It’s the era of unlimited free shipping, borrow-before-you-buy, zero-down, test drives and do-overs. Still, many companies find themselves committed to enterprise software that fails to deliver on anything but the cloud hosting bill.

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) decided to take a different approach with its contract management software solution search. It opted for Agiloft’s unlimited free trial and worked with our engineers to develop a robust prototype. Then, they tested it. Rigorously. For six months.

IAVI’s IT Director Godfrey Branch shares, “A big part of our process was Agiloft’s unlimited trial. There was no rush and no cost. Yet, they partnered with us and gave us very personalized support. They helped us set up the workflows that were critical to get company buy-in. Agiloft supported us from the start, even when there was no financial benefit. The prototype allowed us to have something tangible to sell to our employees — people have to see the solution and the potential. We weren’t forced into a regimented process and then hurried to commit. It gave us flexibility and allowed us to address concerns. It makes everything easier. You don’t find yourself with a solution that comes up short or that users won’t adopt. I get dozens of calls every day and this wasn’t a sales pitch. Agiloft helped us create a robust prototype and then let us make our own decision — no sales, just the resources to get things moving.”

Now, almost two years later, Agiloft has become an institution at IAVI with grassroots support across the company. IAVI IT Business Analyst Renee Boyer looks back, “Agiloft exceeded our expectations. With the prototype, we got a good sense of how much we could do, but during the implementation, we pushed the limits. There wasn’t anything we threw at the system that it couldn’t respond to. We made a lot of configuration changes; yet, we were still within the out-of-the-box structure. Overall, given what we gained and all the system capabilities, it’s an incredible value for the amount we pay.”

To learn more about IAVI and how they outsmarted the system to ensure the best solution, read our case study here: