April 2010 Release Notes. Version 4 R1

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10059 New run-time search criteria in searches and reports A new run-time search filter allows you to add a criterion to a saved search at runtime to reduce the number of saved searches you need. For instance, you can now save a search for all open tickets created in the past month, but when running it, put in the company name you are interested in and just see tickets for that company.

Run-time searches can also be used as the basis for charts and reports. You can now set up a custom chart or report that is the same for all customers that can be run for a particular customer at any time by using a run-time filter in the saved search on which the chart is based.

There is a new button on the new search screen:
[Add Run-Time Filter]

When a user clicks this button, a new line is added to the search dialogue showing the same field drop-down list shown for a simple filter, and the same operators, but instead of a text input box, the view-only text: “User enters data at run-time” is displayed. No value or variable drop-down is shown.

If a run-time filter is added to a saved search, then when the search is run by a user clicking on it, a popup window appears with the content:
Search Name: Open tickets for customer
[fieldname] [operator] [input box or choice list]
OK Cancel

If more than one run-time filter was added, a line for each to be filled in is provided, in the same popup dialogue.

If a user clicks on a report that is based on a saved search containing a run-time filter, the popup window appears with the content:
Search Name: Open tickets for customer
[fieldname] [operator] [input box or choice list]
OK Cancel

If more than one run-time filter was added, a line for each filter is provided, in the same popup dialogue.

When a report is scheduled and run automatically, any run-time filter included in the saved search on which it is based is ignored completely, as if the row did not exist.
12303 Screen refresh behavior is reworked to minimize refreshing Linked Field and other screen refreshes are completely reworked. Now Linked fields refresh much faster than in the past release and do not refresh the whole screen, just the fields that are updated. Unnecessary screen refreshes are completely removed.

The same issue has been addressed for Calculated fields. If the value of a Calculated field is changed, then only this field is refreshed instead of the whole screen.

In addition, loading of fields on all tabs other than the first tab is done in the background now for all browsers except IE. This means that putting fewer fields on your first layout tab can result in super fast performance in loading that screen if you use Firefox or Chrome browsers.
15926 Advanced filter can now be used on password fields Password fields may be added to the History field tracking list. Changes will not be shown, but only whether or not a password field was changed. This will enable an advanced filter to be used to find records in which the password field changed or did not change.
16711 New default value option for Floating Point fields It is now possible to set up a floating point field with a default value that is a Formula. This allows you to set up a field that auto-calculates the sum of two other fields without using a rule.
16985 Calendar subscription capability The calendar has been made available for subscription by other calendaring systems. A new button "Subscribe to EW Calendar" has been added to the screen that shows the calendar. In addition, 'Export to MS Outlook' and 'Import to MS Outlook' buttons are renamed to 'Manual Export to MS Outlook' and 'Manual Import from Outlook'.

When the user clicks the 'Subscribe to EW Calendar' button, a dialog appears with a few options and then generates a URL that the user can enter into Microsoft Outlook 2007+ or other icalendar systems in order to subscribe to this calendar.

In Outlook, the user may select Tools/Account Settings/Internet Calendars/New and copy/paste the specified URL.

The EW calendar will then be available in the MS Calendar pane under Other Calendars.

With this capability, anything written to the calendar in EW can be viewed in the familiar environment of your own outlook calendar.
16986 Encryption key generation per KB When a KB is created or imported an encryption key is automatically generated. A special patcher auto-creates a key for any KB's that do not already have one.

This enhances security.
17041 New Linked logical name data type Linked logical name is a new data type that stores a big integer in the database (Foreign Ket to a table) but shows the logical table name on the gui level.

It allows us to link records from different tables, especially communications (emails, notes, faxes, etc...) with a record from which the communication was created.

Also keeping the direct FK to the table allows us to simplify the search made from custom tables (by using EmailSearchResult or Embedded search result)
17048 Apostrophe now allowed in field labels Fixed apostrophe escaping in existing field labels. Now fields with an apostrophe in their label may be edited and saved.
17143 New functions added for EW formulas Added two new functions to EW formulas:

- tableid(logical table name) returns swtableid of appropriate table (with specified logical table name)

tableid() - without arguments - returns the swtableid of a record whose SWDataMap is passed to the SWFormula.exec(SWDataMap values, ...)

