New Release of Application Development Platform

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New Release of Application Development Platform

19 Feb 2008

SaaSWizard, Inc., released version 2.0 of SaaSWizard, a J2EE-based application development platform for building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and internally hosted applications. The platform provides functionality required for hosted Windows and Linux business-to-business applications. Custom applications that can be hosted either by SaaSWizard or inside the corporate firewall.

ebizQ received the following:

The new edition adds dynamic data modeling enabling custom tables and table relationships to be created in minutes, graphical drag-and-drop workflow capabilities, and a virtualized grid environment ensuring the application will continue to run even if a server or other component fails.

Also new in V2.0 are easy application customization, auditability and advanced access controls for organizations that must meet regulatory mandates, and other enhancements that are usually unavailable for externally hosted applications such as integration with LDAP directories and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) used for automatic asset discovery of users’ computer environments.

“SaaSWizard 2.0 enabled us to build a fully scalable and customizable customer support and CRM application for serialized equipment manufacturers in just a few months,” said Steve Chipman, president of Lexnet Consulting Group, a VAR that specializes in CRM applications. “We were able to quickly tailor the screens and fields of our ManuLogic solution to handle field equipment inventories, warranties, maintenance renewal reminders, parts replacement and the other support needs of this market out of the box, but we are also able to easily modify the base application to meet the business requirements of different customers with SaaSWizard’s rapid customization tools.”

SaaSWizard also offers advanced capabilities such as:

  • A business rules engine that automates backend processes and interaction with other enterprise systems, making it possible to configure an application to send alerts on urgent issues after a given period of time, distribute reports and so on.
  • A comprehensive charting and reporting engine, including dozens of default charts and reports as well as the ability to customize in a few clicks.
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard compilation, allowing custom charts from multiple tables to be combined to form dashboards in a few seconds.
  • Incoming and outgoing email integration, with the ability to pop incoming mail from multiple email accounts to automatically generate different kinds of records and send confirmation to the sender, as well as generate outgoing text or HTML messages with automatic insertion of variables such as the user’s name.
  • An integrated Full Text Search (FTS) engine that provides a fast natural language search capability with synonym support to assist staff and end users in finding the information they need, in the database as well as in attached files.
  • Single sign-on to automatically authenticate log-in requests from within a trusted IP domain or IP range against the internal user table or an LDAP/Active Directory database, providing security while eliminating the need for user passwords.
  • Multi-language support, with all messages, wizards, status reports and field labels automatically provided in the language of the user’s browser. Support for a new language can be added by converting a single text file.
  • Full customization, including custom tables and table relationships, data views, data fields, branding, and integration with in-house applications.

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