January and May 2009 Consolidated Release Notes. Version 3 R1,2

Internal Category: Enhancement
number of Tickets: 51
Release Note Summary
Release Description
13785 Integration with IIS7 Now it is possible to more easily install EW under Windows with IIS7 (for example on Windows 2008 Server). The installer will find the working IIS7 and automatically integrate with it. Previously the integration required several manual steps.
13759 new variable added to prevent large excel exports from killing the system The new variable max_excel_export_size is added to enable admins to set the maximum size of an excel export file. Extremely large sized files can cause a very high load on the server, so by setting a limit you can prevent staff users who might have export privileges from damaging performance. To set this variable, login to the admin console and go to the Variables tab. Add the variable as an Integer data type in MB units, i.e. 2 would mean 2 MB. The result will be that any excel export will be truncated when it reaches that approximate size.
13694 Hidden WMI fields no longer poll user's machine Behavior of visibility dependant WMI fields is changed. Now, if WMI fields are hidden by dependency conditions, they do not run corresponding Active X components to poll the user's machine until they become visible.
13655 New option for doing an update import of records We extended the behavior of the 'Update matching records' and 'Replace' import options. In the previous release, import either found a matching record and updated it, or created a new record.
Now an additional option for update and replace modes is added:
If no matching record is found:
(o) import new record
(o) skip record

So, you may configure an update import to skip records if matching records are not found.
13609 Special characters permitted on regexp replacement There is an option to use a regexp (regular expression) in update field actions. Now this type of replacement accepts special characters.
Example: use regexp '/;+/\n/' to replace ';' with a line break.
13415 New Variable to limit size of attachments sent in outbound emails A new global variable is added to the admin console called: max_size_of_email_attachments_in_kbytes, with a default value of 10000 (the equivalent of 9.7 MB). It prevents a performance problem that can arise on sending emails with huge attachments.

If one or several files are excluded because they are greater than the limitation, an error message is provided:

The file $file_name_1 was not attached because it is $kbytes kbytes in size and the default or specified value of the global variable max_size_of_email_attachments_in_kbytes in the admin console specifies a maximum size for attached files of $max_size_in_kbytes kbytes.

To add or edit the variable login to the admin console and click on the variables tab. Create a new variable of type integer or edit the variable if it has been added.
13364 New separator for WMI field values The WMI field wizard has an option 'Separator' on the Options tab for dividing class properties.
Now it is possible to use line breaks there. As a result, multiple values look like:


instead of

13260 Activity log now tracks running reports and new permission to publish reports We added a new permission option to control whether a group has the right to publish saved reports.

We also added a new option to the activity log options to track when a report is run called "run report". You can now run activity reports showing you how often specific reports on other tables have been run. An activity log entry will be created whenever the report is run manually, run according to a schedule, or run when the staff home page on which it sits is opened.
13251 New 'Unique' attribute for Linked fields Now it is possible to set 'Require unique value' attribute for individual fields from a single-value set of Linked Fields. This is useful if you want to be sure that a particular source record is only linked to one record in the current table, not more. It is clearly best used with fields that have a unique value in the source table, though it is not limited to such fields.
13191 Admin group cannot be renamed The admin group may not be renamed any more, as it has some special characteristics and renaming the admin group could create problems with built-in functionality.
13154 New Action Type: Linked Record Update A new type of rule action has been implemented that enables the copying of information from the current record into linked records down to one or more levels. This makes many new kinds of automation possible.

The main purpose of this action type was to enable you to copy a value from the current record into one or more linked records. We have always been able to update linked records using a normal Field Update action, but the update had to be to a hard coded value - it couldn't copy a value from the current record.

This is the new feature that we needed - now you can copy a value such as the record ID from a record to linked records three levels away without creating intermediary linked fields, thus triggering a relationship between those records that did not previously exist.

As an example, we use this functionality in the ITIL KB Service Request table to manage new employee setup requests. When a new employee setup request is created, the user selects from multiple linked template tasks, and when the service request is saved, the ID of the request is copied into a field in the linked template task records called Last Request ID, a conversion rule is run to create new tasks from those templates that map that ID into a field linked back to the Service Request so the new tasks are linked to the service request and show up there immediately.

To configure a linked record update, select a linked field that points to a record you wish to update. If desired, you may select a linked field in that table that points to a record in another table, creating a chain of linked updates.

To define the action to run on those records, select a node in the chain and then select/add actions to be executed at this level. For instance, you can add an Update Fields action that will update a field in the linked record by copying any value from the current record.

Note that the full functionality for a linked record action is not yet available. Eventually we will be able to run not just update field actions, but also email actions and other actions. So if a ticket is closed, and it is about multiple locations, and there are multiple users at each location, you will eventually be able to run this kind of action to send an email to all users at all locations from the ticket rule. This functionality will be available in the next major release.
13097 New setup home page The Setup Home Page presents administrators with the setup options in the main body area with icons and links to main setup options and brief descriptions. This eliminates the need for a submenu for Setup and provides further details and one-click access. The Setup menu is only visible to users with the appropriate permissions.
13089 New Vertical Toolbar Interface is implemented In addition to the old Horizontal Toolbar a new vertical toolbar interface is now available. It is enabled by editing your default Look and Feel scheme (or creating a new one) with the 'Vertical Toolbar' option set on the first page of the Look and Feel scheme wizard.

Each element of the left pane may be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the main headings or using the minimize and maximize icons, and the whole left pane may be minimized by clicking the minimize icon on the Home tab. Its width can also be resized by dragging it with a mouse.

The Vertical Toolbar contains these main elements:

1) Home - this brings up the new Staff Home page. It contains the previous sub-options for Preferences, My Profile and Dashboards.

2) Setup - brings up a newly designed Setup page with links and description of all Setup options such as Tables, Rules, Access, System etc. Only Admin users see this tab.

3) Inbox - contains links to the global Inbox (All My Assigned Records), and separate inboxes for each table. Counting of the Inbox records can be enabled in user preferences (under Home/Preferences) so that the user can see in the Left Pane how many records are assigned to him in each table.

4) Tables - this brings up the vertical arrangement of the main tabs previously shown in the horizontal toolbar. The Table menu options are improved. Now a user may add his favorite Saved Searches to be displayed just below the table label for one-click access. Searches can be added to the left pane by clicking on Saved Searches/Manage and clicking the column to add the search to the left pane. Standard options like 'Charts/Reports', 'Import', 'Export' are also available under the table label. A 'Setup' menu option is added and visible to users with admin privileges so they can go directly to the setup table wizard from the left pane.

If there are subtables and the user clicks on the subtable link in the Left Toolbar then the records in the subtable are loaded. Also, the 'Setup' link below the table shows not the root table, but the corresponding subtable's setup.

5) Last Opened shows the 5 last opened records. It displays the first 25 characters of the field defined as the 'Summary' field for the table. Example: if the 'Company Name' field in the Companies table has the option 'Summary'=Yes then the Company Name value will be shown in the left Pane for the Last Opened company record. Mousing over shows the full Summary field. The icon for the table is displayed to the left of the summary field, so it is helpful to choose icons that identify the type of record.

6) Calendar - Shows the same Calendar display that was previously available on the left pane.

7) Chat status - This is the same as on the previous left pane.

8) Messaging - This is the same option that was previously available at the end of the horizontal toolbar for sending broadcast messages.
13087 max_report_size variable is added Running large historical reports can result in an out of memory error, so we have added a max_report_size variable with a default value of 10M to allow admins to limit the size of the report. After processing 90% of $max_report_size/(average row size in this report) of rows we show data for max 25 rows per remaining grouping. After processing 100% of $max_report_size/(average row size in this report), we don't show data for remaining groupings.
13063 Security improvement on session tracking We have added IP checking for sessions, so that session processing is disabled if a customer sends other people a hyperlink for a particular session.
13056 New conversion permissions allow better control Many customers use action buttons with conversion rules to enable staff to perform record conversion (creation of a record in another table with fields mapped from the current record). They do not want users to see the Conversion button on the menu bar, which brings up a different kind of dialogue, but they want users to be able to interact with the rule conversion action, for instance, by being able to fill out the new record fields as part of the conversion.

We added a new permissions option on the Record permission tab of the Group permission wizard and separated conversion permissions into two options:

[x] Show conversion button on menu action bar
[ ] Allow interaction with conversion rules

If the option 'Allow interaction with conversion rules' is checked, then all 4 kinds of rule action conversions work no matter what the user’s new record create permissions are (if option 3 on the conversion wizard is selected, the new record screen appears with fields based on user’s group permissions, just as it did in the previous release).

But if allow interaction with conversion rules is set to No, then when a conversion action is run by a rule, the following logic is applied, depending on the option selected for the behavior of the conversion action:

- silent conversion - runs silently, record is created in background without user's knowledge
– conversion dialogue - runs silently, creates record in background, brings up confirmation when done
- new record page - runs silently, creates record in the background, brings up confirmation when done
- automatically with confirmation - does the conversion and shows the result

By default, the upgrade gives access for the second option to all groups that have edit permissions on records in a table with a conversion rule configured. The first option is mapped directly from the old permission.
12668 Team table is now accessible as a top-level table Now it is possible to make the Teams table accessible from the main toolbar. This makes it possible to mass edit teams, delete multiple teams at once, import and export teams, and perform some other general table functions.

However, there are still limitations on the teams table due to its special hard coded fields for language, working hours, and so on. At the moment, only custom fields added to the table may be edited and created through the top level tab. This limitation may be removed in the next release.

On the other hand, mass edit, import and export only allow access to the basic standard team fields: Team Name, Description, Parent Team, and Team Leader. This list should be expanded as well in the next release.
12603 new Staff Home Page provides an efficient workspace for staff users A customizable dashboard-style home page for staff users gives users a standard "home page" from which they can launch all of the actions of interest to them. It acts as a “Home” page in that it provides access to appropriate information immediately upon log-in (e.g. list of open assigned Incidents) and displays relevant charts and reports. The staff user can see high-level overviews of actionable information and quickly assess needed action. Internal hotlinks can be added to the home page to give direct create access to records in any table, views of any saved searches on any tables, and so on.

The Home page may be set in a user's preferences as his default starting page. The Home tab automatically displays the default Home page template for the user’s Primary team unless a different default template has been selected previously by the user under the Preferences tab.

The home page is based on widgets and the following kinds of widgets are supported: charts, dashboards, internal hotlinks, table view with Saved Search applied, google gadgets, embedded webpage or image, and text.

New Group permissions on the General permissions tab controls which users can create their own home pages and their own widgets, and which can only select from among home pages and/or widgets developed by admins and made available to them.

A variety of default home pages can be created by admins for different sets of users and applied as their default. A flash tutorial showing how to create your own staff home pages will be available at https://www.agiloft.com/resources/tutorial/.
12563 Mass Emailing is improved Now EW supports having already opened connections to SMTP per thread per KB. EW does not keep opened connection when processes are inactive, i.e. when no emails are sent for some period of time. But once emails start to go out, the connection is left open for additional emails, and the subsequent emails use the already opened connections. This makes Mass Emailing much faster than on the previous version.

Also mass emailng in the new release is separated for different KBs. So, mass emailing from a large KB does not affect emailing from other KBs on the same server. They are completely independent, and single emails from one KB are not forced to wait while thousands of emails from another KB are sent.
12397 New option -A is added to the automatic ewupdate executable This option allows is used to enable EW to be reinstalled with the same build number. This is rarely, but occasionally useful.
12373 optimize_tables script added to the bin directory This script performs the mass execution of am optimize table SQL statement against a set of sql tables. This will often increase performance if tables have become unoptimized.
12356 Opening Two Saved Searches at the same time is no longer possible Now EW allows only one saved search to be edited at once, avoiding confusion caused by opening first one saved search and then opening another one and having both search wizards interfering with each other. If you start to edit one saved search, and then open another, it is as if you cancelled the first search and opened the second one.
12289 Addition of Gradients in the GUI It is now possible to specify either horizontal or vertical gradients for the main GUI elements such as:

Action bar (ie New, Edit, Mass Edit)
Left Pane tool tabs
Search block
Edit record background
Top table header row (ie ID, Summary...)

Gradients are specified as:

From Top (Start Color) to Bottom (End Color)
From Left (Start Color) to Right (End Color)

Start and End colors may be customized.
12280 New hotlink parameter to execute conversion from a template record A new State parameter has been added to the normal hotlink parameters to enable a record to be converted in a hotlink. The hotlink must include the name of a corresponding conversion action. An example of this usage is shown below:

localhost:8080/gui2/login.jsp?keyID=0&KB=Demo&user=admin&password=qwerty&State=Convert:case&acti onname=Convert%20to%20Change%20Request&Record=355&GUI=yes.

Here the record in the support case (case) table with the id of 355 will be auto-converted to a record in the Change Request table and the new record screen will appear with the fields already prepopulated.

This new functionality offers a way to use template tickets to create new tickets with prepopulated fields. For instance, you could provide a user with a hyperlink to "create a password reset ticket" that converts a ticket that already has the category, assigned to, and other fields filled out for a password reset request.

