For most of us, spring release meant airborne pollen from plants or students out on a weeklong break from school. Agiloft’s spring release, however, is more exciting and noteworthy. We enhanced our feature-rich platform to renew our commitment to empower our clients with forward-thinking, industry-defining solutions. Here are some highlights:

Agiloft Platform

  • Reports, layouts, menus and emails that reflect user’s style
  • Enhanced staff homepage layout with new graphical styles (such as ring reports). Individual users can now modify the homepage preferences section to display the information they care about. Significantly enhanced the ability to design and manage the appearance of emails using our WYSIWYG editor.

  • Improved security and sync capability with SAML servers
    • Mass sync SAML user information for full synchronization with protection against unauthorized access by incorporating SSL best practices and encryption technology.
  • KB management
    • New options allow better control over what is saved in the history records, particularly when importing KBs.
  • Mobile interface
    • Fully responsive to display screen size, including the end-user interface.
  • Search operations
    • Increased search capabilities extend to the Charts/Reports screen, making it easier to find the desired report in the list.
  • More flexibility in managing history in rules wizard
    • New options enable the admin to define whether the rule should create history entries and/or go back and edit previously entered histories. This is useful for time-based rules that run at frequent intervals and can get cluttered with thousands of entries.

Contract Management

  • Merge multiple Word documents
    • Multiple Word documents can be merged into a single Word or PDF document.
  • Action buttons
    • Users can now save the record with an action button, even if some of the required fields are not filled in (such as a “Save and Continue” button during a review). Also, an Actions tab is added in the Table Wizard for creating, editing and deleting action-related components.

IT Service Desk

  • Asset Polling via SCCM
    • Agiloft will integrate with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to provide asset polling and monitoring capabilities.

Never one to sleep through the winter months, Agiloft worked tirelessly to deliver these enhancements to our current and future clients in time for the spring season. Register to join us for a demonstration of the new functionality:

Wednesday, May 2 at 11 AM PDT:

Wednesday, May 9 at 11 AM PDT: