Project HOME is committed to helping the homeless and poor of Philadelphia break the cycle of poverty through affordable housing and other services. The 30-year-old non-profit had grown rapidly in the past few years, to the point that manual methods for managing its contracts were starting to raise concerns among management. They decided it was time to get a little help themselves.

Patrick Farrell, Business/Financial Analyst for Project HOME, led the selection team, which chose Agiloft Contract Management Suite. When asked about their selection process, Patrick began with “We were looking for credibility and good client support.” Functionality and features were important to them, but as a non-profit, they knew they needed more than just a technical solution; they wanted a reputable company that they could rely on for ongoing support, much like the relationship Project HOME maintains with its clients. As a non-profit, price was also important, but the ability to extend the capabilities of Agiloft as the organization’s needs change and grow was a key factor in their selection.

The implementation went smoothly and more quickly than Project HOME expected. With a technical background in web development and experience with many business applications, Patrick was eager to dive in and do much of the customization and configuration himself. “The more I could do, the more I would learn,” he said. “Honestly, I felt like I understood it in 2-3 weeks.” Overall, Patrick estimated he accomplished about 40% of the implementation himself, with close support from Agiloft’s Implementation team.

Project HOME couldn’t be happier with the result. With all the contracts in one place, nothing falls through the cracks anymore. The review and approval workflows are especially useful, as are the reporting and tracking features. In addition to these benefits, Project HOME has seen a 25% reduction in the time it spends on contract management.

Now that he understands how Agiloft works, Patrick is excited about extending its functionality into other areas of their business in the future. “You can build on to Agiloft anything you want. We feel like we got more than what we paid for.” he said.

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