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Article, "Web-based Wizard(ry)"

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New York June 29 - July 10,   1998 - Issue No 104


OR 104-04 Web-based EnterpriseWizard(ry): Another Day, Another Help Desk        

As Integral Solutions Corporation's (San Jose, California) EnterpriseWizard, the inexpensive ($5,500 average cost) web-based customer support system that literally can be up and running within 24 hours, continues to earn praise from its first customers and prospective alliance partner Sun, the company is said to be stalking "funding resources" to launch a full-scale marketing campaign aimed at OEMs, ISPs and a variety of value-added resellers and systems integrators.

ISC founder and CEO, Colin Earl, said the company's fortunes are tied closely to its success in reaching middle market companies - "ones that need to get a fully functional web help desk up and running quickly but don't want to spend a lot of time and money implementing a complex client/server solution"

EnterpriseWizard is a pure web application, unlike traditional help desk products that add a web front end to proprietary client/server architecture. Any standard browser gives customers access to a support database and enables full-text searches for solutions to known problems. Users can easily report problems not covered in the database, documenting them with examples in any multi-media format.

EnterpriseWizard 's route to market may soon become a lot straighter - should it succeed in winning support from SunSoft's alliance partner group, which is currently evaluating the system. So far EnterpriseWizard's performance has been impressive.

Said John Phillips, the SunSoft executive directing alliance programs, "What provoked our interest in EnterpriseWizard was a customer's request to move programs to Solaris on the Intel platform. We gave the assignment to the ISC guy on Friday. On Monday he returned with Solaris fully loaded, EnterpriseWizard running and his code was well-behaved, proving it was pretty darn portable."

This could turn out to be exactly the fuel start-up ISC needs. Not only could it provide a market with Sun's current customers, EnterpriseWizard could well become part of a web solutions bundle that Sun plans to introduce later this summer.  


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