In 2023, five years from today, there will be more than $952 billion invested annually in technology as a tool for education. Institutions around the world are embracing teaching methods that incorporate everything from smart notebooks to classroom apps. No student left behind in this hi-tech revolution. But, how many school IT departments will be left in the dust? Trying to keep up with the demands for tech support with antiquated systems while the world of education becomes increasingly automated?

In Downingtown, Pennsylvania, one district has a way of staying one step ahead of their students, staff, and parents by offering dynamic and user-friendly portals for everyday tasks. From transportation requests, to tech support chats to print shop orders—it all runs on Agiloft. In fact, more than five distinct processes, inclusive of automatic workflows and task creations, run on Agiloft’s Flexible Service Desk, each one customized to exacting specificity.

Downingtown Area School District Tech Administrator Sue Gallagher shares, “Some of the applications we considered were geared specifically to education but we wanted to do more than the standard. We wanted to process everything through the same interface and we wanted to bring in transportation and the print shop. We even have future plans for incorporating our student-run helpdesk and our facilities.” In the end, Sue and her team found Agiloft’s ease-of-use, advanced customization, and flexible workflows well suited for the growing demands of ten elementary, three middle, and three high schools.

A recent article on the rise of tech education in the UK features robots teaching elementary age children Robotics. While this makes for good photo ops and even better motivation for scholarly start-ups, it begs the question: who do teachers call when the robot breaks down? It’s likely the district’s technology department. And that department needs to be empowered with a finely tuned, automated solution operating with enough agility and refinement to make that robot blush.

Sue comments, “If you can dream it, Agiloft can do it. To other schools, I say, dream big and with Agiloft it will happen.”

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