view.
27015 Enhanced Asset Discovery includes automatic asset discovery This enhancement allows for the automatic discovery of machines on a network, including computers, routers, switches and printers. This makes it easier to categorize and organize networked devices. It also allows the devices to be queried to provide useful information about the devices’ status. Documentation is located at agiloft.com/documentation/asset-discovery.pdf - please see it for a description of the features and how to use them.
22515 Enhanced History table navigation by using pages for display Added page navigation to the history table with a default value of 25 records per page. Only the most recent 25 records are displayed when the history field is shown on the screen. Page navigation works as with other tables to view later records. With this improvement the History tab opening is faster now.
27372 Enhanced LDAP synchronization for creating and updating LDAP contacts It is now possible to update a mapped LDAP attribute on the LDAP server by enabling the "Propagate changes back to LDAP" option on the LDAP configuration wizard of EW.

It is also now possible to create a new contact in EW with the DN value manually populated and have that create a new contact on the LDAP server. The new LDAP user is created during the normal sync with LDAP.
27398 Enhanced localization uses default browser language Localization is improved in this release. Now if the language is not specified explicitly, then the default browser language is used for login pages and the staff interface. The default browser language will be used also for a first time user logging in with "Last session language".
26357 Enhanced options for HTML references to external resources Options were added which provide enhanced security. HTML references to external resources can be controlled by two checks. The first check is a global variable:
If this constant is set, the system will only allow redirection to URL's at one of the specified hosts and so guards against XLS attacks. Multiple hosts may be specified, delimited by spaces, comma or semi-colons. To allow any host set the constant to *.

Secondly, restrictions for external resource references may also be defined individually in the text field wizard. On the first tab we introduced the following options:
[] Security Check

Domains accessible for references
[] Domains defined in project security settings
[] Custom

This option applies when the field is in a non-plain text format. If this checkbox is ON, then the system disables all content that can be potentially dangerous: program codes are removed and references to unallowed resources are cut. The system leaves only safe HTML code.

If this checkbox is OFF then nothing is changed, and the text is saved ‘as is’. Such HTML may contain malicious code intended to compromise security. We strongly recommend leaving this option selected. If users need to upload HTML containing scripts, they can upload a file to an attached File field.

In order to prevent malicious attacks you can specify addresses of net resources which users can refer to in the field - hyperlinks, images, embedded objects etc. Project settings can be used (Setup - System - Manage Global Variables - $trusted_zones variable) or custom rules can be defined for this field. Please separate multiple values with a comma or CR character.
25601 Enhanced the ability to specify the EnterpriseWizard KB backup storage location The ability to specify the storage location for the scheduled KB export has been enhanced to allow the specification of the network/drive and directory. An absolute path can now be specified.
23308 EUI2 macros added and default configuration updated to allow localization of EUI2 pages As part of a continual effort to improve the end user experience, macros were added to facilitate localization/translation of the EUI2 pages and the default EUI2 setup was changed to show localization for Chinese and Russian.
26955 Hotlink root variable is configured according to http/https setting The Hotlink root variable (which is propagated into jboss properties) has the correct value even if access protocol (http or https) is changed in EW Setup. It is defined as http if only http access is opened. Otherwise it is changed to https.
28030 Improved Admin account restrictions Removing the sole contact in the admin group from that group is now prohibited. This was done to prevent the accidental removal of the last or only admin user from the system, leaving no one with access to Setup options.
25569 Improved backup file safekeeping on uninstallation During uninstallation of EnterpriseWizard, the system checks to see if the backup directory, which by default is EWROOT/data/backups, is empty. If it is not empty then the system issues a warning that backup files need to be stored in a safe place before continuing with the uninstall.
27494 Improved image storage and access Images are now stored in the /gif folder. The ew_image() macro supports the use of this folder for uploaded images, such as those uploaded via Manage Staff Schemes and Manage End User Schemes. In addition, images used for the portal end-user interface (EUI2) are now stored in the local /gif folder, rather than on www.enterprisewizard.com.
25782 Improved license validation to support the addition of new IP addresses to a server License validation was enhanced so that adding new IP addresses to a server does not invalidate existing EnterpriseWizard licenses. The lowest non-local IP address is selected as the localhost address, so the new ip addresses must be higher than the IP address used for EnterpriseWizard.
26410 Improved linked fields in an external kb funcitonality The 'Linked Field to external db' functionality has been improved. Table and field lists in external kbs are retrieved consistently. The admin user may create or modify views for external kb records. An edit view button was added for external linked fields. If a source table or a source field in an external kb is deleted then the corresponding Linked field in the EnterpriseWizard KB is correctly unlinked from the deleted table/field. External LF table and dictionary metadata are synchronized in the LF wizard.
24210 Improved speed/efficiency of MSSQL transactions Various improvements were made to the way EW interacts with MSSQL to improve transaction speed and search efficiency.
27972 Improvement of ErrorURL redirection logic If the ErrorURL parameter is defined for a knowledgebase, then the user is redirected to the error page without an additional system pop-up window.
25945 IPv6 addresses are supported IPv6 addresses are accepted and saved for controls such as Setup/Access/Single Sign On.
27486 KBs can now be created from different templates in the admin console From the admin console, new KBs can be created from various templates, such as the CRM template in English, Russian or Chinese, or the ITIL template.
28116 New Conditional Required attribute preserves correct handling of Linked Fields requirements The new Questionnaire data types introduced the ability for fields to be conditionally required. This new functionality caused issues with required linked fields. Fixing this interaction was addressed as a separate issue from the new data type enhancement.
26624 New global variable 'Display Database Update Warning' is introduced When a timed rule or linked field is updated while a record is open for editing a status warning is displayed at the top of the record: "The following fields were modified in the database while the ticket was being edited .... These fields are now set to values obtained from the database. Check them and change the ones you believe must be overridden."
Most of the time users do not need to see this message. They just want to save the record with the changes.

