We didn't know we needed
such a customizable piece of software
until we really got into the project.
Agiloft gave us everything we needed.

– Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Asset Management

Agiloft provides a full lifecycle asset management solution for your software and hardware assets, and allows you to capture all the details of your assets. More importantly, it makes this information actionable by integrating it with other business processes such as service and change management.

Change Management

Agile Change Management is a component of the Agiloft Service Desk Suite and offers fast time-to-value with a fully customizable solution. Whether you want changes to be approved by just two individuals or 50 different teams based on ten different criteria, Agiloft can do it.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Agiloft has everything you need to manage the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process, and integrate contract information into all of your relevant business processes.

Customer Support

A well-managed customer support service desk improves customer satisfaction and often yields improved sales results. Conversely, poor customer support is often cited as a reason that customers change vendors.

Agiloft + DocuSign

Agiloft has partnered with DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction ManagementTM to enable customers to automate transactions end-to-end. Together, Agiloft and DocuSign are helping customers achieve the benefits of digital business – including faster speed to results, lower costs, and a better customer experience.

Internal Help Desk

The Agile Internal Help Desk is a component of the Agiloft Service Desk Suite, which includes all of the elements needed to manage a complex Service Desk. An efficient Help Desk increases employee productivity and satisfaction by providing employees with the tools and services they need to do their job. It also ensures that support agents have the information they need to quickly resolve urgent issues.

Agile ITIL

Agile ITIL is an alternative version of the Agile Service Desk Suite. It contains the other elements of the standard Suite, integrated with ITIL terminology and pre-configured to include processes for Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, Change Requests, Configuration Items, Purchase Requests, and more.

Project & Task Management

Agiloft's Project & Task Management application is a highly configurable and versatile framework for managing even the most complex workflows. With a robust workflow editor, customizable business rules, and flexible task templates, Agiloft has everything you need to automate and manage any type of project or task series.


The security of our customers' data is a top priority for Agiloft. We employ a multi-layered security policy, detailed below.

Why Agiloft? The Best of Both Worlds

Stuck choosing between a packaged application that doesn't fit and an expensive custom solution? With Agiloft, you get the best of both worlds, a complete out-of-the-box solution that is affordable and rapidly customizable to fit your business like a glove.

Workflow Management

Instead of providing an interface to create a workflow diagram that will still need to be built by programmers, Agiloft provides a drag-and-drop graphical workflow editor that builds and documents the workflow's actual behavior as you design it. As a result, new processes can be automated in record time, without programming.