Browsing the Agiloft employee comments on Glassdoor feels as though it’s a review of one of our solutions rather than a description of our work environment: flexible…dynamic…forward-thinking…opportunity to do more over time…reliable.

The parallels continue as you visit our current open positions page. You only need a minimum level of experience to make an impact at Agiloft (most require 2-3 years); and you only need a minimum level of base-knowledge to work within our graphical, no-code interface — just an enthusiasm and a natural intuition about how things should operate.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised at these similarities. At the end of the day, you are what you create and you create what you are. For this reason, Agiloft continues to prioritize our values and culture because we believe it will ultimately influence everything else that we do. In the same way, as we work to create a unique and best-in-class experience for our customers, we will come to expect an equal standard of excellence in our workplace.

We’re proud to see employee comments such as “Smart company that values employees” and “Not your ordinary company.” And we hope to meet the next Sales Director or Project Manager who can benefit from a workplace like ours and bring their own aspirations and ideas to our creative and driven team.

With 92% approval of our CEO and 94% of employees recommending Agiloft to a friend (surely, there is a 6% allowance for those who don’t actually like their friends), we can say with confidence that Agiloft offers a highly-rated solution not just for business processes but for careers as well.

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