During the training I learned how to make
all the customizations I needed, and by the end,
I had built a much improved and fully working system.

– Tracy Magee, HKS Medical Systems

Agiloft offers a variety of training options to meet your needs:

Online Training

We offer a free online Administrator Training Course designed to help you get the most out of your experience with Agiloft. If you wish to perform your own implementation, we highly recommend that you complete the online training first. The online training is also very helpful for administrators who will need to maintain and extend an Agiloft implementation performed by our professional services team, or for administrators who have “inherited” an Agiloft implementation from a predecessor.

The self-paced course provides a thorough introduction to the administration of Agiloft through interactive modules, videos, practice exercises, and quizzes. To sign up for the Administrator Training Course:

  1. Login to our Customer Support Portal.
  2. Find the Sign Up for Training link:

    training signup

  3. Click Sign Up for Training. A training KB will be automatically provisioned and you will be emailed a login link to the course.

You can also view the online training course without signing up. However, the system doesn’t generate training knowledgebases when you view the training this way, so you won't be able to complete the practice exercises. Use these links to view each unit of the training course:

If you view any of the units without signing up and you later set up a training account through the Customer Support Portal, you must email training@agiloft.com. Once you view a unit without signing up, the system cannot automatically enroll you in the training course, so you must be manually enrolled.

You can find out more information about the training and each of the units at the Training Information page in our Help Wiki.

Tailored Training Sessions

We offer custom training sessions for Agiloft administrators as well as partners. The custom administrator training is designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer or partner, and may range from several hours of training delivered through online meetings, to five days of onsite training at your location. Call an Agiloft Sales Representative at 888-727-2209, Ext 1 for pricing and further information.


A Certification test is available for Agiloft implementers. The Certification test is appropriate for consultants and partners who want to design and implement Agiloft for their customers. It is also appropriate for the administrator of customers with complex implementations who want to ensure that their administrator is qualified to make significant changes to their implementation.

The test consists of building a custom module from scratch, based on a business requirements specification. In addition to scoring the result, a senior implementer provides feedback on the design's architectural decisions, form layout, compliance with the requirements document, and other attributes that are important for a production quality system.

The cost for the above scoring and feedback is $1,000. Certification requires meeting a high standard, and there is a pre-requisite that the candidate has scored an average 90%+ pass rate on the quizzes in the online training. We also recommend that the candidate has executed or contributed to, a significant implementation that they submit for an initial design review before taking the test. Most candidates take 20-60 person-hours to take the test, but there is no time-limit for completion. Contact partners@agiloft.com for further details.

Video Tutorials for administrators and staff users provide easy-to-follow instructions on using some of the most sophisticated features of Agiloft. We recommend that new customers begin here. We are adding tutorials all the time, so check back occasionally to find new materials.

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