This parameter works not only in external login hotlinks, but also in the internal hotlinks available in the hotlink widget in the staff home page. So you can provide multiple hotlinks that each convert a different template ticket directly on the home page, such as:

Create a Network Outage Ticket
Request a New Employee Setup
Request a Password Reset
Create a new server upgrade task

and so on. This functionality is used to manage the ITIL service catalogue by allowing a user, once logged in, to request exactly the service he wants and have the ticket be prepopulated for him.
12196 Chart/Report Management changes The following enhancements to report management have been added:
1) The default value for new reports is 'published' = No
2) It is now possible to modify the views of the list of reports to include fields such as the schedule, last updated, and so on. A new default has been created showing more information than previously.
3) A new permission flag is added to the group permission wizard to allow/disallow a group from being able to publish reports.
12107 New location of Logo definition in look and feel wizard The Logo definition option is moved to the General tab in the Look and feel Editor. This allows users to modify the look & feel from just one tab.
12070 Improvements to deletion status messages Now a progress window appears during record deletion. It shows the progress percentage and elapsed time.
11994 Icon management is improved The look and feel wizard has a new screen for managing program icons, offering a large library of icons for use and making it easier to upload your own icons.
11982 Linked field filter options are improved with new multi-table search Previously the Options tab of a linked field provided two methods for filtering linked records: a saved search and a single field match criteria (matching one field value in the current record with a field in the source record).

However, it is often desirable to be able to match multiple fields in the current record against multiple fields in the source record. The two options have been combined into a new kind of saved search that is a multi-table search - it can have multiple rows that find specific values or that match a field in the current record with a field in the source record.

For example you might search for all linked products that have a status of active and in which the product family and product name match the product family and product name chosen in the current record.

If you previously had matching criteria, the upgrade will convert it into a new multi-table saved search and rename it. If you had both a matching criteria and a saved search, the matching criteria will be added to the saved search and saved under a new saved search name.

The list of saved searches viewable from the option tab of the linked field will include any multi-table searches that have been saved, as well as normal saved searches, and when the New Search button is pressed, the saved search dialogue that comes up is the same as for the embedded table wizard new search.

If you want to use a matching field search criterion, select the field in the source table from the field drop-down, choose an operator, and choose variable rather than value from the next drop-down, then click on Formula help. Click on the Parent Field tab to find the field in the current table that you want to match against and to insert it into the search. It will insert the table name.fieldname into the search box. You can add any other criteria to be used from the source table and save the search.
11909 New progress indicator for the export/import of a table from one KB to the other A new progress indicator for the export/import of a table from one KB to the other is added. It indicates the status of importing.
11898 A new conditional operator is added to the formula parser A conditional operator in formulas is implemented. It uses the syntax:
A ? B : C
where A is a condition, B - operator value if A is true, C - operator value if A is false.
It works much like an if-then-else action: If statement 'a' is true, value 'b' is returned, otherwise (i.e. if statement 'a' is false) value 'c' is returned. For example:
($n==1) ? "$n is 1" : "$n is not 1"
In this example the statement compares (==) the variable $n to the value 1. If it is 1, "$n is 1" is shown. If it's not 1, "$n is not 1" is shown.
11840 New delete strategies supported for REST and SOAP EWDelete operations, improved information provided on failure. This release adds new delete strategies supported for REST and SOAP EWDelete operations. The following delete rules are now accepted: UNLINK_IF_POSSIBLE_OTHERWISE_DELETE and DELETE_IF_POSSIBLE_OTHERWISE_UNLINK.

