December 2013 Release Notes. Agiloft Version 6 R7.0

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38319 Improvement of a record action bar

Previously, when a user opened a record for viewing (not editing) that contained a related table, the action bars for the related table were missing the buttons New, Mass Edit, etc.

Now, if a user has the proper permissions for the related table, the buttons will appear when viewing the record as well as when editing it and the action bar will contain the same buttons in both cases.

For security reasons a new setting has been added to the related table data type.

On the Display tab it says:
(x) Allow all actions in Action Bar only when editing the main record
( ) Allow all actions in Action Bar when viewing or editing the main record

The first setting is selected by default.

Also, the new setting is greyed out if the user chooses not to display an action bar.

38062 Added global variable to disable Anti-SQL injection

Implemented new variable "ws_anti_sql_injection" of type choice Yes/No with default value Yes. This global variable disables new Anti SQL-injection features - use of the SQL parser, limiting "where" clause in SOAP/REST EWSearch calls to a single table, blacklisting of functions:


38061 Added global variable to enable verbose error messages in SOAP and REST

Added new global variable "ws_verbose_error_messages". Type of variable is choice Yes/No, default value is No. This variable re-enables verbose error messages for SOAP/REST EWSelect calls.

When the variable is set to Yes, full error message is returned. If it is set to No or absent - it only returns a generic "Wrong query see details in the logs" message.

37860 Added button 'Analyze table'

New functionality has been added to the admin console that allows an admin to force DB to analyze/recollect indexes statistics. The Setup/Repair page now has a section titled 'DB maintain' with the button 'Analyze Tables'. After selecting a KB, the system checks if there is any import processes running, and if not, will start the analysis process. The new Status report message is 'Analysis is being run. You can find results in server logs.' The server log now contains the analysis output.

If a project is in the process of importing, a confirmation pop-up will appear stating: "It is not recommended to run analyze table at the same time when any project is in importing state. Continue?".

It is recommended the user cancels the analysis process and waits until any import is finished.

37822 Limited access to REST and SOAP by IP address

Implemented limited access to REST and SOAP by IP. The following variables are added:


These allow individual IP addresses separated by comma as well as ranges separated by dash. IPv4 and IPv6 are allowed.

Blacklist defines those IP addresses that are forbidden from access.
Whitelist defines those IP addresses that are allowed for access.

Blacklist takes precedence over whitelist

Admin KB blacklist takes precedence over KB-specific blacklist.
KB-specific whitelist takes precedence over Admin KB whitelist.

Normally KB-specific values will be used. Admin KB settings can be used by server admin to temporarily blacklist an suspicious IP until investigation has been carried out or pre-emptively whitelist some IP addresses (but let KB admins override this).

37712 Backup process improvement The backup process previously failed under certain circumstances, i.e. if some tables were locked by DDL operations. A warning about potential issues has been added: 'Timeout waiting for DDL lock on table 'Sales Issues', please try again later. Lock(s) held by...'. Now, when a table is locked, the export process will wait until it can safely begin.
37654 Implemented ability to restict URLs for REST /.redirect decorator to whitelisted ones Only URLs listed in Allowable_Redirection_Hosts variable are allowed in REST redirects now.
37653 Security: Implemented access limitation to REST and SOAP by group membership

For security reasons REST and SOAP security was improved by adding a group membership limitation. A new wizard is available via Setup/System/Manage Web Services which allows for management of group access to SOAP and REST.

Note: By default, all groups have access to both SOAP and REST.

36958 Relabeling 'Edit' button on text and append-only fields

Added the ability to re-label the 'Edit' button on text and append-only fields. When re-labeling the 'Edit' button, do the following: change the property control.edithtmlbutton=Edit in and, update SW2interfaces.jar, and restart Jboss.

It is also recommended you clear your browser cache.

29190 Removal of some user records is not possible anymore The removal of users with the logins "admin", "guest", and "ewsystem" has been restricted. This was needed as intentional or non-intentional deletion of these user previously caused issues with customer admin access to a system and with troubleshooting.
35000 Ability to return related data in REST/SOAP added Implemented for EWSearch. When one passes field=* or explicitly requests one of the related table fields, REST /EWSearch/.json as well as SOAP EWSearch and EWSearchWithQuery will return an array of related records.

Each related table is retrieved with a sub-query, so if only one of the related tables is of real interest - it would be better to supply the name of that column only and not retrieve data for all others.

Saved search fields/columns are NOT handled with this enhancement.

EWRead/EWUpdate do not return this data at the moment for backward compatibility reasons (mostly performance as there is no way to pass a limited list of fields to be read).