We added a global variable to control the displaying of this message. It's name is 'Display Database Update Warning' with values of yes/no.
If the variable is set to Yes [default] the behavior is as it was previously.
If the variable is set to No then the record is saved without displaying the warning.
25672 New Questionnaire/Survey functionality This is a major enhancement that allows business users to create questions for product or customer questionnaires with specified data types for answers and to serve up a different set of questions based on any criteria. Documentation located at agiloft.com/documentation/survey-questionnaires.pdf fully describes the new survey functionality.
27045 Password protection added for jmx-console and web-console pages A password is now required for access to jmx-console and web-console pages on installed EnterpriseWizard. The user name is admin, the default password is qwerty, and it may be changed using the command
EWROOT/bin/ew-control restart -w jboss -p newpassword.
26665 Permissions are taken into account on auto-complete The auto-complete logic is improved. If the user does not have permission to view the records in the source table, then they don't see suggested values listed using auto-complete. Permissions are applied during auto-complete.
26129 SalesForce Sync is added to the preconfigured sync options In Setup > Sync there is now an option to set up sync with salesforce.com.
27555 Security improvement on login failure If login failed, the system does not provide information other than a common 'EW authentication failed' error message.
28211 Tab is preserved when moving from View Record to Edit Record When a user views a record and navigates to a tab other than the first tab, the tab position is maintained after clicking Edit to edit the record. They are then in edit mode in the tab portion of the record layout.
27357 The mobile interface is available to end users The mobile interface is available to end users in the new release. The only difference from the staff mobile interface is that menu items for Charts/Reports are not shown to users who belong to an end user group. All other permissions are used just as for staff users.

We added an option on the Home/Preferences tab to apply some preferences to teams so an admin user can set up a default behavior for the mobile interface. We added an Apply option below the Low Resolution tab (which is renamed to ADA/Mobile) that is similar to the apply tab for Views and allows the admin user to save the settings for all teams or some teams.

The following preferences may be applied on per-group basis on the ADA/Mobile tab:

Maximum number of saved searches shown in Recent Searches window ()
Maximum number of saved searches shown in Search box window ()
Maximum amount of text to show in Record without paging ()
Maximum width of an input on ticket editing ()
Show empty fields in record view mode ()

The next section defines tables and saved searches listed on the Home window to be shown as favorites.
27583 When importing invalid KBs during installation, installer no longer fails The presence of invalid knowledgebases on a server could result in the EW upgrade process to fail. Now the install will finish, although the kbs remain invalid.
27875 XML data import and export Export in xml format now generates xml 1.1 files. In addition, import error reporting has been improved. Import in xml format failure will now result in an error message that includes details from the original xml parsing error.

