January and May 2011 Consolidated Release Notes. Version 5 R2,3

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24873 Improved the display of the Safari interface Made several enhancements to the Safari-specific GUI that will improve the display of the "Rules" frame in the "Setup" menu.
24872 Improved the "all table" search Enhanced the "all table" search functionality to support searches for non-ASCII symbol, as well as "all table" searches for all supported languages.
24859 Added support for long integer fields and elapsed time searches in If-Then-Else actions Enhanced the evaluation logic of the If- condition of If-Then-Else actions. If-Then-Else actions can now include elapsed time searches and long integer fields.
24858 Restored missing Calculate button for visibility dependent calculation fields Improved dependent field functionality. "Calculate" button can now be hidden/revealed along with the associated calculation field if there is visibility dependence on the field.
24825 Improved history record info retrieving Improved the history functionality to better order records when many rules are executed simultaneously and some of them are executed in the background. All the modifications that are used in details are now obtained in ascending order.
24775 Provided support for custom timezone offsets Improved the Date/Time functionality to support setting the knowledgebase time to a server offset.
24742 Added a warning to prevent the removal of Linked Fields or Actions if they are the basis of the default value of a Linked Field Added a warning to improve the interface of Linked Fields of the type "Run the action XXX when the field YYY is first set or edited". Previously, it was possible to accidentally change such Actions or remove such actions without any additional warning. This would break the default value of the linked field. The Integrity Manager will now issue a special warning if a user tries to remove such an Action.
24678 Improved PDF printing functionality Enhanced the printing functionality to allow the printing of PDF documents without including the w:bookmarkStart/bookmarkEnd tags from the .docx template.
Note that the Print option now ignores bookmarks. If a template has bookmarks, the printed document will not have them.
24621 Changes to the LDAP Wizard Added an �Options� tab to the LDAP Wizard with the following options:

1) You can now enter an LDAP search so that only entries that meet the specified criteria will be synced or be able to login using LDAP credentials.
This option is set to 'Use all users' by default.

2) You can now control whether changes made in EnterpriseWizard will be synced back to LDAP.
Please note that this will only work if the LDAP user specified on the Login tab has authority to update the relevant fields in EnterpriseWizard.
This option is off by default.
24609 Improved System Performance Optimized the performance of the following EnterpriseWizard Subsystems:
User Handling
Mass Edits
Dictionary (DB Schema)
Query Processing
24530 Improved Rule priority assignment logic Improved the priority assignment system of the Rule Wizard. Priority now distributes more smoothly for each individual knowledgebase. The default priority value for a rule is the priority of the selected subtype + 1.
24442 Improved "Linked Record Action" menus Enhanced the "Linked Record Action" menu:
1) Added an Edit button to the "Actions" tab of the "Linked Record Action" menu
2) Lists of Actions and Fields now display according to the current chain selection.
24411 Improved ease of use for permission handling of Action buttons Action buttons can now allow users to edit fields for which they do not have edit permissions. They can only edit the fields in the way governed by the Action button.
24288 Improvement of the 'Reimport source value' option Improved the "Reimport source value" functionality to allow for more intuitive mass editing.

Previously, users could not set up an "update field" Action on a non-unique field with the "reimport source value" option.

Now, the action will be run on the unique fields and inform the user which non-unique fields were skipped. Even if such an action fails, it will not generate an error that prevents the user from saving a record and it will not roll back other rule actions.
24275 Improved sorting, counting and switching functionality in the "All Communications" table Improved the display abilities of the "All Communications" table for large numbers of records.
24156 Improved the handling of related table permissions Enhanced the handling of related tables permissions to make the process clearer. Related tables now handle permissions in the same way as standard tables.

