Contract Management System

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Six principles of effective contract management

For organizations across the globe, contracts are crucial tools in defining and maintaining relationships with clients, businesses, vendors, and other stakeholders. How a business manages its contracts affects everything from risk mitigation to regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and revenue and profits. McKinsey & Company found that “suboptimal contract terms and


Six big benefits of a contract management system

Contracts are the universal language of business. Almost every dollar that enters or exits an organization is predicated on a contract—even through the vending machine. For this reason, organizations of all sizes are moving toward contract management software. These systems automate the steps to request, approve, and maintain a


How to automate contracts for multiple parties

This week, Agiloft implementer Geoff Wilson hosted an in-depth training session on configuring Agiloft’s no-code CLM platform to handle multiple contract parties. While adding two or three counterparties is possible without much configuration, adding several additional parties creates an exponential web of complexity that most contract management systems cannot