If an attempt of removal with a given rule (including previously supported ones) fails, the error message will enumerate all applicable alternatives.
11839 New global variable to throttle REST and WS calls Implemented as WSDelay variable - the number of seconds to be inserted AFTER each WS/REST call. It will prevent a server slowdown in case of a storm of REST requests.
11710 Loop detection code is improved Loop detection code is improved. It prevents servers from Out of Memory errors, high load and loops in case of fields/rules misconfiguration.
11643 Default ascending sorting is implemented for numeric and text columns Default ascending sorting is implemented for the following types of data columns (field types): Integer, Float, Text, Short Text, URL, Email, Pager, Phone, Currency, WMI, Compound Field, Calculation Field, Elapsed Time, Append Only Text. Other fields are initially sorted in descending order (date/time, ID). This sort order is applied when a user clicks on a column in a table view to sort it. Previously, all columns sorted in descending order.
11562 Progress message on record importing Added a progress message about what sheet and row is processing during record importing. Now the user can leave the import page and view some records, then return back to the import and if the import is still in progress he will be shown a progress screen.
11337 Thousands are separated with comma in charts Now if an integer field is configured with option 'separate thousands with comma' then charts which use this field also separate thousands with comma when showing data. Also charts are showing currency symbols for corresponding type of data.
11282 New types of charts are added: gauge charts and funnel charts and multi pie and gauge charts A gauge chart shows the total number of items meeting some criteria and the admin specifies the values that correspond to Red, Yellow and Green and the indicator shows the current value. There is also a new funnel chart type which shows the data in a funnel shape, as well as new multiple pie and multiple gauge chart types.
11092 Ability to print records formatted in MS Word using saved templates Now it is possible to print records to named Word templates. From the table view of records, mouse over the print icon. The previous 'New' option in the Print menu is replaced by 'New HTML template' and 'New Word/PDF Template'. The method of printing is for the user to select a record or records in a table, then to mouse over the printer icon and select the word template. This will cause the browser to either open the document in word or ask the user to save it, depending on his browser settings. All standard options are available: templates may be created, modified, and deleted. A Word template may be downloaded, corrected and uploaded.
11014 Default field match for different data types is now supported Inter-data-type mapping is implemented. Matching against fields of different data types is now possible. For example, it is possible to configure a default value in table 1 based on matching a choice field in table 1 with a short text field in table 2.
10982 Toolbar tab visibility handling is changed Table may be hidden from all users by using either the Deactivate button on the table tree or the option 'Hide from all users' on the permission tab of the table wizard. This option cannot be simply deselected. If a table has been hidden from all users, it may be unhidden from only the admin group by using the Activate button on the table tree wizard. To make it visible to other groups, Setup/Access/Manage Groups must be used. Admin should edit the appropriate group, select the desired table and scroll down on the Table tab to the option 'Show Table on a Toolbar Tab'.
10918 Maximum number of conversions per table increased 10x The number of possible conversion mappings is increased to 99 per table from 10 per table. The "Creation Order" drop-down field when creating a conversion mapping has also accordingly increased up to 99.
10689 New Progress Window when adding new columns will give more feedback to administrators A new progress window with progress indicators will pop-up when an administrator adds a new column to a table. This window will give administrators better indications of duration and progress of this operation.

Example of progress indicators that will be shown:
Adding column operation is in progress, elapsed time 13 seconds
DDL operation on table Ticket containing 9,006 records. This will probably take from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on system configuration, load and data relationships.
10558 New $global.user_agent variable: Easily populate a text field with user's browser, OS version. A new variable, $global.user_agent, will display standard information about the current user's browser and operating system. This variable can be used as the default for any text field just like other formula variables.

This variable can be used to give support staff detailed version information automatically and with increased accuracy, especially if the staff had to collect it manually or request it from the user.

Example of variable contents from a user using Windows and Firefox to access EnterpriseWizard:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009011913 Firefox/3.0.6

Using the variable, this type of content can be displayed in any text field.
10552 Numerous Bugfixes and Enhancements using Google's Chrome browser With this release comes numerous enhancements and bugfixes to EW in the Google Chrome browser. Many previous bugs reported when the browser was first released have been fixed, including workflow display and mass editing issues.

These issues and more have been fixed with this release. Using Google Chrome with EnterpriseWizard should be a more reliable and speedy experience overall.
10455 New "Common Area" in record layout: Now you can show important fields independent of tabs! A new special section for dragging-and-dropping fields has been added in the table layout editor. In the layout editor this new section will appear as the first tab and you can drag and drop fields into it just as you would with tabs normally. When viewing a record using the layout, any fields in the Common Area will be shown above the other tabs, near the title, rather than underneath the tabs where the other fields are shown.

A good use of the Common Area is to put critical fields that are relevant to multiple other tabs there, such as ID, customer name, etc. It is possible to put all types of fields to the Common Area, including Linked Fields, required fields, dependent fields and so on. It is possible to create headers for the Common Area.
9750 New Saved Search calculation options: Total, Minimum, Maximum, and Average for any field(s) A new set of options has been added to the Saved Search Wizard at the bottom of the Options tab that introduces the ability to show the Total, Minimum, Maximum, and/or Average of selected fields in the records found by the search.

Any of these calculations options chosen will appear above the list of results (in the Status area) when running the search. If more than one calculation is shown, each will be displayed on its own line.

For example:
Status: 200 records found, 5 pages
Sum of Est Man Hours to Complete 130.0
Sum of Unbillable Hours 35
Max of Billable Hours 82
7968 Linked field lookup results are now sortable When searching for linked records using a linked field lookup, the results are shown as an embedded table in the pop-up window. Sometimes there are many records and if the results could be sorted it might be easier to find the desired record. Sorting by any column is now possible in the new release, and search results may be sorted by clicking the column heading just as you would when viewing the table normally.
5632 Improved Filtering, Searching, and combined Searches across tables String searches have been improved and are now easier to use. Quick simple searches are easily possible with this upgrade.