A user does not see the table upon creation unless his group has 'Create own' field permission for the related table in the current table.
After creation 'View own' and 'View other' permissions define whether the table is visible to users.
24114 Improved Internet Explorer 9 support Made several enhancements to the Internet Explorer GUI
24074 Added a new setting for the FAQ Wizard Added a new setting to the FAQ Wizard that allows admins to define something other than Natural Language as the default search operator.
24049 Added permissions restriction for the Mass edit screen Mass Edit now only shows the fields the user has the right to edit on the wizard. This applies both to staff users and end-users. Users do not see the labels of fields they can�t edit.
24019 'View' wording and permissions are changed Changing the menu bar wording from Set View to Views. Also, when a group has the lowest view permission (Don�t Allow Creating/Editing/Deleting), group members do not see the New or Edit options at all on the views drop-down.
24014 New 'Search' permissions restrictions Improved the "Search" permissions control by hiding the "New", "Edit" and "Manage" options of the "Saved Search" tab from users without the proper permissions.
This permission level also eliminates the confusing advanced search options from access by end users in the widget-based EUI. Users can still run the searches in the standard search block, but they cannot create advanced searches.
24002 Added support for the conversion to and from Multi-Linked Fields Added support for the conversion of Multi-Linked Fields to Linked fields as well as the conversion of Linked Fields to Multi-Linked fields.
23957 Improved Rules to run alongside simultaneous Reports Improved the function of Rules so that they can now function even when large numbers of reports are running.
23944 Added a web-based graphic user interface for ew-control utility Added a web-based GUI to ew-control utility. This new interface can start, stop and restart services, send a broadcast message, create memory dumps just as the ew-control command line utility can.
The web-based GUI can be found in EWROOT/Setup. To access it, run Setup and open the GUI web interface in your browser. Then, click on the "Service control" item in the left menu.
23914 Improved string concatenation formula Improved the concatenation formula so that formulas like $summary + $customer_cell do not return null if one of the operands is null. Instead, it returns a proper string concatenation.
23853 Added the option to turn Web Service On and Off from the Knowledgebase Added an option to the Knowledgebase which can activate or deactivate Web Services. The option can be found in the "Setup" tab under "System".
This option will only work if there is an "Enterprise" or "Web Services" license installed.
23848 Added an option to allow email sending immediately instead of as a background process Implemented new option in the "Email" Action dialogue in the "General" tab. This option prevents rule actions from deleting or changing record data until emails prepared using that record's data are sent.
23755 Added attached file exporting Improved the export function with the option to export attached files with their corresponding records. The option can be found in the "Data Format" tab of the "Table Export" menu.
23613 Removed maximum length for formula fields Improved formula field functionality to allow formulas of any size.
23538 Improved mandatory password modification functionality to support EUI2 interface Improved the EUI2 interface to support the requirement for users to modify their passwords on their first login if that option is selected.
23505 Added sorting option to Linked Field records Added the option to select the display order of linked field records displayed in a drop-down value list. The records can be sorted by Alphabetical order or Linked Filter Sort order. The option can be found in the "Display" tab of the Linked Field wizard.
23363 Improved permission logic for Actions Improved the logic for Actions so that Actions performed by Action Buttons and Actions performed during regular ticket updates treat permissions identically.
23300 Improved parent-child table filter logic Improved the logic used by table filters so that filters applied to parent tables no longer necessarily apply to child tables. Child tables can now have separate filters from parent tables.
23281 Added auto-completion for linked fields Added auto-completion for linked fields which include a text box and can contain unique values. Such fields will now suggest possible values in a drop down menu based on the first few letters that are typed.
23280 Added option to open EnterpriseWizard windows in new tabs Implemented an option that will cause EnterpriseWizard windows to open in new tabs rather than new windows. You can find this option in the "Preferences" menu of the "Home" tab.

Note that this option will only work if your browser allows the opening of new tabs.
23278 Added support for Multi-value Linked Fields in FAQs Improved the FAQ functionality to allow Multi-value Linked Fields.
23246 Cascade default recalculation is fixed for Linked Fields Improved the cascade default recalculation for Linked Fields to allow for proper recalculation of Linked Fields which are restricted by search on another Linked Field.
23095 Improved Activity Log to track EUI2 login records Enhanced the Activity log to properly track and record EUI2 logins.
23053 Added Time Zone support Implemented a new feature, Time Zone Support, which can enter times based on different time zones relative to the knowledgebase, browser, or user. Different fields may be displayed in the different formats. The "Knowledgebase" Time Zone refers to the location of the central Knowledgebase, the "Browser" Time Zone refers to the current location of the user, and the "User" Time Zone refers to the primary location of the user which is listed in his "Contacts" file.

Also added a new timezone_label_display global variable which controls the display of the Time Zone next to the field.

Also added the possibility to search by Knowledgebase or User time.

Note: These options have no effect upon how the system stores data, they only affect how information displays in the record and table view. They do not affect charts, reports or output files in formats such as Excel or ASCII. These files must be in Knowledgebase time to control compatibility of exports and imports.
23039 Disabled navigation buttons of the Table wizard during rule editing Disabled the navigation buttons of the Table wizard during rule editing to prevent confusion between Rule navigation buttons and Table navigation buttons. Previous accidental navigation could cause the loss of unsaved data.
22871 Improved the "Layout" options Made the following enhancements to the options in the "Layout" tab:

1) Removed the colon from the left of the input box when the field property was defined to display only the "Input instruction".