If you need to read a single record with related data consider using EWSearchWithQuery and pass the record id in the query field.
34944 Ability to select all fields in REST/SOAP EWSearch call added Added ability to specify &field=* for REST calls and pass "*" as the field name in the SOAP calls.
34938 Added ability to trace source IP address of web services calls Added logging of ip address for web services calls and user-agent (if available) to activity.log
29997 Added new attribute, Internal Notes, to the Survey Question data type to allow differentiation of questions when defining a survey A new Survey Question attribute, Internal Notes, has been added to allow sharing of information about a particular question. The Internal Notes attribute is visible during the definition of a survey in [] braces so that a user can differentiate between questions while adding them to the survey.
24625 Added new buttons in the display of Rules in a table to enable or disable multiple rules Previously to enable or disable multiple rules, you had to edit each rule individually, scroll to the bottom of the first tab and select the option you wanted. Now, there are two new buttons added to the Rules table view called Enable and Disable that can update multiple selected rules with a single click.
33587 Calculated result fields can now be mapped during conversion into other number data types Previously it was not possible map the value from a calculated result field in a conversion mapping. Now that is possible.
34150 Conditional edit logic for a field is changed to support multiple group membership The option to restrict the ability to edit a field based on a parent field's value according to the user's group membership is changed, so that if the user is a member of a group that is always allowed the edit the field, he may edit it - even if he also belongs to a group for whom edit permissions are conditional.
34392 Date/time fields added as an option for calc on multiple linked records data type Date/time fields have been added to the list of data types that can be chosen for the Calculation on Multiple Linked Records data type. This allows the field to hold a value for the record with the minimum or maximum date from among a set of related records, for instance. i.e. You could create a field called Original Start Date as a calculation on multiple records from among a set of support contracts that shows the minimum of the Contract Start Date field.
35287 display more information for attached files Enhancements have been made to the attached files GUI to display more information about the attached files. For the file with versioning control on, opening the Attach/Manage window will display the date and file size for the files that have been uploaded, as well as the total file size. For non versioned file fields, the file size is shown.
35889 enhancements to email editor GUI Several design changes have been made to the email wizard to improve its usability and provide a larger message editing space. Some functions that previously took up space have been moved to tabs in the wizard.
34712 EUI2 macro created to allow retrieval of a selected field value from a specified table and record An EUI2 macro, #ew_recordfield, was created that allows for the retrieval of a field value from a specific table and record in human-readable form.

The macro syntax is as follows:
#ew_recordfield ($fieldName $tableName $selector)

$fieldName Name of the requested field
$tableName Name of the requested table
$selector The ID of the specified record
34637 EUI2 macro to launch a chat session created An EUI2 macro, #ew_chat, was created to enable launching of chat sessions from the EUI2.

The syntax for the new macro is as follows:

Note: You can retrieve sessionHash from the Chat setup wizard by generating a hotlink. The sessionHash is shown in the HTML field of the wizard.

Usage example:
<a href='#ew_chat("46326e7a79564f5a3271376f4257786b5945344e46413d3d")' target=blank>Do chat!</a>
35933 Header created to force IE8 to work in correct document level mode when in compatibility mode Header created that forces IE8 to run Agiloft in a different compatibility mode for improved performance in certain scenarios
33209 History cleanup fast delete mode added for "All history entries created by rule" The speed with which "All history entries created by rule" can be deleted by a rule is now optimized and greatly improved so it does not cause out of memory errors.
27683 Invalid login error messaging changed to be more descriptive Previously, when trying to log in to EW with invalid login credentials in certain situations, a rather cryptic error message was displayed. That message has been updated to be more descriptive and standardized with the normal login failure message.
34700 It is now possible to select multiple files to attach in one operation Previously, when you clicked on Attach/Manage and clicked the browse button, you could only choose one file to attach, and then you had to click on Browse again to upload another. Now, when you click the Browse button, you can select multiple files to attach at once.
37063 My Assigned menu has removed excess text to display saved search labels instead Previously any search added to the My Assigned part of the left pane was displayed with the words: "Assigned Tablelabels: search name". Due to the limited width of the left pane, this meant that the name of the search was not visible for most users. The leading text: "Assigned TableLabel" has been removed so that users can see the search name more easily.

In addition, the items have been sorted alphabetically first by table and then by search title, instead of by the order in which they were added, as they were previously.