- recordid() - returns `ID` gotten from SWDataMap of a record whose SWDataMap is passed to the SWFormula.exec(SWDataMap values, ...)

These new variables are used in the unified communications functionality to link communications to the appropriate records and allow them to be linked by users in the GUI after the fact.
17199 New mobile, low resolution, ADA compliant interface We have created a new interface to EW that is accessible over mobile devices such as the iPhone, any android-supported cell phone, and also over the web as an ADA compliant interface.

Most actions are accessible using hotkeys and do not require the use of a mouse. Users may create their own preferences for how the mobile interface is displayed. A new tab is added to the Home/Preferences screen called Low Resolution, and here a user can set up the items he/she wants to see in the mobile interface. These include:
Maximum number of saved searches shown in Recent Searches window
Maximum number of saved searches shown in Search box window
Maximum amount of text to show in Record without paging
Maximum width of an input on ticket editing
Show empty fields in record view mode

The last section defines tables, saved searches, and charts that should be shown in the Home window as favorites.

Features of the interface include:
• Access to all available tables and saved searches as well as lists of recently visited items.
• A table view of records with possibility of navigation (first / prev / next / last page).
• Table search, including saved searches and manual search (by field values) with possibility of refining etc, just as in current staff UI.
• Performing additional actions on a whole table or selected set of table records, such as mass delete, mass edit, sending mail, linking records.
• Usual editing functions: create new record, edit existing record, remove existing record.
• Read only view of single record.

A new default view named "Mobile view" is used for displaying a table's records in the Table view window. It is created automatically by a patcher on each table, and by default it includes just the field from the table identified as the "summary" field for that table. The Mobile view cannot be deleted, but it can be edited.

Access to the mobile interface is by adding a new parameter to the end of a standard login string: &GUI=LowRes. It can also be coded into an html form by adding the name=GUI and value=LowRes.
17284 Unnecessary refreshing of search window is eliminated Unnecessary refreshes of the screen when choosing saved search criteria are completely removed. When including a linked field in a search (Quick Search, run-time variable, or Saved Search filter), if the Lookup icon is used then the value is loaded without the whole screen refresh that previously occurred.
17518 Added Primary team mapping in LDAP wizard Added Primary Team mapping options to LDAP wizard:
Primary Team

() <list of team names>

() First value of LDAP Team attribute
17528 New options for Groups and Teams mapping in LDAP wizard Added the following options for Groups and corresponding options for Teams:

[x] Show the first [100 ] groups that are found

[x] Find groups that the first [1000 ] users belong to [Refresh Group List]

If all the groups are found as a result of the first option (eg 100 is specified, but there are only 93 groups), then EW does not waste time inspecting the first 1000 users even if the second option has been selected.

These options make it possible to map from an LDAP system that has a huge number of groups.
17529 Added default mappings for the field names in LDAP Wizard The LDAP configuration wizard now provides reasonable default mappings for the standard LDAP fields.
17951 New redirection allows use of Custom Portal EUI with Single Sign-on Support has been added for redirecting the user to a URL parameter during a Single Sign-on login. To redirect the user to the alternative custom end user portal, for instance, you would use a URL such as:

https://sa3.enterprisewizard.com/gui2/sso.jsp?autoLogin=true&project=yourkb&State=Main&URL=https://sa3.enterprisewizar d.com/gui2/eui2template/main.php.
13166 "Start of This Year" option has been added to the Charts/Reports wizard In order to provide a YTD report, an additional value is added to the Relative Dates selection in the chart/report wizard. "Start of this Year" is added as an option. Combined with an End Date of "Today" the user can very quickly create a YTD report for tickets created or modified during this time range without having to include a Date filter.
13769 Can now import data from Excel 2007 file We fixed an error on recognizing the Excel 2007 file format (xlsx). Now data from xlsx files may be recognized and imported.
14308 Zero value of disconnect_timeout variable Changed the logic of zero values of the disconnect_timeout variable. Previously this value meant 'expire seances immediately' and caused exception on login. After the fix zero value means 'do not expire seances'.
15182 Date/Time displays are now configurable The Date/Time format is configurable in the new release. These formats affect how data is displayed and how it is entered by a given team.

The following options have been added to the Team table on a Format tab:

Time format: () 12 hour () 24 hour
Time format separator: () Space () : Character: [ ]

Date format:
Month: (x) First 3 characters, eg Oct
() First 3 characters in capitals, eg OCT
() All characters, eg October
() All characters in capitals, eg OCTOBER
() 2 digits, eg 10

Year: (x) 4 digits, eg 2010
() 2 digits, eg 10

Order: () Month Day Year
() Day Month Year
() Year Month Day

Date format separator: (x) Space () / () . () None () Character: [ ]
15468 Attachments downloading now works in spite of control characters in file names It was impossible to download files which contained the tab character in the file name. This was not accepted as a valid file name in Windows OS.

The code is fixed so that upon download it removes any control characters from the file name on the server.
16851 Added the ability to insert page breaks into reports Added the ability to specify that EW should insert a page break at the start of groupings as follows:

Added the following row to the bottom of the Grouping column:
Insert Page Break

Create a printer page break before each new group () Yes (x) No
17013 Development of External System Adapter (ESA) functionality The EnterpriseWizard Synchronization sub-system (Sync) provides powerful facilities for automatic synchronization between an EnterpriseWizard table and corresponding records in some external system (XS). It can do this in the directions EW to XS, XS to EW or both. This system can also keep data held in two or more XS's synchronized, as long as there are tables in the EW knowledgebase (KB) matching the data.

The ESA's already developed by EW allow synchronization with the following XS's.

- File Directory (files)
- Exchange
- QuickBooks
- Excel

The synchronization process is based on comparing record timestamps in EnterpriseWizard and the XS. If a synchronization was run on Wednesday and is next run on Friday, it will look for all records changed in one or both systems since Wednesday and will propagate those updates to the other system. At the end of a synchronization process, both systems will have matching data. Creation of a new record or deletions may also be carried over to the other system.

When you select Setup/Sync you are presented with a list of any existing Sync Configurations. You may create a new configuration, or edit or delete existing ones.

In summary, the Sync Configuration Wizard creates a record in EW holding:
- The external system to sync with
- The tables to be synchronized and their corresponding Structures
- The fields to be synchronized within a Table-Structure pair
- The relations to be synchronized
- The directions (EW to XS, XS to EW or both) of updating
- The command that launches the ESA
- The identifier fields Sync will use to identify matching records

If a Sync Configuration is modified after it has been run, all previous peering of EW records with XS records is lost, and the next run will be an entirely new synchronization.

The ways a synchronization can be initiated:
- Manually, through the Sync option in a Table view.
- By Actions (among background EW activities, including running sync upon a record change or by a schedule).
- On demand, of the ESA.
By default, all three triggers are allowed.

The structure with which an EW table can be synchronized may be a table, a folder or anything else which logically groups records, and can be presented or derived by the ESA from the external system. All records within a single Structure must have the same set of fields.

As well as records, it is also possible to synchronize relations between external records. Those are used to update Linked Fields in EnterpriseWizard.

Sync also supports Collection fields, which are something in between normal data fields, holding a single value and a relation to other table. Collection fields hold multiple values, which might be complex objects, with multiple fields.

For every record in an EW table or XS structure subject to a new sync, and for every such record created since the last sync, a corresponding record in the other system is determined, if it exists, by matching the Identifying fields (checked in the Field Mapping Wizard) from the two systems. If there's no such record, one is created. The two records are held by Sync in an EW ID XS ID pair, thus "peering" the EnterpriseWizard record with the external record. Logically, Sync treats the pair as a single data record, having EnterpriseWizard and external views.
17318 Localization is improved We fixed several issues which prevented some parts of system from being localized: FAQ Setup, My Items settings, History Labels, Dashboard names and descriptions, X- and Y-axis in Charts, Status messages in Charts, and linked field labels, among others.
17619 Embedded table width in word print template is improved Fixed a problem with related table printing in word print formats. Word was automatically inserting: <w:tblLayout w:type="fixed" /> into the table created by EW, which caused the table to be the wrong width. Code was added to ignore any codes put in by MS Word.