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25777 'End' point of Calendar search is corrected Fixed a problem which appeared sometimes on calendar searching by field of type Date. End period is corrected. Now such search condition as 'Today' is defined as (example) from Jan 03 07:00:00 to Jan 04 06:59:59, rather than previous from Jan 03 07:00:00 to Jan 04 07:00:00. Calendar search is more precise and returns correct results now.
27859 A false warning message about mismatched base dn in LDAP is eliminated A typo in the LDAP code caused a false error message when setting up certain kinds of
LDAP configuration.
28197 Added "Go to desktop interface" option in Mobile Device interface The Mobile/Low Resolution interface now has a link for "Go to desktop interface" so users can opt to see the standard interface on a mobile device.
27811 Added option to allow calculations based on links to include changes in a sub-table Calculations on related table or linked fields that were pointing to a parent table could fail to update if records in a sub-table were edited. An option was added in the field wizard to allow users the option of tracking changes to sub-table records.
23661 Added redirect to login page for failed SSO login If a user tried to access the system using an SSO link and the link indicated a non-existent project, the user received an error. Now they are redirected to the login page.
27548 Added support for Safari when clientAuth="want" in server.xml EnterpriseWizard (EW) now opens correctly in Safari via https when the SSL connector is configured with attribute clientAuth="want". EW now requests x.509 authentication only if x.509 authentication is configured in EW.
25917 An option to control embedded database parameters via EW Setup A new option was added to the EW Setup utility. If EW is using an embedded database (MySQL or PostgreSQL) the admin may now change existing or add new options into the MySQL (and PostgreSQL as well) config files. These settings are maintained when updating or upgrading EW.
22127 Choice field may be equated with another choice Choice-to-choice matching is fixed in Saved Search functionality. Now choice may be equated with another choice, and correct result is returned.
25921 Copy text from one text field to text field of another type works as expected All text fields of type Text, Short Text, or Append-Only Text are fully compatible now in plain text, HTML, and auto-HTML mode, so content of one text field may be copied to text field of another type by rule, action button, mass update etc, and the text content is correctly rendered in all cases.
26561 Corrected a MSSQL problem when searching on multichoice fields with >10 values An MSSQL-specific bug was fixed that occurred during in a search on multichoice fields with greater than ten values. Previously, erroneous search results were returned.
25998 Corrected a problem when switching from 'Round Robin assignment' to text value Changing the option for the setting of a linked field from Round Robin assignment to a text value was not properly assigning the text value to the linked field. This has been corrected.
26221 Corrected an exception on validation action addition in Workflow wizard Fixed an exception on validation action creation within If-Then_Else action in the Workflow wizard. This now works correctly.
25749 Corrected append-only field behavior on validation There was a problem with required fields of type Append-Only. Although the user entered information in the required Append-Only field, it was not maintained after validation triggering., and the user had to enter the Append-Only field again. See #23322 for a related issue.
25900 Corrected calculations with multiple terms of the form sum(1) Previously, formulas such as sum(1)+sum(1) were computed using the previous calculation result for sum(1), so that sum(1) + sum(1) returned three times the value of sum(1). This was corrected so that sum(1) always returns the same value. Its previous value is not used, so sum(1) + sum(1) returns twice sum(1).
25965 Corrected conversion of records with linked file fields A problem existed for fields in a conversion where the linked field source is of file type. The problem has been corrected, and now conversion of records with linked file fields is performed correctly.
26899 Corrected date/time rendering for summary report variables when KB and server time zones are different An error determining the time zone for summary variables in a report has been fixed. The error occurred when the KB time zone is different than the server time zone.
26029 Corrected field seting during conversion with selected option 'Allow editing of these fields' A conversion error has been corrected for fields with the 'Allow editing of these fields' option enabled. These fields previously were blank after the conversion.
28077 Corrected handling of PDF templates with CTSmartTag elements An exception when printing records to a PDF which contains CTSmartTag elements no longer occurs. CTSmartTag elements are now correctly processed when rendering a PDF document with CTSmartTag elements.
27901 Corrected handling of underlined characters for docx templates An error that occurred when underlined characters were uploaded/printed to docx templates was fixed.
26575 Corrected incorrect rule triggering for API updates when linked fields were updated by a rule An update action in one table that updates linked fields in another table is now correctly identified as updated by API. Previously, the update was marked as performed by WEB and rules were run that should not have been triggered. The update is now correctly marked as by API and rules are triggered appropriately.
26328 Corrected printing of fields of type 'Embedded Search Result' Corrected printing of Embedded Search Result type fields. Now fields of this type are correctly printed in Word templates. Also field variables are correctly resolved in a Saved Search for this field for the records when printing and emailing them.
27576 Corrected the display of a link with multiple values field after mass edit On a mass edit of a link to single field with multiple values enabled, the database changes would not be accurately displayed, although the changes were correctly made in the KB. This has been fixed.
