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How to sync your email with contract lifecycle management

Last week, Agiloft product manager Jack Wicks hosted an online training discussing how to utilize contract lifecycle management (CLM) capabilities directly within Microsoft Outlook. With the Agiloft Contract Assistant, you can now sync email with contract records for easy tracking and auditing. Learn more in our 2021 Spring Release webinar.


Guide to Optimizing Contract Management Reporting

Contract management reporting is a competency that allows businesses and organizations the data analytics they need to control revenue leakage, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and achieve other beneficial outcomes. All of this is achievable if the contract management process is proactive and well-organized. Businesses that optimize reporting with


The Principles of Contract Management

Contract management is essential to every business. As more companies embrace the value of process automation, they are utilizing contract management solutions. Contracts are formal, finalized agreements between businesses. An organization's contracts are necessary for the legal protection of one or more entities. A contract is used to dictate the


Six principles of effective contract management

For organizations across the globe, contracts are crucial tools in defining and maintaining relationships with clients, businesses, vendors, and other stakeholders. How a business manages its contracts affects everything from risk mitigation to regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and revenue and profits. McKinsey & Company found that “suboptimal contract terms and