2) Increased the wrapping limit to 100 characters. The wrapping option is available in the "Layout" tab under, "Alignment options", "Set additional spacing options" and "Wrap labels after".
22822 Enlarged the "Formula" box Enlarged the "Formula" box to 90 characters wide by 3 row high. This should make the "Formula" box easier to view and use.
22800 Added a "Today" option to the "Start Date" dropdown for the relative date filter in Reports Added a "Today" option to the "Start Date" dropdown for the relative date filter in Reports
22770 Improved exporting functionality for Excel tables Improved export functionality for the .xls format to support a wider set of unicode characters in sheet names.
22749 Added ability to use calculation fields as a source for another calculation field Implemented the ability to use calculation fields as the source for other calculation fields. This feature significantly extends the usefulness of calculation fields, especially for billing systems.
22699 Added a "Minimize" icon for widgets Implemented a "Minimize" icon to the upper right corner of each widget. This button minimizes the widget to the title row. While the widget is minimized, it is replaced by a "Restore" icon that returns it to its previous size.
22594 Improved record creation through Related Tables Improved the record creation functionality of Related Tables. Related Tables can now create records when Linked Fields are used as the source of other Linked Fields with "Multi-value" enabled.
22569 Added ability to send embedded tables in email body Implemented an ability to send emails with embedded tables. The following changes have been made:

1) Users can now insert field variables including all linked data types into the body of the email. This includes multi-value links, embedded search results and communications search results. Fields of this type are also available as included fields under "Fields from Ticket" under the "Insert" menu.

2) Fields that result in embedded tables use the size and color scheme as defined by the default view of that record.

3) Embedded tables use the visibility permissions of the source table, regardless of whether the field was inserted manually or shown among the included fields.
22490 Improved the default calculation logic of "Elapsed Time" fields Improved the default calculation logic of "Elapsed Time" fields.

There was a problem with default calculation if the start condition was based on a field having a certain value and the end condition was based on the same field having a different value.
22437 Improved the table label visibility controls Improved the table label visibility controls to make it possible to hide the table label above the "My Items" screen in EUI1 and EUI2.
22390 Added search filters to Related Tables Implemented a possibility to filter records within a Related Table.

If a user runs a search within a related table, it is always run as a �refine� search on the filter of the related table itself. This is true even if the user runs a saved search from the drop-down menu that will be joined to the filter on the related table.

Also added the same search functionality to the "Search Result" data type in the "Communications" tab.
22388 Added vertical scrolling support to the "Staff" home page Implemented the option to expand the home page beyond the height of the monitor.

This option is available in the "Layout" tab of the Home Page Setup wizard.

If the user chooses to allow the rows to expand, then it is possible to select the maximum vertical size for each row in pixels.

Note that if the content of a particular row does not require the vertical space, then it will be reduced in size to the needed height.

