EnterpriseWizard Release 3.0 Builds New BPM Applications on the Cloud

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EnterpriseWizard Release 3.0 Builds New BPM Applications on the Cloud

EnterpriseWizard, Inc. today announced Release 3.0 of its flagship product, EnterpriseWizard. The new release includes a revolutionary graphical workflow editor that allows staff to build custom business applications without coding, integration with Google Gadgets, a redesigned user interface and over 50 other improvements. This suite of web-based Business Process Automation solutions runs as a SaaS service on cloud infrastructure or behind the customer firewall.

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB), September 17, 2009

EnterpriseWizard, Inc. today announced Release 3.0 of its flagship product, EnterpriseWizard, a suite of web-based Business Process Automation solutions that runs on cloud infrastructure.

The new release features many enhancements such as integration with Google Gadgets, a redesigned interface, full support for the Chrome and Safari browsers, a customizable Staff dashboard page and additional reporting capabilities. Improved scalability and performance and a faster, more robust cloud hosting infrastructure make it even easier for organizations to automate complex custom business processes such as Help Desk, Customer Support and Change Management in a matter of days.

“EnterpriseWizard’s Graphical Workflow Editor allows businesses to create custom applications in a few hours, without writing a line of code. This sets it apart from anything else available,” said Colin Earl, CEO. “Once our customers deploy EnterpriseWizard for CRM or their help desk, they inevitably end up using it to handle additional business needs in areas such as asset management, partner/reseller management or some other proprietary process. With this release, customers get an even more robust and flexible solution that can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed and configured to meet their unique needs.”


EnterpriseWizard’s Release 3.0 includes more than 50 updates and enhancements to the previous version. Highlights include:

  •     Redesigned staff user interface which allows users to work more efficiently.
  •     New Staff home pages with customizable widgets (including Google Gadgets) which act as portals to the Knowledgebase, allowing staff users to streamline their most common activities and see important information at a glance.
  •     Streamlined charting wizard with additional chart types (such as gauge, funnel, and multi-pie charts) and additional charting options (such as formulae and percentages) which give users more flexibility in creating charts and reports.
  •     Generalized External System Adapter which allows customers to sync with any other system using their choice of programming language.

Improved Scalability and Performance

Excellent scalability and performance have long been hallmarks of EnterpriseWizard, and Release 3.0 sees further gains in both areas. EnterpriseWizard now handles thousands of concurrent logins, databases of ten of millions of records and creation of over 200,000 tickets per hour on commodity hardware.

Improved Hosting Infrastructure

EnterpriseWizard’s hosted service is designed for reliability, scalability, and high performance, and gives customers a rapid and inexpensive implementation option. Faster CPUs and ISCSI redundant file servers, as well as redundant compute blades and network switches improve the speed, capacity, and performance for customers choosing the SaaS solution.

Hybrid SaaS Model

Because EnterpriseWizard is a pure web application, customers can choose either a hosted SaaS application or to purchase and deploy the software behind their firewall if they need tight integration with sensitive back end systems. Customers who choose the SaaS solution can later move the system from the hosted server to an in-house server in under ten mouse clicks.

See It in Action

Companies can get a fully personalized demo of their toughest business processes and see exactly how EnterpriseWizard works for their specific needs. In addition, companies can sign up for a free 30-day trial at http://www.enterprisewizard.com so they can explore EnterpriseWizard’s features of on their own.

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