If your search names or icons do not indicate the name of the table, it may now be desirable to edit the search label to include the table name. However, mousing over the items in the left pane will show the table label in parentheses after the search name.
33853 MySQL 5.6 support added Support for MySQL version 5.6 has been added.
32690 new options for password field allow more complex criteria to be enforced The following options have been added:

() Require alpha-numeric values with at least:

[1] Alphabetic value

[1] Numeric values

[1] Symbols

() Require mixed case letters with at least

[1] Lower case letters

[1] Upper case letters
26595 Printer menu now allows direct export of table data to excel/ASCII from embedded table view New functionality has been added to the Print icon's drop-down menu that enables a user to export data from a standard table or a related table directly to Excel. The printer icon contains a new menu item called Print/Download Table View. When records are selected and the new menu item is clicked, a window showing the data appears with a Download button. If that button is pressed, a dialogue for the format of the download appears and the data may be exported to excel, ASCII, or xml format.

The new functionality allows users to export not just from the top level table export menu, but directly from a related table shown within another record, provided the user has permissions to export for that table.
34236 Table widget enhanced to allow additional action bar functionality Previously, table widgets added to a homepage could only be set to either display or hide the action bar. Table widgets now have the ability to use multiple action bars, bringing them in line with standard table functionality.
36028 Various performance issues have been implemented Several performance enhancements have been implemented. The impact of these is significant when the load on the server is very high and minor when the server is lightly loaded.

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38681 Various minor bug fixes to Sync functionality Several issues with Sync functionality were fixed, improving overall performance and reliability.
38440 Fixed issue with users field in Send Email dialog box Fixed an issue with the Users field in the email editor when adding or removing users from the recipients list. Now users are properly displayed after adding to the recipients list and properly disappear from the recipients list if the corresponding 'To' option is not selected anymore.
38341 Fixed an issue with updating Email Campaign results Previously in some cases Email Campaign results couldn't be updated. This problem is now fixed.
37836 Fixed an error on configuring external sync A bug was fixed that caused an exception when external sync was set in certain configurations.
37717 FTS Search for text with apostrophe Previously, full-text search did not work properly when the result had an apostrophe. This has been fixed.
37695 Fixed an issue regarding API $genhotlink expiration after a month Fixed an issue with the expiration date in the hotlink generator and API HTML form generator. Previously, they expired after a month. This problem has been fixed.
37652 Security: SQL Injection in "where" parameter for EWSearch in SOAP/REST

Made error messages non-verbose by default.

Added SQL parser and limited where parameter to a single table (i.e. shouldn't allow UNION or subselects with a different table)

Added blacklist of functions - these shouldn't be allowed.


37575 Fixed a bug that was causing SoD on table setup Fixed a bug that could cause an exception on attempt to enter a table setup under some circumstances.
37535 Fixed IE-specific bug that caused SoD on saving related records in some cases A bug in IE was fixed that caused an exception under certain circumstances when saving a record that was opened via a related table.
37021 Fixed a problem with some old attachments duplication

The issue in the REST/SOAP interface that was causing attachment files duplication has been fixed.

A check/repair mode has been added to the Admin Console's Repair Tab to verify/repair duplicates that have been created due to the bug.

