February 2023 (Release 24.1) Release Notes

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2716 Easily view .docx and PDF files directly in Agiloft >Previously, to view files stored in records, you needed to download the file and then open it in a supported application outside of Agiloft, such as Microsoft Word. Now, with the new document viewer feature, you can view .docx and PDF files directly in Agiloft.
PDFs open with a single click, while .docx files still offer a choice between viewing and editing. Clicking View File now opens the file directly in the document viewer, while clicking Edit and Checkout still requires a full word processing tool.

Option to view file
The document viewer is easy to use, and viewing files directly in Agiloft helps you enjoy a more streamlined workflow without needing to bounce between multiple programs to accomplish simple tasks. It also provides a more secure viewing experience, a helpful text search, and a convenient way to download or print the document. To move the viewer to a new tab, simply click the pop-out icon. If you prefer to always open it in a new tab, go to User Menu > Preferences > General Preferences and select the option to open the doc viewer in a new browser tab. 

Example doc in doc viewer

As part of this change, the Open PDF in Browser global variable is no longer needed, and has been deprecated.

2720 Updated UI now extended to embedded tables and EUI tables All tables found in the EUI, as well as all embedded tables, now enjoy the same improvements that were introduced with the new UI.
  • Use the new mini Quick Search, which makes records in embedded tables easier to find.
    EUI search bar
  • Easily add, edit, or remove filters using the new simple search filter capabilities.
  • Drag and drop columns to rearrange their order, as well as adjust width.
  • These tables are now responsive to your browser size.
This change is automatic upon upgrade, and doesn't require any action from you. However, you might want to make some adjustments to the EUI to remove the old search bar. You can do this in about 15 minutes, but we recommend doing it outside of business hours. 

To remove the old search bar:
  1. Log in to your KB as an admin or business admin. Make sure you're in the Power User Interface.
  2. Go to the EUI Templates table.
  3. Click the selection box in the top left corner and select all records.
  4. In the Action Bar, use Export to export the records in XML format. For detailed steps, see Exporting Record Data . This is your backup in case you need to revert your changes.
  5. Repeat step 3 to select all the records again.
  6. In the Action Bar, click Mass Edit or Edit. 
    1. On the Select Fields tab, select the Body field.
    2. On the Update tab, select the "A formula" radio button.
    3. In the input box, enter this string: replace(replace(replace(replace($body, "showfastsearch=false","showfastsearch=true"), "showLabel=false","showLabel=true"),"<h2>\\$ewText .*<\\/h2>",""),"#ew_include.*-search\\.htm\"\\)","")
    4. Click Next to proceed to the Confirm tab.
    5. Clear all the selection boxes.
    6. Click Finish and wait for the records to be updated.
  7. Log in to the EUI and open the available tables. Make sure you see only the new search bar, and that everything else works as expected.
Just in case step 7 reveals problems with your EUI, you can revert your changes by following the steps below:
  1. Log in to your KB as an admin or business admin. Make sure you're in the Power User Interface.
  2. Go to the EUI Templates table.
  3. Click the selection box in the top left corner and select all records.
  4. Delete the records. Note that you might need to edit the Action Bar and add a Delete button in order to do this.
  5. In the Action Bar, use Import to import the XML files you downloaded. For detailed steps, see Importing Record Data.
  6. When the import is complete, your EUI will be reverted to the previous state. To troubleshoot the issue that caused you to revert, reach out to Support for assistance.
2714 Introducing ConvoAI, with Genius™ powered by Cognizer ConvoAI is a document search feature for Agiloft that is enriched by the AI of Genius™ powered by Cognizer.
You can use ConvoAI to quickly find valuable information in your KB's database of contract documents. To use ConvoAI, simply enter a question into the global search bar of a KB or a chat in Microsoft Teams, and ConvoAI will answer.
ConvoAI can handle all kinds of inquiries, ranging from a simple and direct "Show all contracts" to questions that dig into the details of a contract, like "What is the notice period to terminate for convenience in the agreement with Cerulean Energy Inc.?"
In response, ConvoAI lists how many records fit your criteria, either in the table view of your KB or as a chat in Teams. In Teams, only the first three records are shown, but you can click to open the full list in your KB. Each record is also assigned a confidence score - high, medium, or low - that indicates how sure Genius™ is that the record is relevant. You can even ask up to ten follow-up questions!
ConvoAI is available for early adopters who are interested in trying it out and providing feedback. To be eligible, you must be on U.S.-based shared servers, and you must enable the new UI if you haven't already. If you're interested, fill out the sign-up form here.
2726 Exported files now organized into folders Exporting records that have attached files can involve a lot of documents to sift through. To make this process easier, these documents can now be automatically organized in folders according to record ID. You can optionally organize them further by selecting a Choice field or linked Choice field to group related records together.
For example, you might select the Record Type to group the records together with similar types of contracts, or you might select Status to group the records according to where they are in the contract lifecycle.

