“Succeeding in this fast-moving environment [IT Services industry] requires that firms understand the M&A market, its dynamics and the opportunities. But make no mistake: consolidation will continue.”1 No one knows this truth better than the team at TierPoint. Since 2014, the national IT services provider has experienced more than 400 percent revenue growth with acquisitions in data and colocation centers, cloud computing, disaster recovery and managed services. In this industry, an organization is built by weaving together complementary companies with the aim of maximized efficiency and productivity to benefit the customer. However, acquisitions and integration activities have notoriously hindered customer relations—the very people that the business aims to serve through consolidation are often frustrated by the constant flux necessary to sustain a successful merger.

How are modern companies to keep pace with expansion without alienating newly acquired customers?

TierPoint took aim at making the experience for their ever-growing list of clients seamless and inviting. With an aggressive timeline, they worked to ensure that customers had a unified, intuitive ticketing system that incorporated the key elements that they had grown accustomed to using prior to the acquisition. For Software Architect Nathan Kring and the team at TierPoint, this meant the customization of a flexible, intuitive and responsive ticketing solution. With its almost limitless features and ease of use, Agiloft provided a platform that propelled TierPoint through the early days of rapid integration without compromising customer experience. With Agiloft’s ability to scale and support the team’s responsiveness, TierPoint found a partner for their initial requirements and for the many acquisitions that followed in the years since.

“We needed something that would be flexible with minimal time required to integrate. We wanted to leverage the system’s own capabilities for customization, but we needed it to work with a portal that was still in development from our end. We also had to be confident that we weren’t painting ourselves into a corner, we knew the business would continue to change and our system would need to flex with it.”

— Nathan Kring, Software Architect at TierPoint

When a company prioritizes customer experience during an acquisition or merger, it’s paramount that they consider the initial and direct impact to these clients. Often times, this impact will be at the system level, in connection with the support they’ve come to expect. With the Agiloft solution, integration can be buoyed by the incumbent system, rather than bottlenecked, allowing for faster realization of acquisition synergies.

Read the TierPoint case study: https://www.agiloft.com/tierpoint-case-study.pdf