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What’s in store for contract management in 2020? AI, CCLM, RPA, and more

Happy New Year to our Agiloft community! As we jump headfirst into the new year, we rounded up our best predictions about what 2020 will bring to contract management. From CCLM to machine learning and no-code software in the enterprise, the following quotes from Agiloft leadership provide great insight on


Partner interview: How Agiloft’s AI Engine brings prebuilt AI to CLM

Happy Holidays! As we celebrate another great year, we wanted to share this video interview from Red de Firmas’ CEO Pepe Toriello with Agiloft's VP of Engineering, Christian Thun, at Agiloft Summit 2019. In this interview Christian discusses the artificial intelligence capabilities for contract management that are available in the


What if your stapler could unlock the future of all enterprise value-creating activity?

For some, this claim is no more outlandish than Spend Matters assertion in their recent white paper, Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management. “Contracts need to be transformed from archaic risk-transferring artifacts buried in document repositories to a profound role as the ultimate commercial system of record that deeply models how