Instead, a new option is added to the print template that will control table width:

[x] expand table to fit page width
17649 Option to update calculation fields added in update field action Calculation on related table fields are usually set up to calculate automatically, but when there are a lot of them it can affect performance. Now it is possible to just update them once a day or week via an update field action.

The following changes are made:

1) Calculation fields are displayed in the list of fields available to the mass edit/update fields action wizard for anyone who can view/edit the field.
2) When selected, on the next screen of the mass edit wizard you see the option:

(x) Recalculate the value

If auto-calculation affects performance, the suggested optimization is the following:
1) In calculation field wizard, disable auto-recalculation by selecting the option 'Calculate only when the Recalculate button is clicked'
2) Create a time-based rule with a field update action which recalculates the field with the desired frequency.
14548 REST API now handles loosely Linked Fields correctly Fixed REST calls handling for linked fields with 'allow entries not in the source table' option. Previously they did not create proper links.
13802 New action type for scheduled export A new action type has been added to enable an export to be scheduled within a rule in the same way as the import action. Records may be exported to the EnterpriseWizard /TMP, Home or another folder on the server. The export file may also be uploaded to a desired URL - on your ftp server, for example. The Export may be created in txt, xls, xlsx or xml format, and may overwrite previous export files, or may be marked by unique date/time stamp.

Setup is done by creating a rule and going to the Action tab and selecting the Export Action and progressing through the wizard.
15263 Field Hint (mouse-over) fixed in new FireFox versions Field pop-up hint was not displaying in recent versions of FireFox. Now it is displayed appropriately under new versions of FireFox where 'alt' tag is deprecated.
15324 New type of Field Update actions is added For multi-value fields like Groups and Teams in Contacts we have added a new option for an Update Field Action - "Remove value". This action removes all the values chosen in the action from the list of those in the field. It does not fail if any of the ones chosen in the action setup are not present in the field's current value.

So for instance, you could now remove a user from a subscriber group automatically with a rule when his subscription expires, without removing him from the base customer group.
15791 Print format wizard now allows Word or PDF Template to be downloaded The print format wizard (located on the drop-down for the printer icon) now allows previously uploaded Word/PDF templates to be downloaded for further editing and re-upload. Just edit the corresponding print format and click on the file link to open or download it.
16156 'Test' option on the Import Wizard is improved The 'Test' button that is provided in the Import Wizard now checks for 'unique value' errors on import and warns users about these errors.
16761 Overwrite/Append import options added for Append-Only fields A new option to overwrite or append to Append-Only text fields has been added for the update mode in import. Now a user may either append the imported value to the existing value of an Append-Only field or overwrite the existing value.
16817 Conversion of new unfinalized records It is now possible to convert new, unfinalized records. This means that a user may press an action button that runs a conversion rule within a ticket even during the ticket creation and the record will be successfully converted. Previously, only already saved tickets could be converted via an action button.
17005 Subtable deletion simplified Subtables which were being explicitly tracked in the Activity Log could not be deleted without first removing saved searches referencing that subtable. This has now been made automatic.
17365 Added Enabled/Disabled switch for rules in GUI A new feature is added to the Rules wizard. Now it is possible to disable or enable a whole rule in one click. New 'Rule is enabled' trigger is added to the General tab of the Rules wizard. It is possible to add 'Enabled' column to the view. This makes it easier to develop new rules without turning them on and to disable rules temporarily without losing their function.
17850 Multi value linked fields are now available for exporting Previously, fields of the data type link to selected fields with multiple values enabled were not selectable for exporting in the export wizard. Now such fields can be exported.
16161 ESC button is disabled in IE Some users have complained about the problem with Esc button in IE. Now Esc button is disabled so that it will not clear the text in the input form.
16858 Sorting of Saved Searches in Left Toolbar made alphabetical Fixed the sorting of Saved Searches in the Left Pane. Now it is alphabetical, even if a Saved Search has been renamed. Searches will be maintained in alphabetical order.
16895 Rounding function is added to formula wizard A new function is added to the Function tab of the formulas wizard.
This function looks like ROUND($field_name, #decimal places).
It accepts any numeric input. The number of decimal places is 0 or higher. 0 decimal places is rounding to the nearest integer.
5's always round up.
17004 Added email template status message after editing Added a status message indicating which email template was just created/edited/copied for easier reference.
6591 Activity Log exporting is now enabled Activity Log records may now be exported. To enable the export just give Export permission for the Activity Log table to the selected groups.

