In the CLM and procurement space, there are quick software solutions, deep configurations, out-of-the-box tools, and all-encompassing enterprise platforms. Many CLM software vendors have found their niche in a wide variety of sectors, including legal, government, non-profit, retail, and healthcare. In nature, finding a particular niche is important for any species’ survival, but just like nature, business is an ever-evolving landscape. And as Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest, nor the most intelligent who survive, but the most adaptable.”

This core tenant of adaptability is the philosophy behind Agiloft’s agile software, and with it we built an award-winning contract management suite that can be configured to automate and streamline any contract lifecycle workflow, regardless of the business sector or size of company.

Industry analysts at Spend Matters recently validated the adaptability of Agiloft, naming it a Value Leader in its SolutionMap for all four buying personas in the Contract Lifecycle Management category.

SpendMatters Q2 SolutionMap CLM

Agiloft’s positioning in the top right Value Leader quadrant of the map indicates excellent reviews from both customers and industry analysts, and its high ranking in all four buying personas show that Agiloft’s CLM software can satisfy a wide variety of requirements and organizations. Spend Matters four buyer personas include:

-Deep: Very sophisticated, more risk-tolerant organization that’s looking for the best possible functionality and most comprehensive solution

-Configurator: Moderately sophisticated organization that requires unique, configurable flexibility and evolving solutions for its complex workflows

-Turn-Key: More risk-averse organization with total cost of ownership in mind that needs both software capability and support to deliver a clear ROI

-CIO Friendly: Focused on security and control with a heavy IT influence; needs CIO approval and a way to integrate and optimize legacy systems

This is the second such rating for Agiloft in 2018, and our Contract Management Suite earned even higher marks this time with a maximum number of customer references, proving that Agiloft’s deep configurability doesn’t just impress industry analysts.

Find out for yourself how Agiloft fits the unique challenges of our customers by reading our featured cases studies or discover Agiloft’s deep configurability with a customized demo.