To organize your records into folders, select the records and click Export. On the Options tab, after you set "Include attached files" to Yes, set "Export files to folders" to Yes. If you want to organize the record folders, use "Store files in folders named after a list field value" to select a Choice field. This categorizes the record folders according to the value selected in that Choice field.

For more information about exports, see Exporting Record Data.
2802 Updates to hotlink login page When you click a hotlink to open Agiloft, the login screen now offers a Remember Me checkbox to automatically fill the Username field. To make access even simpler, if you log in with Single Sign-on once, future email hotlinks will automatically be sent as SSO hotlinks so you can skip the login page entirely. In KBs that don't have SSO enabled at all, the login page no longer offers a button to use SSO to authenticate.
2803 UI improvements for table view dashboard widgets Table widgets for dashboards now use the same responsive layout, updated action bar, and improved quick search that were added to tables elsewhere in the system.
Example table widget
2794 New formula function isWorkingTime New formula function isWorkingTime makes it easy to incorporate teams' working hours into formulas, templates, and calculations in your system. The new function accepts the team name and then the date and time in question, and returns True if the specified time is within that team's working hours, and False if it is not.

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2747 Fixed an issue with background services
Fixed an issue where certain services stopped running when errors occurred in rule execution. Now, this does not affect these services.
2781 Fixed an unclear error message
Fixed an issue where using Create and Preview on a DocuSign envelope that exceeded DocuSign's 25MB file limit resulted in an unclear error message.
2775 Fixed an issue with multiple DocuSign accounts
Fixed an issue where utilizing multiple DocuSign integrations caused status updates to be missed when an admin made edits in one of the integration accounts.
2771 Fixed an issue with DocuSign signers
Fixed an issue where signers who declined a DocuSign envelope were not consistently captured with their Declined Reason and Timestamp.
2770 Fixed an issue with inactivity timeout
Fixed an issue that prevented some users from being automatically logged out due to inactivity.
2761 Fixed an issue with exporting email templates
Fixed an issue with exporting email templates while "Convert HTML/XML in text fields to plain text" is enabled.
2760 Fixed an issue with linked field sets
Fixed an issue where adding a new field to an existing linked field set and changing the display name of that field caused it to not populate properly.
2759 Fixed an issue with multiple DocuSign accounts
Fixed an issue where DocuSign envelopes showed the ID of the original attachment when a versioned attachment was actually included. Now, the ID of the versioned attachment is used.
2749 Fixed an issue with the LF Repair tool
Fixed an issue with the LF Repair tool in the admin console.
2742 Fixed an issue with Conversion actions
Fixed an issue where a Conversion action run from the mobile user interface caused an error.
2740 Fixed an issue with importing Date values
Fixed an issue that prevented record import when the first listed records included empty Date values, but later records included filled Date values.
2738 Fixed an issue with OCR actions
Fixed an issue on some servers where selecting the option to "Evaluate document quality and run OCR only if OCR is needed" prevented the OCR action from running, even if OCR was necessary.
2737 Fixed an issue with linked field sets
Fixed an issue with linked field sets that could cause fields to incorrectly appear blank.
2735 Fixed an issue with Quick Search fields
Fixed an issue where adding a multi-value linked field to Quick Search sometimes removed other fields from the search.
2785 Fixed an issue with searches
Fixed an issue where searches did not properly apply a global variable based on a compound field.
2786 Fixed an issue with searches
Fixed an issue where a mismatch in column name and database name resulted in incorrect search results.
2789 Fixed an issue with combined reports
Fixed an issue where combined reports could show only text and not include graphical charts when downloaded from the Save As button.
2801 Fix to record edit hotlinks Fixed an issue where hotlinks that open a record for editing sometimes opened the default dashboard instead when the user logged in with OAuth.