Contract Management System

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Breathing new life into healthcare billing with Epic-CLM integration

US medical practices spend $70 billion a year on billing and insurance-related administrative costs. According to the same research study, hospitals spend an additional $74 billion a year. For decades, experts have acknowledged the crippling burden of medical billing on the healthcare industry. Many have tried to address the issue


A tale of two systems: syncing CLM and spend management software

In a modern business environment where everything is needed ASAP, workflow efficiency has become a critical focus of innovation for companies. To meet this new standard, businesses are employing more software tools to automate processes that traditionally took entire departments to manage. The problem is, without powerful syncing and integration


Risky business: five risks your contract management system is exposing you to and how to fix them

As your company’s volume of contracts increases, some contract management systems will leave your company exposed to long-term risks. Learn how to recognize and fix five contract management risk factors that leave you vulnerable: 1. Excessive access Excessive access can lead to unscrupulous employees mishandling information or walking away