This week the Agiloft Webinar Series hosted a legal panel titled Freedom, Opportunity, and the Future of Law with Jennifer Leonard, Executive Director of the Future of the Profession Initiative at Penn Law and Joe Borstein, CEO of LexFusion, a legal technology startup and Agiloft partner. Agiloft CEO Eric Laughlin also joined the panel that was moderated by Agiloft Global Alliance Director Danielle Haugland.

This illuminating discussion on the current and future state of the legal industry touched on many points, but we wanted share this quote from Jennifer Leonard about what she is seeing and hearing in the industry:

“If you’re living in law school world like I am, aside from the fact that we’re living through a pandemic and working remotely and teaching remotely, things might feel relatively stable. We’re still teaching our classes; our students are still going through recruiting in much the same way that they did before. I would say the changes aren’t so much swirling visibly around us as they are rumbling beneath us. I think there are tectonic shifts happening under the surface and to paraphrase the Tom Friedman Op-Ed from the New York Times last week…one thing that really resonated with me for legal is that I think the pandemic is both accelerating and obscuring some of the changes happening in the profession, meaning that we won’t fully see until the other side of this how fundamentally things are changing under the surface.”

– Jennifer Leonard, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director, Future of the Profession Initiative at Penn Law

Watch the full webinar replay below:

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