27086 Corrected the timing of running foreground email actions in rules The run email in the foreground option now works correctly before other actions in the rule. This permits automation such as sending an email with an attachment and modifying the attached file field so that the attachment is not sent again later.
27693 Corrected updates of the 'Last modification' flag Fixed an issue with the 'last modification' flag (which is used in many Saved Searches and If-actions) where it was possible for it to be updated incorrectly. This occurred in a case where many timed updates occurred between user updates.
27934 Display of the Skip Record option is maintained when editing an Import Action The Skip Record option selection in the Import Action wizard is now maintained correctly when the import action is edited. The Skip Record option now displays properly on the next edit and the action works appropriately.
26912 Eliminated the restriction with view usage for display of lookup search results for a linked field A view specified for use to display lookup search results for a linked field is now used for all users, regardless whether the user has the view available for other use.
26745 Enabled a run-time filter with full text search An exception that occurred when running a Saved Search with a run-time filter which contains a condition for 'TEXT', i.e. a full-text search condition, was fixed.
27423 Fixed a problem for rules of type 'Search condition is met' Previously it was not possible to create or edit a Saved Search for timed rules of type 'Execute Actions once if the search is met'. The problem has been fixed.
26475 Fixed an error on running report with linked field of type 'Elapsed Time' Fixed an error on running html report which uses for data representation a View scheme where one of the columns is a Linked field of type Elapsed Time with a calculated value. Now the report is executed without exceptions.
26826 Fixed an exception on viewing history details for versioned file change An exception that occurred when viewing History records that contain changes for file information with versioning fields has been fixed.
25141 Fixed an issue with conversion of the ID field Due to conflicting data types, the ID field of a record was prevented from being mapped directly on conversion. This was fixed.
26609 Fixed an occasional rendering issue with end-user interface FAQ display Occasionally FAQ records in the end-user interface were displayed as raw HTML. This occurred in both the standard (EUI) and custom portal end-user interface (EUI2) and has been corrected.
22681 Fixed bug in free version warning about timed automation In the free version of the license, timed automation is limited to running no more than once every 48 hours. Trying to set the automation to run more frequently will trigger an error message.
A bug could trigger this error message if the user was trying to set the automation based on something other than hours - once per week, for example. This was fixed.
23322 Fixed bug in linked field population/validation rollback which still allowed partial save Population of a linked field based on a saved search was requiring a partial save of record before conclusion of automation. If a validation was then triggered, the record failed to be rolled back completely. This was most notable for Append Only fields and could cause incorrect behavior of Advanced search filters.
See #25749 for a related issue.
24940 Fixed bug with missing headers in calendar reminder emails Notification/Reminder emails sent from the Calendar table were not properly linking to the calendar event record and so could not be tracked from the event itself.
27247 Fixed Communications record deletion error In some conditions, deletion of old communication/email records resulted in an exception. This has been corrected.
26279 Fixed creation of duplicated records on email parsing Previously under some conditions (error on inbound email parsing) customers may observe duplicated records created from inbound email. Attempting to reprocess the parsing caused a second record to be created. The error is fixed.
25457 Fixed Default From and To addresses for subtables Changes were made to the Email wizard. The user may select from both subtable inbound addresses and table default addresses when specifying From and Reply-To addresses when subtable records are included in the record selection for receiving the email.
24236 Fixed issue with emails showing incorrect From address Changes to the system incoming address were not being propagated to email templates which used the incoming address as the From/Reply-To address.
23902 Fixed issue with REST calls to multi-value enabled linked fields For links to selected fields with multiple values enabled, modifying the field after records were linked could cause gaps in the database which would show on REST EWREAD calls to those records. This has been fixed.
28206 Fixed issue with rules running on Contact update affecting upgrade process Rules running on updates of Contact records were fixed so that re-import/patching does not trigger erroneous updates of Contact information. Previously the upgrade process could take longer or result in errors causing the upgrade to fail.
25906 Fixed issue with setting default value for external links with filter conditions There was an issue where a linked field that was linked to an external database, with both a default value and a filter applied to it, would fail to populate the default value. This was fixed.
20292 Fixed propagation of outbound email settings to subtables Fixed a problem with propagation of outbound email option changes to subtables. Now option 'Copy settings to all sub-tables' works correctly.
24683 Fixed redirect when attempting to view summary report without permissions Users are now correctly redirected to the Summary Reports area if they attempt to run a report that they do not have permission to run. Previously they were directed to the table for the report.