When the user chooses the new options, the total size of the home page will be calculated by adding up the maximum row values. Then the size will be reduced based on the actual data.
22378 Improved printing capabilities for large numbers of records Improved the ability to print large numbers of records. The printable number of records is determined by calculating free memory against the sum of the average data size of records and the size of the template. The internal xml size of .docx documents is limited to 50MB. The system will print a warning if a document exceeds that size.
22219 Improved Chart sorting to support the use of First/Last or Duplicate filters Improved the Chart sorting logic so that the system will now properly sort records even when a First/Last or Duplicate filter is used.
22216 Added warnings to prevent exceptions Improved the warning logic so that warnings will prevent actions which are known to cause exceptions in large table modifications.
22176 Improved warnings to handle errors in mathematics Improved the warning logic so that formulas that are filled in using improper mathematics (such as division by zero) no longer cause errors. Instead, the system provides a warning and the rest of the rule will run, ignoring that field's update. This will prevent the loss of saved data or the failure of otherwise valid updates.
21857 Improved Import Action functionality to support xml and Excel files Improved Import Action functionality. It now allows the importing of xml and Excel files. These were always allowed for manual imports. They are now available for scheduled imports.
21753 Improved utf-8 encoding support in html reports Improved the code responsible for saving html reports. Saved reports now maintain utf-8 encoding and show accent marks and other special characters when the reports are opened.
21728 Improved hotlinking support in the Widget-Based EUI Improved the hotlinking capabilities of the Widget-Based EUI to properly support FAQItem hotlinks.
21602 Improved EUI to support Google Single Sign On Added Google Single Sign-On support for the EUI. Users may now login to the EUI through hotlinks.
21566 Added option to set jboss through the "Setup" menu Added the option to run the jboss start command line through the EnterpriseWizard "Setup" menu. This option is available in the "Settings" menu of the web interface. These option will be stored between EnterpriseWizard updates.
21534 Hid "list of tables" menu in Linked Field searches for users without create permissions Hid the "Create <list of tables>" menu in Linked Field searches for users without create permissions. This should reduce some confusion and reduce clutter in the interface.
21498 Improved the "View Apply" options Added a new option to the "View Apply" menu which applies view options to all newly created teams.
21420 Added support for custom labels in chart summaries Implemented the option to insert custom label names to help clarify chart summaries.
21362 Improved the structure of Global Variables Made the following changes to improve the structure of Global Variables:
1. All EnterpriseWizard functionality constants must be defined in the constants-registry.xml file. Constants not described here cannot be used. This is done to improve consistency among developers.
2. Added a new tab to the Constants Management wizard that contains a list of all allowed constants for a given knowledgebase. An admin can add constants to this list or change their values or notes.
3. Manual constant creation is possible at a customer's request.
21289 Improved the 'Include encrypted id in subject' option for user-sent emails Improved the 'Include encrypted id in subject' option by making it possible for users to enable it for a particular email without turning it on for the whole table by default.
21082 Added new display and search features to the "Link to single field from other table" option Introduced new display options for links to a single field from one or more tables with multiple values enabled.

1) Added the option to display the values of multiple value boxes with popup selection lists as hyperlinked values with lookups.
By default this option is disabled.

2) Changed the Linked Field search for multiple value boxes with pop-up from a "Selection" list, which did not allow the deselection of items, to a Linked Field search window.

3) Added a "Remove" button next to each item in the "Items" list.

4) Added an "Add link to source record" option that relates to multiple value boxes in which items are represented as hyperlinks.
20529 Added support for STARTTLS SSL to SMTP hosts Added support for STARTTLS SSL for SMTP hosts. They may now be configured and used without errors.
20430 Added support for using PostgreSQL as a database server Added PostgreSQL to the list of supported database server types. It is now possible now to install EnterpriseWizard on an external or "Embedded" PostgreSQL server.
20110 Improved drop-down integer list default functionality Improved integer fields functionality to properly support empty defaults when integers are displayed as a choice list.
19719 Security Enhancements Introduced a control that requires users to enter their old password when changing the password in their own user record. If the user fails to enter the correct password, his changes will not be saved.

Introduced a control that adds a "wrong attempts" count which will lock the account after a set limit is reached.

Introduced a 'Password re-usage' option to the password wizard that prevents users from reusing a password that they have used before.
18374 Added a #ew_languages_all macro for EUI2 Introduced a #ew_languages_all that shows all available languages. This macro has the same parameters as the #ew_languages macro, which shows only the languages available to the current user.
14279 Improved the "Custom" search filter for top tables Improved the functionality of the "Custom" search filter so that custom searches can be properly created, applied as the default and saved. Table records will be displayed according to the search results.
12938 Added configuration capabilities to the "Chat status" and "Calendar" modules Added a new "Left Pane" tab to the "Preferences" menu. This tab contains the following checkboxes:

Show Setup
Show Communications
Show My Assigned
Show Tables
Show Last Opened
Show Calendar
Show Chat
Show Messaging

The user may now configure which modules are visible.

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24765 Fixed error with multiple email sending Fixed an error which would cause multiple recipient emails to send incorrectly if some of recipients had no full name and the outbound email was set to include the name of all recipients in the email body.
23417 Fixed Validation Rule logic Enhanced the logic of Validation Rules to fix a rare issue involving improper permissions. Validation Rules no longer take permissions into account.
23145 Improved conversion logic to better support EUI parameters Fixed an issue with conversion logic that prevented conversion of records for users logged into the knowledgebase through a hyperlink with the parameter GUI=No.
23090 Improvement of Linked record update action functionality The linked record update action allows email actions to be triggered in records linked to a parent record. Previously we observed some problems with including variables pulled from the parent record in the email.

This problem is fixed. When the user creates an email action through a linked record action, they see the parent fields tab when inserting variables into the email.
22823 Fixed error with 'Show Date Format' box Fixed a bug which made it impossible to deselect "Show Date Format". It is now possible to deselect this box normally.