Also, you can now combine a search on a given table with a saved search on a related table! This will allow users limited capacity to search on criteria from different tables to better refine search results and improve working efficiency.

Example: You can set up a saved search on the People table for Active =Yes and save it as the <Active People> search. Then in the company table, you would be able to filter by:
Company Status = Active
Related records from table [People] [match|don't match] saved search <Active People>.
5613 Optimization tasks may now be scheduled to run at custom times There is a new per-KB global variable called "AllowableOptimizeTablePeriod" with a
default value of 22-04. The value refers to the KB time when the optimization task should run, for example 22-04 refers to 10PM to 4AM.

This will allow scheduling the optimization during nights or weekends and will prevent the production servers from slowing down during business hours.
4920 Charts/Reports: Show Percentages and Advanced Sorting options Now it is possible to show chart data in percentages. The default option 'number of records' now also offers to display percentages and looks like:
(x) number of records
( ) percentage of total records in that bar

Also added in this release are additional sorting options for column bar charts and segmented bar charts. The new functionality allows the user to sort the results X-axis data according to the same options we offer on the grouping screens. The new option appears on the X-axis tab and looks like the following:

Sort bars by:
( )Content
( )Number of items in the group
( )Number of subgroups
( )Summary value

Lastly, chart data may be sorted in ascending or descending order, according with the value given for the 'Results order' option on the X-axis tab.
Internal Category: Bug
number of Tickets: 44
Release Note Summary
Release Description
13570 Searches for multi-value Linked Field apply filters correctly When searching to import a Multi-value Linked Field into a record, previously the filter options for that field were ignored and all results were shown. This has been corrected. Now, if the possible values for the Linked field are restricted by a Saved Search then the lookup will show the correctly restricted result.
13441 TODAY formula now based on KB timezone, rather than Server Timezone Fixed the TODAY function. It now returns the date based on the KB specific time/date. Previously it used the server's timezone.
13387 Inbound Email POP SSL settings are maintained Inbound Email set to use POP3 with SSL previously lost its saved settings. This setting is properly saved and stored now.
13253 Email fields can be used in workflow guards Email field values in workflow guard searches are now treated as text and may be used in such searches effectively. Previously the search was faulty on email fields and guards did not work.
13207 Renaming Saved Search Populates throughout system Now, if a Saved Search is renamed, the new name is correctly shown in all filters which use this Saved Search as a restriction (for instance, in the Field Wizard).
13206 Saved Searches used as linked field filters can be deleted from Manage screen Saved searches created as filters on linked fields may now be managed via the Saved Search/Manage screen. They are deletable and editable there now. Previously, they were not shown there and could not be deleted at all. Searches created from the linked field Options tab cannot be added to the left pane or made active, however.
13141 Rounding changed Default values with last digit '5' in previous release were rounded as 50.35->50.3
Now the logic is changed. Such defaults are rounded as 50.35->50.4
13125 'Last state' login option is fixed The 'Last state' login setting now works properly if a table is filtered by a saved search. It also now returns the user to the appropriate place if the user logged out from any of the following screens: My Assigned search, Charts/Reports, Billing/Reports, Import/Export, Inbox/All My Assigned records, Inbox for any table, Dashboards, and My profile.
13018 Fixed problem with advanced search operator being refreshed when inserting a field variable For a short time in the new release, there was a bug where when creating an advanced search, if you chose an operator such as "does not contain" and then looked up a linked field value or a field variable, when the value was imported into the value box, the operator was overwritten back to the default value. This bug was fixed.
13004 Timing fixed to enable update of open record by action running on embedded table Sometimes you have a situation in which someone chooses to edit a record in a related table that will run a rule that updates the master record which is still open for edit. A typical example is a Change request that has an embedded approval table.

Previously, in this situation, if a person edited the change request and then edited an approval record in the embedded table, and that approval edit caused a rule action to update the number of closed approvals, if the user quickly saved the change request again after saving the approval record, this rule update could fail due to timing. This problem has been fixed.
12956 Email rules using templates that include addressees in the CC block now work properly Previously, if an email template had addresses in the To: block and in the CC: block, those in the CC block did not receive any email. Now this is fixed so that all addressees receive the rule email.
12911 Saved Searches are now properly localized in the end user interface Previously, saved searches were not properly translated in the end user interface for My Items and FAQ screens. Even if a translated name existed, it was not used. Now the localization file is properly used to provide translated searches.
12835 URL Validation now accepts ftp URLs Now 'ftp' URLs are recognized as valid URLs, even if 'Validate URL' option is enabled. Example: ftp://example.com/pub/file.txt.
12695 Attachments parsing is fixed If a user configures inbound email to map the following:

