Our consultant was terrific.
He immediately understood what we needed
and implemented our most complex processes
almost as quickly as we could define them.

– Steve Bradley, MVTS Technologies

We have been helping customers design and implement process automation solutions for over 10 years and have a 100% success rate with implementations done by our professional services department.

With hundreds of implementations of all sizes and shapes under our belt, our team offers the assurance of a quick time to production and a failure-proof implementation. Our customers tell us over and over that the thing they appreciate most about working with our company is our exceptional ability to understand their needs and to guide and help them through the design and implementation process.

Our deep experience means reduced costs when you use our consulting services. First we work with your team to develop a detailed specification. We know the right questions to ask, the details to gather, and the best way to document your requirements for an efficient implementation.

Then we use Agiloft's lightning-fast customization capabilities to implement the specification in record time. We can typically build a complex custom application — one that would take most applications months or years to build — in a matter of days or weeks. We are happy to work on either a fixed-price or hourly basis once we jointly agree on the specification.

Business Process Automation That Actually Works

Industry failure rates for implementing a custom business process are high. The reasons range from inflexible software to impractical designs. We achieve a perfect success rate by addressing all of these issues.

With Agiloft's flexibility and power, you can do just about anything you want. Our goal is to be sure you end up with an implementation that people will use and that actually works for you, without compromising on the features you really need.

We Take the Risk Away

We are the only company with the confidence to provide an unconditional satisfaction guarantee to our customers – if you are not fully satisfied for any reason, you can cancel within the first 90 days and pay nothing. Our guarantee includes not only the software, but also consulting services.

Before we take you on as a customer, we review your requirements and make sure we can fully meet them. Rest assured that if we don't think Agiloft is the right fit for your needs, we'll tell you so. When we make a commitment, we put the full strength and experience of our team at your service and deliver the value and ROI that only Agiloft can guarantee.

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