Last week we announced the Agiloft 2021 Winter Release, which empowers users to utilize Agiloft contract lifecycle management (CLM) software as a connected system of record across the organization through enhanced integrations with familiar apps and systems. These new Connected Experiences enable teams to collaborate on contracts within established enterprise applications and ecosystems, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word and Outlook, Tableau, Salesforce, and more.

What does Agiloft’s Connected Experience mean for teams?

  1. Save valuable time and make it easier to work with Agiloft CLM
  2. Empower users by closely connecting them to the contract process and contract data
  3. Increase collaboration between stakeholders
  4. Accelerate your CLM as a connected system of record across the enterprise

See the Connected Experience in our 2021 Winter Release webinar here.


Connect CLM with Microsoft Teams

To maximize the speed and value of contracts, enterprises must boost collaboration. One way to do that is to bring CLM functionality to them in the apps they already use. Business collaboration tools have grown at a record pace, with Microsoft Teams users growing to over 145 million in 2021. Agiloft’s 2021 Winter Release allows Microsoft Teams users to see the progress of contracts and even approve contracts directly within Teams.

Our new Microsoft Teams app enables users to approve contracts with one click and receive critical updates and notifications directly from Teams to reduce approval cycle time and provide a seamless Connected Experience between Agiloft and Microsoft Teams.


Contract management app for Microsoft Word

We redesigned the Agiloft Contract Assistant for Word to improve clause manager and added a document template builder. Users can now create new automated document templates, build a library of standard and fallback clauses, and provide guidance to improve negotiations all within Microsoft Word.


Quick CLM connection with Salesforce

Our new Salesforce app enables teams to get up and running on Salesforce in just fifteen minutes, vastly improving our established Salesforce integration and accelerating sales with a critical Connected Experience with Agiloft CLM.


New Microsoft Dynamics Connector and Tableau Connector

These powerful connectors empower better business by making it easier than ever to access contracts throughout the enterprise. Users can now close deals more quickly and visualize data to make better decisions.

New features to the Agiloft CLM platform

Building on Agiloft’s Spring 2021 redesign, new improvements to the Agiloft user interface deliver a more effortless experience. Administrators can now quickly and easily create unique record layouts with a drag-and-drop layout editor to enable better configuration and quicker response to end user feedback.


“Our latest release is focused on delivering Connected Experiences that enable users to connect contract processes with the trusted tools they use daily. Distributed workforces are the new norm, and the ability for teams to collaborate is critical. This newest product release makes it easier than ever to use Agiloft across the enterprise.” -Andy Wishart, Agiloft Chief Product Officer “

To find out more about Agiloft’s latest release, watch the full 2021 Winter Release Webinar replay.


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