We consolidated multiple business
functions on Agiloft and are able
to add new ones in a matter of days.

– Brian Pollock, DCG Systems

Challenge - Improve Responsiveness While Reducing Costs

CIOs have to reduce costs, support thousands of applications, and improve efficiency in a turbulent economy — all this while meeting even tougher standards for auditability, uptime and security. Cloud vendors can make things even harder by taking an ever-increasing share of the IT budget for their point-solutions. These data islands are often impossible to integrate with back-end systems without violating security standards.

Solution - Develop and Deploy Applications Without Coding

Agiloft presents a proven and compelling solution. Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Emerson Electric, NEC and UGI have used it for a wide range of fully tailored applications. These solutions were built in a matter of weeks, without writing a line of code and can run as a cloud service, or deployed on-premise for use inside your firewall.

Pre-built and custom solutions include:

Each of these applications were created on the Agiloft platform using just a browser. The platform provides a complete enterprise-class infrastructure, with built-in support for web services, auditability, enterprise scalability, security, and cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility.

Consolidate on an Extensible BPM Platform to Reduce Costs

One factor driving cost is the sheer number of different applications that must be developed, licensed, and supported to cover the business needs of a large corporation. Consolidating business process and compliance applications onto a single rapid-development platform is a proven way to reduce software, development, support, and consulting costs.

Agiloft was designed with this goal in mind. The vision was born at an industry conference when we noticed how much overlap there was between enterprise applications. They all needed database connectivity, email integration, workflow, business rules, search functionality, graphical and statistical reports, data export/import and API connectors for integration, etc. Only the data model differed from program to program: the tables, fields and workflows specific to each program. If we could provide a mechanism for defining custom data models that automatically inherited all the other core functionality, it would be possible to create custom business applications without reinventing the wheel each time. This was the vision that became Agiloft - all the core functionality of enterprise applications made available without coding.

By leveraging the J2EE infrastructure for enterprise connectivity, security and scalability and exploiting the availability of affordable multi-processor servers, Agiloft offers a scalable, fully extensible platform on which multiple, disparate business applications can be quickly developed, integrated, and deployed.

Because the application is built without custom code, there is no code to debug, and upgrades are painless, maintaining all customizations and data.

Agiloft put years of time and effort into making sophisticated technology seem easy, allowing fully customized, enterprise-class solutions to be built without writing a single line of code. As a pure web-based product, Agiloft eliminates the need for installation and maintenance of client software. Installed once on a server, all program access, including administration and customization, is through a standard browser.

Reduce Response Times and Risk in a Changing Business Environment

As Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent who survive, but the most adaptable”. CIOs can now empower their businesses to adapt to changing needs in hours or days, not months or years. Changes to business processes, rules and data structures can be quickly implemented through the browser-based interface by in-house staff, after just one week of administrator training. For example, it takes less than an hour to create a custom table and data relationships, with a custom workflow, charts, full web services code and custom access permissions.

A nimble application means the ability to profit from new opportunities and business directives as soon as they are formulated. By eliminating dependence on outside consultants and custom code, the two greatest causes of cost and time overruns are also eliminated.

Gain the Benefits of SaaS Without Losing Control

Agiloft supports the Hybrid SaaS model so that custom solutions may be built, tested, and deployed on our SaaS servers without provisioning new hardware, then moved behind the firewall under full IT control in just 10 mouse clicks. Businesses gain the benefits of immediate deployment along with the ability to fully integrate with back-end systems, such as LDAP, without compromising security.

Leverage Standards for Extensibility and Systems Integration

Agiloft is not a 4GL platform that imposes the costs and constraints of a new programming language — rather, it is a wizard-based tool for building applications without programming, a tool that also leverages the full strength of standards such as Java, Web Services, and scripting for extensions and system integration. It includes pre-built integration with industry standards such as LDAP/Active Directory and MS Exchange, while back-end integration is streamlined through Web Services, REST and Scripting APIs with JDBC connectivity for direct database connections.

Next Step - Let Us Prove It

As demonstrated in this flash presentation on Building a custom business process application, the development of a general business application such as travel expense reimbursement can be completed in a matter of hours, while a sophisticated enterprise application typically takes under eight weeks.

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