27374 Fixed REST and SOAP return values for linked fields that are compound with multiple values enabled Both REST and SOAP now return values for compound fields (e.g. Contact.Full_Name) being imported via multi-value Linked Fields relationships. SOAP also returns record ids, since returned values are in the form of link structures containing id and searchSQL properties as well as the imported fields.
26719 Fixed the refresh of Linked Field values under Chrome and Firefox A problem with Linked Field value refresh by Import/Replace button was fixed. It was observed under Firefox and Chrome when fields of the same Linked Field set are distributed among several tabs loaded in the background.
28486 Font size was adjusted for input instructions in low resolution interface The font size for input instructions was too large in comparison to the standard font size in the low resolution (mobile) interface. That has been corrected.
25966 Global search in EW Support works for record IDs IDs of records are searchable by Global (all-tables) search now in EW Support. A list of all records with matching IDs is returned.
27474 Image field settings are used as specified when displaying images The display of images in record View and Edit mode was corrected. Now images are displayed as specified.
25995 Improved data rendering for KBs with custom defined time zones Improved data rendering speed for Knowledgebases with custom time zones (the time shift is defined manually rather than for a standard zone, such as EST). Now getdata refresh and report generation are significantly faster for these KBs.
26851 Improved error handling when linked field has an invalid default specified and prevention of invalid defaults An exception that occurred when a Layout is previewed that contains a linked field with an invalid default no longer occurs. In addition, action buttons are no longer included as possible choices for selection in default settings based on matching to values.
26444 Improved handling of upper/lower case in variables in Summary reports Previously some variables in Summary reports could not be resolved if uppercase was replaced by lowercase and vice versa. Now variable names are case-insensitive, so a variable will be resolved in any case.
28217 Improved linked field caching reset An issue could arise related to linked field caching when the linked data is used in actions in an action button. The linked field caching reset was improved to avoid this.
28024 Improved Linked Fields values list loading Improved the process of loading Linked Field (LF) values list under some conditions. Cache usage is optimized. As a result, LF values list loading is faster and works as expected.
27865 Improved processing of the Views selection cache The Views cache was refactored to decrease the possibility of locking, which makes system behavior more stable. This was necessary to support very frequent getdata refreshes.
27470 Improved removal of summary data for report groupings in html reports Removal of summary data for report groupings in html reports now works regardless of the number of summary data counts in the report.
27978 Improved text file character encoding for tab/csv files Fixed a problem with data import from txt format for special characters, such as hyphen "–" from MS word. UTF-8 encoding is used when importing tab/csv files, so special characters are displayed correctly after importing data from tab/csv files.
25948 Improved the Integrity Manager on action deletion Access to the Rules list was broken under some conditions after action deletion. The Integrity Manager logic has been improved, so that linked actions and rules are now correctly unlinked from the action which is being deleted, and the Rules list remains accessible.
25834 Improved the Saved Search wizard to allow selection of User Time and KB Time options The option to select either User or KB time for search purposes was added. Search results are now based on the specified time zone.
25973 Improved timestamps for 'File with versioning' fields Previously timestamps for versioned files were set according to UTC time zones. This is not suitable for customers in other time zones. Timestamps are displayed according to the Knowledgebase time zone.
27807 Improved URL opening by Action Button Improved the logic of getHyperLink/getHyperLinks variables. An Action Button now may not only open a URL on clicking, but also get the URL for opening from another field.
28382 LDAP users now ignore password expiration rules set in EW Previously if passwords were set to expire after some time and then LDAP was configured for authentication, EW sometimes required people logging in to change their passwords. Now when users are defined as LDAP users (by a flag in the user record), the EW system never requires them to change their password.
27369 Mass Edit of records with a linked calculation field now works properly When linked to a calculation field in another table, Mass Edit of the linked field caused the Mass Edit to fail. this has been corrected.
27211 Null value for multiple choice field is matched correctly in rule condition Rule conditions are now properly met when testing a multiple choice field for being null. Previously rules were not always triggered because the test for null was not working properly.
27570 Optimized memory usage for KB import Memory usage on Knowledgebase import has been optimized. This permits final cleanup of temporary files to complete successfully.
25825 Saved search filter maintained for a related table GUI Under some conditions the saved search used for a related table search filter was replaced in the field wizard GUI. The problem has been fixed and the appropriate saved search filter is always displayed as specified.
27922 The order of actions in an Action Button list is maintained Occasionally the order of actions within the actions list for an Action button was changed when exporting and importing a Knowledgebase. This has been corrected.
25827 Variables in Word header display correctly Headers/footers in Word print templates can resolve variables now. In addition, a problem with displaying variables/formulas with different styles in custom related tables with 3+ rows was corrected.
24958 Warning when trying to add a duplicate item to a choice list improved EnterpriseWizard does not allow duplicate items in choice lists. Now the duplication warning reports the items that are causing the issue.