All too often, contracts are the bottleneck for sales teams, leading to delayed and sometimes lost deals and revenue. That could be because of tricky negotiations, a convoluted approval process, or just because certain people are on vacation. Today, sales teams can unleash the power of automation to accelerate contract approvals, create a single source of truth for contract and customer data, as well as integrate contract lifecycle management (CLM) software directly into existing sales processes to keep the team focused on selling.

Last month, we hosted a webinar on this topic with Brittany Lees, Business Systems Architect at Health Catalyst, a leading provider of data and analytics technology for healthcare organizations. Brittany was joined by Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer at World Commerce and Contracting and Myles Van Leuven, Senior Director of Customer Success and Advocacy at Agiloft.

Webinar: How to Sync Sales and CLM to Accelerate Contracting and Boost Revenue

Key takeaways from this webinar were:

  • How Health Catalyst integrated its sales cycle with CLM to reduce turnaround time for contracts, boost revenue, and increase visibility into the contract lifecycle
  • Best practices for accelerating contract approval workflows using eSignature and a clause library that standardizes and expedites MSAs and other agreement types
  • How to sync Salesforce opportunities, clients, and records directly with CLM as well as create contracts directly within the Salesforce platform

Watch the webinar on demand here.

how to sync sales and clm to accelerate contracting webinar cover

Contract visibility to empower sales

Another takeaway from this webinar was how Health Catalyst utilized its Agiloft contract data as well as data from Salesforce to form a more complete picture of the sales pipeline. This enabled much-needed visibility into contracts to be able to forecast revenue, find and remedy bottlenecks in the process, as well as assess risk in the sales cycle. Watch the full webinar to hear how Health Catalyst set up these syncs between Agiloft, Salesforce, and Tableau.

health catalyst CLM data and reporting benefits


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