For the seventh straight report, Spend Matters has ranked Agiloft a Value Leader in its Fall 2021 SolutionMap for Contract Lifecycle Management software. Spend Matters defines Value Leader as “Providers with both strong analyst and customer scores.” As you can see in the below SolutionMap graphic, Agiloft is firmly scored in the top-right quadrant with both high analyst scores and high customer scores.

Fall 2021 Spend Matters SolutionMap for contract lifecycle management MID market persona

Want the full report? Read the Fall 2021 SolutionMap for Contract Lifecycle Management here.

SolutionMap’s leading comparison methodology, based equally on in-depth analysis and customer reviews, makes Spend Matters a well-rounded benchmark for procurement and supply chain organizations across a wide range of industries. Spend Matters compares the value of the different software platforms, looking beyond feature and function to reflect buyer needs against criteria such as AI capabilities and user experience.

On its website, Spend Matters says this about the SolutionMap for CLM:

“The automation of the authoring, collaboration, negotiation, signature, implementation, monitoring, amending/renewal, and analytics related to B2B contracts (with an emphasis on supplier contracts). CLM can be a standalone set of applications or included as part of a buy-side application suite. It includes not just management of a contract document repository, but also the granular clauses, metadata, and business rules needed to securely develop and optimize commercial agreements that support broader business objectives for risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and business partnering. CLM can extend to obligation management, and increasingly it includes contract analytics and reporting as well.”

In this report, Spend Matters revised its Market Personas to reflect the evolving needs of contract management for procurement teams. Spend Matters says, “Not all procurement organizations are equal. SolutionMap market personas reflect different organizational needs tied to the unique value propositions served by a provider.”

SolutionMap Market Personas for CLM software include:

  • SME Persona – Solutions for SMEs (revenues < $250M/year) and/or “point” solutions
  • MID Persona – Solutions for upper mid-market (revenues $250M-$1B/year)
  • LARGE Persona – Solutions for large/MNC enterprises (revenues >$1B/yr)


Learn more about contract management for your specific needs, including:

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