December 2015 Release Notes. Agiloft Version 6 R8.5

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442 Copying rules

On the Rules tab of any Table setup wizard, the action bar now includes a Copy button.

Select a rule and click Copy to copy the rule with all attributes, which can then be edited to create a new modified rule. Mass copying rules is also possible by selecting several rules in the table at once and clicking Copy.

1554 Simplified group deletion options

Previously, if an admin tried to delete a group, the Integrity Manager offered three options for existing users belonging to the group:

  1. Delete the members.
  2. Remove the group from the list of groups the member belongs to.
  3. Replace the current group with another group in the list of groups the member belongs to.

This presented a usability issue and could lead to unwanted deletion of user records.

Now, only the second option is available: to remove the group from the user's list of groups. Users who are members of the deleted groups will have their dependent data de-linked, and will only lose their membership in the removed group.

1562 New ability to drag and drop attached files

A new drag and drop feature has been added for uploading files to an attached file field. Users may still click Attach/Manage above a file field to open the traditional upload dialog.

1563 Bomgar session reports download

Added a Downloaded Reports tab to the Bomgar Session Details table. The tab contains a list of detailed reports for Bomgar sessions that can be downloaded to Agiloft once a session completes.

The following reports are available:

  • Detailed report of Support Session (XML format)
  • Support Session Chat Report (Text format)
  • Support Session Recording (.flv format)
  • Support Session Screen Recording (.flv recording)
  • Support Session Presentation Recording (.flv format)
  • Support Session Command Shell Recording (.flv format)

1567 Create OCR Action

In the list of actions for a field, a new OCR action type was created. This enables the user to select the most suitable way to perform optical character recognition on attached files in the system.

In the Action window, the Create OCR Action button opens the Action wizard to configure an OCR action. In addition, OCR actions are prefixed with O: in the list of actions.

The General tab of the Action wizard contains the Action Name and Description fields.

The Options tab contains the configuration settings for the action.

The Source drop-down list contains all of the available file types that can be converted with OCR.

The Store OCR'd file(s) section contains the options of how to store the OCR-converted files.

  • In the original field: Adds the converted file into the same field as the original.
    • Replace original files: Replaces the original file with the converted one.
    • Append OCR files: Appends the converted file to the field, while keeping the original.
  • In File field: Selecting a file field from the drop-down list will save the converted file into that field.
    • Overwrite/Update existing files: Replaces the original file in the selected file field with the converted file.
    • Append OCR file(s): Appends the converted file to the selected field, while keeping the original.

The Append to file name field allows you to define the wording that will be appended to the file name of the converted file. This may include field variables such as $id.

1569 Saved search summary information enhancement Enhanced the results of saved searches that include summary information calculations. Summary calculations, such as Total of Hours Spent or Average of Purchase Cost, can now be displayed above related tables and multi-value linked fields. These settings are on the Options tab when editing a saved search. 

1574 Added page navigation controls below a table

In table views, the page navigation options that appear at the top of tables have been added to the bottom of the screen. These options include:

  • Next page
  • Last page
  • Go to page

1575 Added capability for Alt text for notification icons in views
Added a new column to contain Alt Text for notification icons defined on the Order/Colors tab of the View wizard. The alt text is displayed when users mouse over a notification icon:

To add icon alt text in views, edit any view. On the Order/Colors tab, click Define Notification Icons. In the pop-up window, go to the Icons tab.

By default, the system uses the choice list label to define the alt text. You can overwrite the defaults by editing the text in the alt text fields, as shown in the screenshot below.

1583 Agiloft integration with CAS 2.x - 3.x Added support for CAS (Central Authentication Service) integration with Agiloft for versions CAS2.x / CAS 3.x

The following CAS login URLs can be used:
  • CAS 2.x - https://[server]/gui2/cas2-login?KB=[KB_NAME]
  • CAS 3.x - https://[server]/gui2/cas3-login?KB=[KB_NAME]

Alternately, the existing URL - https://[server]/gui2/cas-login?KB=[KB_NAME] - can be used with CAS 2.x/ 3.x by adding the new Global Variable 'Cas Ticket Validator' and setting its value accordingly.

