Agiloft Strengthens Contract Lifecycle Management Offerings with Announcement of OEM Partnership with ESM Solutions

Agiloft support staff have bent over backwards to help us solve problems, even when we caused them ourselves!

-Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Agiloft Strengthens Contract Lifecycle Management Offerings with Announcement of OEM Partnership with ESM Solutions

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Agiloft, Inc. a leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) applications announces an OEM partnership with ESM Solutions, a leading provider of spend management solutions.

ESM Solutions is a leader in integrated spend management solutions for the public and mid-market commercial sectors. As ESM Solutions’ customers’ needs evolved, so did their interest in an automated contract management system. “An automated contract management application is essential for purchasing organizations,” said Dan Corazzi, CEO of ESM Solutions. “It reduces risk, increases efficiency and accomplishes our goal to provide a complete valued-based ‘procure-to-pay’ solution.”

Mr. Corazzi continued, “We are delighted by the response to Agiloft’s Contract Management system. We’ve already deployed several times and anticipate many of our customers adopting it in the future.”

“At Agiloft, our product agility and affordability have been the keys to our success,” said Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft. “This applies to our Contract Management system as well as the rest of our award-winning solutions. We’ve yet to find a business process that we can’t automate, usually in half the time and cost of our competitors.”

About ESM Solutions

ESM Solutions gives customers complete control of their spending through a comprehensive, valued-based “procure-to-pay” solution. We have been helping customers meet operational needs by saving them time and money for more than twelve years with our eSchoolMall and Mercury Commerce brand applications. Today, ESM Solutions is one unified brand, providing sourcing, purchasing, analytics and contract management solutions to public and private sector organizations. Our intuitive SaaS-based solution makes streamlining the entire procurement process fast and easy, requiring only a browser and Internet access.

About Agiloft

Over 2.5 million users at companies ranging from small enterprises to U.S. government agencies and Fortune 100 companies depend on Agiloft software to automate processes such as Service Desk, Contract Management and Custom Workflows.  Agiloft specializes in automating processes that are too complex for competing vendors.  Our best practice templates and agile technology ensure rapid deployment and a fully extensible system.

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