Hi-Tech Company Successfully Competing Against Microsoft and Oracle

Agiloft support staff have bent over backwards to help us solve problems, even when we caused them ourselves!

-Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Hi-Tech Company Successfully Competing Against Microsoft and Oracle

EnterpriseWizard’s award-winning software comes with industry’s only money-back guarantee.

United States, April 04,2014/Free-Press-Release.com/ — When Colin Earl came to Silicon Valley from England in 1986, it was the beginning of a second British invasion and a new Declaration of Independence: His company, EnterpriseWizard, is built on a business model that provides independence from the venture capitalists and bankers who put short term financial goals ahead of customer needs. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, EnterpriseWizard has taken no venture capital, incurred no debt, and boasts a customer base that’s come through word-of-mouth referrals rather than advertising, yet it is beating some of the world’s largest companies in the brutally competitive arena of enterprise software.

What EnterpriseWizard (http://www.enterprisewizard.com) began may well signal the start of an outright revolution against the whole notion that startup companies must give control to VC’s in order to compete. In fact, according to Colin, the key to success lies in being product and customer service driven.

œThe thing that made Apple great under Steve Jobs was that the company focused on providing a great product, not on short term profits, said Colin. That has certainly been the mantra of EnterpriseWizard, whose mission is to provide enterprise applications ranging from CRM to Contract Management that are more flexible and have a TCO less than half that of other web-based solutions.

œWhat makes us unique is that that our software actually works, says Colin. œOur success is defined by our customers. Does it go live on time, on budget and meet the promised business objectives? In a world where fewer than 50% of enterprise software implementations succeed by this standard, EnterpriseWizard’s success ratio is so high that it is the only company in the entire industry offering an unconditional money back warranty which covers not just software costs but also consulting services (http://www.enterprisewizard.com/pricing/software-guarantee/).

But what makes Colin especially proud is hearing customers rave about his product. œEnterpriseWizard far surpasses any competitor’s system, said CSFI’s Phil LeMaster. œWe gained the highest possible rating from our auditors after implementing EnterpriseWizard, according to Dennis Dekens of Chevron. Colin is even more pleased at the accolades given by customers to his employees. œEW support staff have bent over backwards to help us solve problems, even when we caused them ourselves, said Brian Pollock of DCG Systems.

EnterpriseWizard has proven that great products do not need huge marketing budgets. œWhat’s remarkable is not that the company has grown at over 20 percent per year throughout the recession, said Colin. œIt’s that customers are dumping systems from major vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and RightNow — systems for which they had already paid — in order to use EnterpriseWizard.

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