Note that Jasig CAS server 3.5.3 does not support 3.0 authentication. Jasig CAS 4.0.1+ is required for CAS 3.0 compatibility.

1585 Option 'Accept the tracked changes' in Document Comparison action Previously if users tried to run a document comparison (redlining) action on a document that already contained tracked changes, they were presented with an error message.

In the Document Comparison action wizard, a new option was added: Accept the tracked changes for purposes of the comparison action.

When this checkbox is selected, the document comparison will automatically accept any tracked changes in the document and perform a comparison between the Previous and Revised documents.

1590 Look and Feel improvements

Added the option to modify the 'Action Bar on Mouse-Over' for End User look and feel schemes. The new option is available in the Tables tab of the Look and Feel wizard for End User schemes.

In the Staff interface, the footer bar now uses the same background color as the header and body, and can be configured in the Staff Interface Look and Feel wizard on the Body tab under Background.

1593 Sync Compare shows Layout differences

When using the Compare function in Sync, the report now shows Layout differences between the KBs.

1596 Displaying Knowledgebase Name in the End-User Interface Added two methods which enable users to display the knowledgebase (project) name or label, respectively, in the End User Interface:
  • $ewUtils.thisProjectName
  • $ewUtils.thisProjectLabel

For example, to display the KB project label at the top of the EUI to the right of the user login, the following text could be added in header.htm:

$ <strong>$esc.html("#ew_user()")</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp; $ewUtils.thisProjectLabel&nbsp;|&nbsp;

The simplest usage of these methods in the header.htm is:


1597 Expanded history cleanup options for Delete actions Previously, when performing a delete action in a rule, the options for clearing history entries created by rules were limited to rules within that table. This meant that history entries created by rules from linked tables via update fields or linked record actions could not be deleted automatically.

Increased the available list of rules to include all of the tables in the current KB. Rules in the list are prefixed with their table label.

1602 New global variable time_based_rule_script_timeout  Added a new global variable called 'time_based_rule_script_timeout'. If the variable is active, the system will interrupt a script if it has not finished within the number of seconds defined by the variable.

The default value is 1800 seconds.

1603 Error updating linked field values Resolved an issue where linked fields sometimes continued to display obsolete values after the values had been changed in a source record.
1604 Pasting images directly into HTML in Internet Explorer

Users can now paste images directly from the clipboard into the HTML editor in Internet Explorer.

The ability to paste images may require some preparation steps the first time you edit a record. See below for details:

  1. Open a record locate an HTML-enabled text field. Select HTML and click Edit in a relevant field to open the HTML editor.

  2. With an image saved to the clipboard, click into the body of the editor and press CTRL+V. 
  3. A Java confirmation dialog box pops up. Click Run.
  4. A progress window opens after the applet has been given permission to run the Java console.
  5. An additional dialog box opens, asking for access to the website for Agiloft. Select Do not show this again for this app and web site and click Allow. This will prevent the dialog from appearing in the future.
  6. You will now be able to paste images by clicking CTRL+V into any HTML editor.
1605 SAML Request Digital signature now contains request ID in Reference URI The Reference URI in SAML Authentication Request Digital Signature now contains the SAML Request ID, which is required for some identity providers.
1607 Antivirus scanning of attached files

Users can now configure ClamAV antivirus to scan any attached files, as well as archive file types such as .zip, .tar, .rar, .tar.gz.

To setup ClamAV with a KB, follow the instructions in the ClamAV Antivirus Setup for Windows document.

In the Options tab of the File fields wizard, a new Run virus detection option has been added.

When selected, attached files will automatically run a virus scan and be rejected if they are positively identified. An attached .txt file will be added to the record with the message that the file was rejected by virus detection.

1610 New ability to disable user accounts

A new Disable option was added to manage user accounts. If a user is disabled, they cannot log into a KB until the account password is reset.

In the Design tab of the Action Bar wizard, a new Disable Account option was added. This option only appears for action bars applied to the People table or its subtables.