1) Image_file -> Field_A
2) Non-image_file -> Field_A

And if a sender attaches both an image (file1) and a non-image type file (file2) to an email and sends it to an inbound account, then both files will be correctly parsed and attached to Field_A. Fixed both for record creation and updates via email.
12615 TODAY() function The TODAY function now returns pure data (with 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds), both when used alone and when used in formulas like $formula(TODAY()+3 Days).
12339 Problems with team deletion are resolved There were some problems with the integrity manager preventing teams from being deleted for invalid reasons. These problems have been resolved so that teams may now be deleted properly.
12275 Problems with rollback of changes when canceling deleting linked fields from a set are fixed Previously if you started to remove some fields from a linked set and got an integrity manager warning about those fields being used elsewhere, if you cancelled the deletion in response, the fields were still left in a partially deleted state. These problems have been resolved, so canceling rolls back the changes completely.
12219 Problem with rounding of large numbers is fixed Previously when a large integer more than 8 digits was entered, it sometimes changed value by one. It was stored correctly in the database but the display was incorrect. This problem has been resolved.
11894 Summary field setting is improved One field in each table may be defined as the Summary field for that table. This is important because the Summary field is used in several places:
1) to show the last opened records
2) in the activity log to represent a record that is deleted or edited
3) When records are linked using the link function.

The following changes are made:

1) It is possible to designate a linked field and an ID field as a "summary" field, as well as short text fields. To make a linked field a summary field, on the Display tab, click the edit icon next to the field
2) Team Name has been made the "summary" field for Teams.
Group Name has been made the "summary" field for Groups.

For custom tables the user has already created, the following logic has been applied:

If it is a Communications table, the Subject field is the "summary" field
If there a text field named 'summary' or 'Summary', it is set to be the "summary" field.
If there is no text field named 'summary' or 'Summary' and there is no field designated as the summary field, then the ID field is the summary field.
If there is no field name 'summary' but there is already a field defined as the summary field, no changes are made.
11854 Foreign characters in linked field lookup now work Linked Field lookup search is fixed for such foreign characters as accented e. Now a lookup search works appropriately for values with European and other accents.
11818 Attachments now work when creating a note in a communication table Now attached files are properly stored if they were attached upon note creation.
11319 Scheduled emails duplication is eliminated when KB time zone changesc Scheduled emails duplication is fixed. Previously changing the KB time caused schedule reports to be run and emailed again at the wrong time.
11269 Added a warning to prevent running of time-based rules of subtables on Sibling tables as well Added a warning on the Condition tab when the user is editing/creating a rule on a sub-tables:

Note: To ensure that this rule is only applied to $table_name_singular records, the saved search must contain the condition: and lable_of_Type_field = $table_name_singular.

For example:

To ensure that this rule is only applied to Employee records, the saved search must contain the condition: and Contact Table = Employee
11261 Distribution of empty reports is fixed Now, if a chart/report's creator has been deleted, the chart/report permissions may be fixed by simple modification. An Admin user can open a chart/report for edit and save it, so that the chart will use admin permissions. This resolves a problem with charts failing to work once their creator has been deleted.
11038 Forced logouts with 'No license available' error Previously there was a problem with staff users being kicked out of the system when admin users logged in, if there were no free licenses available. The problem with forced logout with 'No license available' error is fixed. Licenses usage is corrected. The following correct behavior should be observed:

1. Special system users "admin" and "ewsystem" NEVER attempt to "grab" licenses even when they are available.
2. All other users grab licenses when available.
3. Any user that doesn't belong to the admin group that tries to log in when no more licenses are available is denied login.
4. Up to ANY two users from admin group are allowed in the system simultaneously even without a license.
5. If more than two such admin-level users attempt to login in the situation when no free licenses are available, one of the admin users (not the staff users) already in without a license is kicked out - usually the one who logged in first.
10958 Removing Conversion Rule now handled by integrity manager Now the integrity manager reports a warning when a user is trying to delete a conversion rule which is associated with an Action Button.
10949 Record Locking logic is improved A few minor potential conflict issues with record locking by simultaneous users have been fixed. Customers are now better protected from an unexpected record unlock.
10869 Large values in Currency fields no longer display using Scientific Notation Currency values will always be shown in the full numeric form instead of scientific notation.

Previously, large Currency values displayed in scientific notation form (e.g. 1.0E7 instead of 10,000,000) for values greater than or equal to 10 million dollars. This issue has been fixed and values will display as normal.
10833 Rare "Metadata" error when saving tickets has been fixed Occasionally the error below would occur when editing records with attachments. This error will no longer occur.

