Despite being a progressive leader in education technology, Jefferson County School District (Jeffco) struggled to incorporate new technology into its classrooms and offices. With over 150 schools and 86,000 students, the process of vetting, approving, and purchasing software tools lacked visibility, standard policies, and a single source of truth, which greatly hindered progress and security. After a custom internal system failed to deliver results, Jeffco deployed Agiloft and streamlined the process, empowering teachers, admin, and Information Security staff with visibility and an efficient, flexible workflow.

The problem

Jeffco’s Information Security team had an effective process in place, however as more teachers and administrators began requesting new software, apps, and tools, the entire district needed access to a system to create and monitor requests. Without a district-wide process, a disconnect developed between Purchasing, Information Security, and staff, and there was a lack of oversight for new technology in use within the school district.

To reduce the risk of shadow IT and noncompliant technology, Jeffco’s Senior Information Security Analyst Manager, Quintana Patterson, set out to find a solution. The problem was that no out-of-box solution on the market could automate the process, and Jeffco’s attempts to build-out workflows in an existing internal system failed.

The solution

Agiloft’s strong performance as a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system and flexible no-code platform led Quintana to investigate the software’s custom workflow/business process automation (BPM) capabilities. Agiloft and Certified Partner Spectrum Mobility teamed up to provide a solution that completely automates Jeffco’s technology approval process.

“Through discussions and business analysis, we helped them choose the best design for their needs,” Spectrum Mobility CEO Aytan Leibowitz said. “Since the user answered primarily yes or no questions, it was well suited to Agiloft’s survey solution. Users can click a few buttons and then the results get tallied up into an automated risk matrix and the workflow moves forward.”

The result

The customized solution captures Jeffco’s current process and its rapid configurability enables future evolutions as needs change at the district. Agiloft’s permissions-based security protocols and flexible licensing model enabled 5,000 plus teachers and staff to have access and visibility into their requests, without seeing any data they’re not permitted to see. This easily satisfied Jeffco’s strict security standards, while streamlining a key Information Security process that further protected the district.

Jeffco’s Agiloft implementation came in under budget by 10% through 3 implementation phases, and the district has seen impressive ROI on the system after a few years:

“In terms of return-on-investment, I’d estimate about 100%, due to the volume of requests. With 100 to 150 new requests each school year—that’s excluding renewals and RFPs— the efficiency with Agiloft is profound,” said Quintana Patterson, Jeffco Senior Information Security Analyst Manager.

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