36880 Fixed incorrect record save confirmation message when viewing a record from Last Opened menu Previously, if a user viewed a record by clicking on an item in the left hand pane section 'Last Opened' and then clicked on another item in the last-opened section, the user got an error message stating "All changes will be lost" and asking the user to confirm. This problem has been fixed.
36096 Fixed a problem with "New Note" option in 'All Communication' table toolbar A problem with the 'New Note' option in the 'All Communication' table toolbar has been fixed.
34992 Print Rules from a table Fixed an issue where rules printing failed.
32452 Improved display of Timezones Added possibility to manage short Timezone abbreviations. It is available via Setup - System - Set Knowledgebase Time - Edit TZ Abbreviation. Default Timezone abbreviations are provided and may be corrected if desired.
29828 Fixed minor problems with styles in look and feel wizard There were some places in the interface where incompatible styles were combined, creating the potential for white on white fonts. This has been fixed.
35659 A bug that caused a table to not release its lock has been fixed A bug that was causing tables to not release their lock when a user switched windows during the creation of a linked field has been fixed.
35994 A bug was fixed where modifications triggered by an action button were not logged when the record was saved Previously, when a record was saved that had modifications triggered by an action button, the modifications were not saved to the activity log. Modifications triggered by an action button are now correctly saved to the activity log when the record is saved.
36058 A user logging during a system upgrade could interfere with the upgrade A user logging in during a server upgrade could cause interference with a server upgrade, this has been fixed by restricting logins while certain processes critical to the upgrade are running.
35783 An issue causing error messages during server upgrades has been fixed Previously, under certain conditions during a server upgrade, the upgrade process might give the user an error message that the upgrade process was not successful. This issue has now been fixed.
34284 Browser pop-up action enhanced to allow multiple users to be selected The browser pop-up action has been enhanced to allow multiple individual users to be selected to receive a pop-up notification, in addition to whole teams.
34225 Bug fixed for append-only text fields when used in an update fields action A bug was fixed that caused an error message to be displayed when the $fieldname_latest variable was used in a formula for an update fields action.
32068 Bug that caused dates to reset in email template hotlinks fixed Previously, whenever an email template was edited, the start time and expiration time of hotlinks for editing a record was reset to Dec 31 1969. This issue has been fixed.
33800 Calculated Result data type issue fixed when dividing by zero The Calculated Result data type has had an option added to its field wizard to allow for handling of situations that would cause it to divide by zero.
23672 Fields of data type link to single field with multiple values enabled now appear in parent field variables Previously, fields of this data type were not available in the formula help when defining linked field searches that bring up the Parent Fields tab in the formula help. Now such fields are included.
35499 Fixed a bug that was causing column headers to be incorrectly aligned in print output When using the Print/Download Table View command in the action bar, the resulting output would sometimes display a table with incorrectly aligned column headers, this issue has been fixed.
35494 Fixed an issue regarding refresh of calculated result data types Previously, if a user did not have the correct edit permissions, calculated result fields would not correctly refresh their results. This issue has been fixed.
35354 Fixed an issue that could cause rules to no longer run if the rule creator's permissions were changed Previously, rules were running based on the permissions of the user that created the rule. Typically this was not an issue as an admin was the one creating rules, however, if the user had his admin permissions revoked, the rule would sometimes not run correctly. Rule behavior has been modified so that rules now always run with admin permissions, and are no longer based on the rule creator's permissions.
35184 Fixed an issue where history was incorrectly saving and displaying updates Previously, when a user made a modification to a record and then saved the record, if the record had not yet fully loaded in the background, the record's history sometimes incorrectly logged and displayed record updates. This has been fixed to display a warning when the user attempts to save a record that has not fully loaded.
34454 Fixed an issue with the mobile interface that caused records to become locked Fixed a bug that could prevent a user from Cancelling out of a record when using the mobile interface
35042 Fixed bug that could cause the GUI to time out The GUI could time out if the maximum number of full-text search auto-completion threads was set to a number far higher than the default value. The bug has been fixed. In addition, the performance of full-text search auto-completion has been improved.
34177 Fixed some minor issues related to charts/reports Various minor bugs relating to charts and reports have been fixed.
36881 Improvements have been made to layout vertical spacing between fields Previously there were some inconsistencies in row spacing in layouts between view mode and edit mode, and linked fields often had more vertical space above or below them than non-linked fields. Those inconsistencies have been addressed.
35310 Improvements to overall platform security have been made. Some issues relating to security have been fixed and some improvements have been made to improve overall platform security.
30485 Issue that caused time-based rules to run erratically fixed Fixed an issue where time-based rules would not run under certain conditions.
35888 Issues with the calculated result data type used as a linked field have been fixed Previously, when a calculated result field was included in a linked set, any fields that were referenced in the calculated result field's formula had to be included in the linked set as well. This has been changed so that the calculated result can now be pulled in without it being necessary to pull in any other fields with it as part of the linked set. It will never recalculate within the new table, but will only be updated if the source record's calculated value changes.
36006 Loose linked fields with no source record can now be populated with values parsed from an email Previously, when an email was parsed, the parsed values from the email were only applied if a source record existed for a loose linked field. Now, when the system cannot find a matching user record, the system will populate the parsed values into the target record.
36175 Problem editing some records with linked fields using a smart phone A problem where records containing linked fields were edited using the mobile interface has been fixed.
16369 Problem with launching a new communication from within the mobile/ADA interface is resolved Previously there was a problem creating a new email communication from within editing a record in the mobile interface. That problem is resolved.
34314 The type of a group may now be changed from staff to customer or vica-versa A bug was fixed that was preventing a user group from being changed from a staff group to a customer group.
35285 Time-based rules now support priority based scheduling If two time-based rules are scheduled to run with the same time interval and settings, the rule with higher priority (lower priority value) will now run first. Previously time based rules did not take priority into account.
35873 Various issues with sync functionality have been corrected The sync functionality has had a number of issues that have been corrected that should improve functionality and performance.