Error saving record modifications done by actions: The metadata for this attachment is missing, probably it has been deleted concurrently. (Rule ###: *rule label*, while applying to record #####)
10599 Expected behavior has been improved when user clicks Action Buttons while viewing a record Action Buttons will function as expected while a ticket is being viewed (not edited) if the user has sufficient permissions (edit access for the field and record).

However, the Action Button does nothing (i.e. if visible it may be pressed, but without any result) if it is pressed in View mode by a user who does not have corresponding 'edit' permissions.
10570 Mass Delete no longer appears for users when they do not have applicable permission Previously a visualization bug in the table wizard showed Mass Delete for administrators even after removing this permission setting from the admin group's access. This bug is fixed, so now the table wizard properly reflects the status of Mass Delete permission.
10413 EnterpriseWizard interface now accessible via embedded frame in any webpage It is now possible to embed the EnterpriseWizard interface as an embedded webpage within another webpage. In this way you can have your customers access your KB via a more customized site design.
10401 Validation rule behavior when mass updating records by user without mass-update permission fixed Users who do not have permission to choose whether or not rules run on a mass edit will no longer be able to bypass validation rules that previously were ignored if the user did not have the option to deselect whether rules run on the update. This behavior has been fixed such that only users with proper permissions will be able to bypass rule behavior on mass updates.
10378 Fixed issue where default value for text fields would overwrite a blank (null) set manually by a user on edit With this fix, having null as the new value for the field does not trigger the M-default to be set.

Now the M-default will only be applied if the value for the field has not been changed by the user. If the value supplied in the map of new values is the same as the value in the map with the old values, the default will be calculated and set. If the values are different - it will not be set. If the new value is null, the default does not overwrite new null value.
10243 Integrity Manager warning if deleting a Saved Search used in EUI FAQs Now the Integrity Manager reports a warning if the user is trying to delete a saved search that is used in the End User Interface FAQ setup. If the user wants to continue with the deletion, the Integrity Manager provides the ability to choose a replacement saved search or the removal of dependent data.
10232 Fixed 'My Profile' tab display issue in EUI when applying filter to Contacts With this fix the 'My Profile' tab no longer disappears when the view permission for Contacts is restricted by a Saved Search.
10155 Error when editing Round Robin rule is fixed With this fix the Mass Edit Wizard and Field Update Action Wizard do not report an error when the user is editing a field with the "Round Robin" type of update.
10147 Fixed bug in some very large KBs with blank status messages when adding or removing some fields EW does not slow down or freeze when adding or removing fields in large KBs (hundreds of thousands of records or more). With the fix a new Status message is provided instead of blank screen.
10057 Improved recognition of "stop-words", increased number of searchable FTS terms The number of stop-words (words which are intentionally skipped on Full-text Search) has been decreased and better tuned for real world usage. With this update the "exact" mask is used for stop-word recognition, not just the initial letters as in the previous release. This will lead to more searchable terms for users of the system and fewer instances of unsearchable words (e.g. "Tracy").
8720 New auto-optimization of system tables yields overall improved EW system performance A new optimization task has been implemented for system tables that will run automatically in the background. This should result in minor increases in system performance across the board and when first accessing KnowledgeBases.
8286 Improved calculation behavior when adding a "month" to a Date field When adding a "month" to a Date field, such as during an Update field action that increments a date field by a month, the new behavior will correctly interpret end-of-the-month dates and add unequal length months correctly.

The Update action sets the field to the same date in the following month, or the date closest to it if that date does not exist in the following month (such as Feb 29th instead of Feb 31st). For example, this process properly changes Jan 31 to Feb 29, then changes Feb 29 to Mar 29 and so on.
8170 Bugfix: Layout tabs with _NLS_ titles are fixed and will no longer appear A rare bug where record tab names unexpectedly change to _NLS_ when editing tables via the admin console has been fixed.
7871 Permissions for Linked Field sets moved to Group Access permissions wizard Permission options for Linked Fields have been removed from the options for the linked field (when editing the field). Since linked fields can take the permissions of their source table, leaving permission options available when editing a linked field could be misleading for the user. Now permissions for linked fields must be changed from group access permissions only.
6667 Improved Report/Chart wizard: X and Y axis variables independently selectable The Chart Wizard interface has been further streamlined to allow selection of the desired variable for either the X or Y axis without having to first edit the other axis' variable.

Previously, when creating a report, the Y-Axis fields were auto-populated with a value that inadvertently prevented that value from being selected on the X-Axis. The values are no longer mutually exclusive, allowing a user to set the desired variable for one axis without having to change the other first.