Lexnet Uses SaasWizard Platform to Release Custom CRM App for Serialized Equipment Manufacturers

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Lexnet Uses SaasWizard Platform to Release Custom CRM App for Serialized Equipment Manufacturers

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB), December 10, 2007

Lexnet Consulting Group today announced that it has released ManuLogic, a vertical customer support and CRM application for serialized equipment manufacturers. ManuLogic was built using technology from SaaSWizard, Inc. of Redwood City, California. SaaSWizard is a scalable, J2EE-based rapid application development platform that allows OEMs and VARs to create both enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and internally hosted applications without programming.

“The CRM application that we developed with SaaSWizard serves the unique customer support requirements and other CRM needs of serialized equipment manufacturers,” said Steve Chipman, president of Lexnet and a leading SaaSWizard VAR. “Whether a company manufactures testing equipment, network appliances, telecom gear, kiosks, or any other type of higher end technology equipment, ManuLogic provides an easily justifiable return on investment based on factors ranging from increased customer retention to higher maintenance renewal rates.”

“Our vision is to allow VAR’s and System Integrators to leverage their specialized industry knowledge to create SaaS applications without having to invest in programmers or hosting infrastructure” said Colin Earl, CEO of SaaSWizard. “We provide the software infrastructure, they provide the in-depth understanding of customer requirements and together we deliver a precisely targeted solution for their market. ManuLogic is not only a truly great product, it is built on a scalable, secure and robust code-base that has already proven itself through years of production use worldwide. It can be run in a hosted, multi-tenant or dedicated server environment and customers can even move it to an in-house server running their choice of Linux or Windows operating systems.”

“No two companies, even close competitors, have the exact same CRM requirements,” said Chipman. “The power of SaaSWizard is to not only allow for rapid development of vertical market applications, but to also efficiently fine tune the application to serve each company’s unique needs, while providing the deployment methodology that’s best suited to their current budget, infrastructure and security requirements.”

About Lexnet Consulting Group:
Lexnet Consulting Group is a premier provider of CRM business solutions. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with additional offices in Southern California and Atlanta, Georgia. The Lexnet team has completed hundreds of successful CRM implementations for companies across the county–each with a primary focus of delivering maximum value and return on investment.

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