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14735 Fixed error while importing table from another kb It was impossible to import a table from another kb that table had fields in the Common Area of the layout. Fields had to be moved out of the common area before the table could be imported.
The problem is fixed and a table can now be imported without needing to change the layout.
15378 Removed extra space from HTML messages Removed additional lines that were appearing when replying to or forwarding emails from the communications table.
16722 Can return most buttons to rectangular shape Release 3.0 enhanced the look and feel of EW to enable rounded and 3D buttons and gradients. Some customers preferred the old rectangular buttons. We added the ability to set a radius=0 for buttons to return them to the previous, box-like shape if desired. This works on most but not all of the buttons.
16759 Fixed email templates deletion bug Fixed occasional error on email templates deletion - template would not actually be removed.
16841 "Send This Dashboard To" Field now allows dashboard owner to be included Fixed a bug that was preventing scheduling to send a dashboard to its owner unless the permissions were set not just for the owner, but also for his group.
16934 IE8 typing lag in the staff interface has been fixed The IE8 browser periodically lagged far behind the speed of a user typing into a text box. This was fixed by modifying the EW key bindings.
17228 Workflow applet now loads in Chinese localization Fixed Workflow applet loading in Chinese localization. Localization output was truncating java code.
17256 Charts/Reports printing under IE8 There was a problem with charts and reports printing under IE8. The Print option failed with a webpage error. The problem is fixed.
17280 Incomplete list of tracked by history fields was shown in the history field's wizard In some special cases the History column did not show in the field wizard some fields which were being tracked. If someone then edited the history field to make some change, tracking was turned off for the unselected fields. This bug is fixed. Now the list of tracked fields in History field wizard shows the proper fields set.
17400 Quick search field list shows correct field labels Previously if a field's label was changed, the new label did not always appear in the field list drop-down for the quick search. Instead the field's previous label was shown. This is now fixed.
17433 Fixed error in searching a multi-value linked field whose source is a choice list Fixed an error which caused incorrect results when searching on a linked field with multiple values when the source field is based on a choice list.
17434 Custom views for subtables when launched now enabled An option on the General tab of the table wizard allows you to set a custom search and view for a subtable. This was broken recently, and the bug has been fixed, so that a search that applies a custom view can now be saved and executed. Now each subtable may be displayed using a different view when the Subtable name is clicked from a tab.
17572 Exception caused by bad layout option is fixed If the option 'Apply changes to all users' in the table wizard was deselected, this could cause errors upon the attempt to edit the table or view records by some users. This error was fixed by ignoring this option, which has no actual purpose.
17635 Fixed problem with email sending in Firefox 3.6 The upgrade to Firefox 3.6 caused an error on some earlier releases with email sending from editing a record. That error has been fixed.
17727 IP recognition on license requests EnterpriseWizard was incorrectly identifying local ip address of or as the relevant IP address for licensing even though the machines had different external ip addreses. IP recognition has been improved to correctly identify the non-local IP address. Now license requests will show the correct, external IP addresses.

