What does a flock of black swans or a perfect marriage have to do with CLM?

Both will be the topics of conversation for our keynote speakers at the Agiloft Summit 2023, our exclusive customer event this January 24-26 in Las Vegas. In its second year, this groundbreaking contract management summit is where leaders from around the globe will gather to share stories of how companies are shattering business expectations with contract lifecycle management.

In addition to the exciting speakers we’ve already announced, we’re thrilled to share the following four keynote speakers and their presentations. 

Our Keynote Speakers

Dawn Tiura, President, Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) 

Dawn Tiura is the President and CEO of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), the world’s premier membership association representing Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies with a combined spend of $17 trillion in sourcing and outsourcing. 

  • Contract Mastery in a Flock of Black Swans
  • A black swan is an unlikely and surprising event that has a massive, rippling event on the world. And for sure, in recent years, the flock of black swans from COVID to the invasion of Ukraine has sent shock waves through companies worldwide. And yet, some have fared better than others because of their commitment to foresight and agility in their ability to manage contracts and adjust quickly mid-flight. In this session, Dawn Tiura, CEO and President of Sourcing Industry Group, shares best practices from world-leading corporations on how they have prepared for the seemingly unseen and helped their companies survive, thrive, and prosper no matter what black swan comes their way. 

Nick Heinzmann, VP of Research, Spend Matters 

As VP of Research, Nick sets the Spend Matters research and publication agenda. He also has served as a lead analyst for several technology categories, including contract lifecycle management (CLM), fraud analytics, startups and ESG-focused vendors in and around the source-to-pay (S2P) market. 

  • The Perfect CLM Marriage:  5 Traits Procurement Should Know to Find (and Keep) ‘The One’
  • Contracts are the lifeblood of your supplier relationships, so when you’re evaluating the tool to house and maintain your precious agreements, you want to be sure it’s ready for the long haul. Unfortunately, like a lot of early attempts at dating, procurement organizations sometimes realize their CLM is not exactly the one they want to bring home to their parents (you know, management). In the worst cases, they become serial CLM daters, sometimes going through even 3 or 4 systems. This doesn’t have to be you! If you know the key buy-side requirements to assess a CLM system by and can avoid “toxic” traits that can derail CLM relationships, you too can find (and keep) “the one.” In this talk, Spend Matters VP of Research Nick Heinzmann will explain the 5 traits needed to create a happy CLM relationship and offer actionable ways to keep you and your CLM close into your golden years. 

Mike Haven, Head of Legal Operations, Intel, and President of CLOC

Mike Haven is Senior Director, Associate General Counsel and Head of Legal Operations at Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, where he leads strategic operations for the law and policy teams across the global enterprise.

  • Smart Handshakes, Clean Breaks, and Data Lakes: A New Frontier for Human Achievement
  • From building ancient aqueducts to setting foot on the moon to developing life-saving vaccines in record time, the possibilities of human achievement seem limitless. Innovations like these can transform entire societies and change the course of history in profound ways. Likewise, innovation in legal has the potential to enrich the lives of people and businesses across the globe. This session will explore the evolution of smart contracting, and how innovation in this space can and will make the world a better place for everyone.

Shawn Leudde, Sr. Manager, Service Contracts & Vetting, CDW

Shawn Luedde is the Sr Manager, Service Contracts and Vetting. Shawn’s teams own several contracting processes including Master Agreements, SOWs, and Vetting of all transactional contracts. Shawn has worked with Agiloft from its selection through its integration at CDW and now manages the business-side of integrations while helping support over 6,000 Agiloft users and over 100 unique contracting workflows.

  • Going Global With a Modern Contract System
  • Measuring the success of your CLM does not stop after its launch. In today’s global economy, business needs continuously change and your CLM must nimbly accommodate those demands to ensure user buy-in and high utilization beyond borders. Whether as part of a project plan or through business growth, integration of business segments and processes into your CLM is essential for successful global expansion. Widening your CLM’s reach can maximize the benefits of its intended use but also comes with many challenges. In this discussion, CDW Senior Manager, Contract Operations, Shawn Luedde, will share CDW’s approach to global, enterprise expansion of the Agiloft, their path to success, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Stay tuned as more exciting keynote speakers are announced in the weeks ahead! 

About the Summit

The Agiloft Summit 2023 is back and in-person! The Agiloft Summit is the where the contract glitterati will gather to advance the profession. With a theme of “Limitless,” the event will feature exciting keynote speakers, invaluable breakout sessions, and opportunities to network with leading industry professionals.   

Choose between two Summit experiences – the Summit, and the Summit + Agiloft UniversityLIVE, a one-day interactive training event pairing you with our top configuration experts. Click here to view our UniversityLIVE courses. 

At night, enjoy the hotel’s proximity to the famous Strip, where you can grab a bite to eat, try your luck at the slots, or enjoy a walk in the desert air. 

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