Spend Matters Recognizes Agiloft as Value Leader for Contract Management Software in 2018 SolutionMap

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Spend Matters Recognizes Agiloft as Value Leader for Contract Management Software in 2018 SolutionMap

Leading industry analyst firm for the procurement and supply chain sector rates Agiloft in top right quadrant for organizations that need sophisticated, customizable, turn-key and CIO-friendly CLM solutions

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Agiloft, a trusted provider of agile business process automation software, today announced that Spend Matters has rated it Value Leader in its 2018 Contract Management SolutionMap, a resource designed to help procurement professionals rank technology vendors based on the customer experience, technological innovation and process competency of their solutions.

“Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is about managing the ultimate commercial system of record: the contract. The technology market has morphed from managing legal documents (even digitized ones) to managing atomic-level commitments that include not just legal obligations with counterparties like suppliers, but also tying into broader risk, compliance, and performance management areas,” said Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters. “The real advantage of using the persona-based SolutionMap approach in CLM is the ability to map market segments individually to your own organizational requirements, wants and needs.”

The Spend Matters’ Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) SolutionMap rankings evaluate solutions according to the needs of four organization types (or personas) that they label: deep (those with highly sophisticated needs), configurator (those that have unique process requirements), turnkey (those that focus on total cost of ownership), and CIO friendly (those that emphasize IT compatibility, security and standardization).

Agiloft’s CLM solution is rated in the top right quadrant in all of the four organization personas.

The Agiloft Contract Management Suite offers a comprehensive set of capabilities and benefits, automating the complete contract lifecycle to help streamline approval processes, reduce paperwork and make contract information visible across the entire enterprise. The solution is built on a no-code platform that eliminates the necessity for custom coding; the application can be reconfigured in a matter of hours when business needs or work processes change. The resulting agility, in turn, empowers IT and business users to modify their contract management workflows to align with their needs as they evolve.

“Spend Matters’ rating Agiloft a value leader in each of the four organization categories further validates the power of no-code contract management software to address the varied needs of a rapidly expanding CLM market,” said Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft. “Agiloft’s highly-customizable contract management suite is increasingly being recognized throughout the industry for its ability to automate the entire contract lifecycle. Spend Matters’ SolutionMap evaluation will broaden our reach and help propel our already strong momentum in the marketplace.”

To learn more about Agiloft’s SolutionMap listing, please visit https://spendmatters.com/solutionmap/contract-lifecycle-management-clm/ to review the Q1 2018 rankings and learn more about the methodology.

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