Some licenses may be invalidated after the upgrade to the new release code if licenses were generated for local addresses. Please contact our Support line in such cases, and we will generate correct licenses and reinstall them urgently.
17890 Handling of calculation on related table data types is fixed Options for calculating automatically or manually were not functioning properly - fields were being calculated automatically even if the admin configured the field not to calculate. Now fields only update if configured to update automatically or if a user presses the recalculate button.
17958 A bug in rendering certain linked fields without their label or input instruction is fixed If a linked field was set to display neither the label nor the input instruction, this caused an error. The error is fixed.
16832 Performance improvements for EW installation with a large number (1000+) of knowledgebases Performance is improved for such operations as KB import, Groups/Teams creation, Rules creation, records deletion and switching between tables in Left Toolbar.
14834 Extraneous percentage in reports summary Extraneous percentage character for percentage reports using percentage field as a summary has been removed from reports summary.
15235 Fields with the same labels appearing in View wizard From time to time users observed fields with the same labels in View setup. This problem is now fixed. In the new release labels of linked fields are checked against all sub-tables for uniqueness rather than current one, so the Linked Field labels will be absolutely unique for all tables in hierarchy.
15370 Error in hotlink from Staff Home Page to View All Records in table Fixed sporadic behavior of View All Records Hotlink from Staff Home Page. In the new release it displays appropriate page both in New Page and Current Page mode.
16293 An IM error on action deletion is fixed The Integrity Manager now reports about dependent data (about Action usage in Workflow, for example) when user is trying to delete an Action in Rules wizard.

This prevents accidentally deleting an action which is being used on the Workflow.
16383 Conversion of records with Image fields fixed There was a problem mapping image fields in conversion. This problem is fixed and images can be successfully converted from one record into another.
16401 Embedded Search result in View mode applies filters properly There was a problem with filtering the results of an embedded search field when a record was being viewed, rather than edited. If some fields that were used in the search were hidden then the embedded search displayed all records in the View Ticket mode. The problem is fixed.
16440 Staff View shows updated field names for subtable specific fields There was a problem with renamed fields from subtables. They appeared in layout with obsolete name. The bug is fixed.
16528 Sending emails with empty body in plain text format is fixed Previously, if you sent an email in plain text format that had no content in the body of the email, the email was not sent and generated a log error. Now the email is sent with an empty body.
16849 History tracking added for time-based and summary-based rules Now actions are visible in general History control and on history details window even if they are based on a time based rule or rule based on a summary condition, i.e. even if they do not otherwise update record.
16981 Improved hotlink widget options in Home Page Wizard Now hotlinks can include setting of any field's value using the GUI to select a field from a drop-down list. Previously some fields were missing from the Set Fields list.
17768 Improved handling of word templates with non-standard characters in their name Fixed incorrect processing ofword print templates whose names include accents or apostrophes when printing via IE.
17962 Can now use the same field more than once in a run-time filter Previously if you included multiple run-time criteria for the same field (for instance Date Created is < and Date Created is > than some value, the run-time dialogue only showed the field once. This has been fixed.
16251 Exceptions on saving tickets Code was cleaned up to prevent occasional exceptions occurring during record saving.
16509 Error viewing records with special field labels such as body Previously viewing a record with a field whose label matched a special system label caused an error. Now the system handles such fields with such reserved labels appropriately.
16515 'Finish and Next' behavior is optimized 'Finish and Next' operation is optimized. It is faster at refreshing the screen with the next item than in the previous release.
16703 Charts grouped on days now group last segment correctly Previously when time based charts (such as Hours spent by staff person for last 7 days) were grouped by day pf work, and new records were added, the chart sometimes grouped the last day's records in the preceding day's group. This problem has been fixed.
16807 LDAP synchronization issue Previously, LDAP synchronization would fail if duplicate values were found for a field designated as unique (i.e. login or email). Now, LDAP synchronization just skips contacts which would break unique attributes and continues with synchronization.
16891 Choice deletion problem is fixed Sometimes user observed a problem with choice deletion: after choice removal it appeared again in choice list. The problem was due to list reordering being called and removed item being readded by reordering cache.
16902 Raised the priority of backup tasks above other tasks The background task running backup now has the highest priority, so if it coincides with other tasks (scheduled reports or rules), it runs first, and then the other tasks run. This solves a problem that caused backups occasionally not to run if they were delayed beyond the scheduled hour (the scheduling manager looked at the time and thought they had already run).
17632 Error on accepting chat is fixed Fixed an intermittent exception on accepting chat.