Contract Management System

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Agiloft Summit 2019: Breakouts Now Available

Agiloft Summit 2019 is rapidly approaching, and to add to that excitement we recently released our full agenda of breakout sessions. Spanning three tracks, including Education, Product Innovation, and Business Transformation, the breakouts will be led by industry leaders with innovative stories to tell about creating custom Agiloft applications to


What is CCLM? Defining Contract and Commerce Lifecyle Management

The business world is in a constant state of change with new innovators overtaking slow-moving, tried-and-true behemoths while hopeful start-ups dominate the underbrush. Throughout this landscape of shifting suppliers, prices, quotes, and promises, contracts serve as the anchor points, the lines drawn in the sand that business are legally bound


A tale of two systems: syncing CLM and spend management software

In a modern business environment where everything is needed ASAP, workflow efficiency has become a critical focus of innovation for companies. To meet this new standard, businesses are employing more software tools to automate processes that traditionally took entire departments to manage. The problem is, without powerful syncing and integration