Agiloft Attains Number One Slot on Capterra’s Top 20 List of Contract Management Software Solutions

Agiloft support staff have bent over backwards to help us solve problems, even when we caused them ourselves!

-Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Agiloft Attains Number One Slot on Capterra’s Top 20 List of Contract Management Software Solutions

Agiloft’s fully web-based solution can be accessed anywhere to manage contracts with vendors, partners, and customers on the go.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Agiloft, Inc., a leading provider of Contract Management services, has been named the Most Popular Contract Management Software by Capterra, an online service that connects buyers and sellers of business software.

Agiloft’s Contract Management application has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its comprehensive feature set, which includes everything needed to manage the complete contract lifecycle right out of the box:

  • One-click document assembly for rapid contract creation
  • Flexible approval workflows to automate complex approval routing
  • Version comparison showing redlined changes to streamline contract review
  • Centralized contract repository with powerful, full text search
  • DocuSign integration for secure, legally enforceable e-signature capability
  • Reliable and timely renewal reminders notify the appropriate people when action is needed
  • Actionable reports and forecasts for insight into contract costs, renewals and revenues

Available as a SaaS application or in-house deployment, Agiloft’s 100% web-based Contract Management solution is accessible anytime, anywhere, so users can manage contracts with vendors, partners, and customers on the go.

“We are pleased to be recognized by Capterra as the most popular Contract Management software provider,” said Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft. He continues, “We have enjoyed rapid growth in the popularity of our contract management solution, boosted by a number of glowing reviews by current customers.”

The success of Agiloft’s Contract Management application is due in part to its adaptive technology core, which allows the solution to be custom-tailored to meet the exact needs of each customer using just a browser, with no need for custom code. This unparalleled customizability allows users to define an unlimited number of custom workflows, business rules, teams, tables, fields and relationships, along with precise, field-level permission settings for complete data access control. The system can even extend beyond Contract Management to manage any business process related to contracts, such as customer support, asset tracking, vendor management and more, making contract information visible and actionable throughout the enterprise.

The rankings for Capterra’s Top Contract Management Software infographic are based on a combination of total number of customers, number of active users, and online presence.

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