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Agiloft proves why no-code software is ideal for the public sector

Economy is key for the generally cash-strapped public sector. Yet, many governments and public organizations continue to rely on high-maintenance, pricey legacy software. Realizing the lower costs and vastly increased flexibility of some commercial offerings, the Air Force Targeting Center (AFTC) and King County in the state of Washington decided


We’re going public about our contract management suite

“While the delivery of public services now involves greater diversity in terms of actors and underlying structures, the fundamental need for accountability has grown. These changes result in new challenges in 21st century governance, but new opportunities have also emerged.” — Excerpt from The Public Administration (PA) Times. More players


A solution for the people by the people that shall not perish – Agiloft Contract Management designed for government and public sector

When the 1.9 million residents in King County, Washington pay their local taxes, no one wants their money funding an antiquated, inflexible, and poorly serviced contract management system. The team at King County knows this and takes the trust of their constituency seriously, so when their current system stopped