It was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Some solutions were too big. Some were too small.
Agiloft was just right.

– Suzy Berman, Metrico Wireless

Most of our customers are looking for a specific software tool - a user support system, an enterprise contract management software or something else.

What other products offer is a tradeoff. At one end of the spectrum are hard-coded systems that are cheap, but limited and inflexible. At the other of the spectrum are custom-coded solutions that are expensive and time-consuming to implement or maintain.

Agiloft - the Balanced Solution

With Agiloft, you get best of both worlds. With out-of-the-box templates for help desk, external customer support, ITIL/ITSM, asset management, change management, contract and document management, repair/RMA management, project management, time management, customer surveys, and other standard business processes, you can go live quickly with minimal effort.

With Agiloft, you are not locking yourself into a cookie cutter solution that you will outgrow in a couple of years, or that may not even give you what you really want right now. Agiloft is built on an adaptive platform that makes it quick and easy to customize and extend every aspect of the program using a browser-based GUI, without writing a line of code.

This means that you can take our default setup and customize it immediately to map your preferred business process, not what someone else thought should be the standard process for a help desk application. It also means lower risk and greater cost savings over time, as you can easily add new integrated processes and functions to the system as your needs change and your company grows.

It also means you can use the product to quickly build your own custom automation solutions for processes that are not at all standard, on a single consolidated platform where they can interact with each other and with the rest of your business.

Why Compromising Now Costs More in the Long Run

Most of our customers started out believing that their needs were fairly "standard" and that they could use any product with a reasonable feature set. While there may be standard features that most customers need, how they actually want to use the system is often quite specialized to their particular business and the way it works.

Understanding the limits of a product takes time and research. A list of features may suggest that a product can do what you need. It is usually when you try to make the product match your process that you find it cannot. By then it may be too late to change directions. Many companies adjust their processes to match the product which then reduces their ability to respond to changes in their business or market.

The lack of extensibility is a fatal shortcoming because it means that every time you need to add a function, you may need to buy a new product. Suppose you are using a help desk product to manage service requests, and you decide to add change management to your system. Since many changes result from help desk tickets, you want to be able to generate change requests directly from help desk tickets, to automate notification for the help desk ticket when the change is complete, and so on.

If you have a typical, non-extensible help desk solution, you face a problem. Some systems might let you add a new table for change management, but will not allow you to create relationships to the existing data and tables, leaving you with a non-integrated, inefficient system. With other products you might be able to spend more to buy another program module that may or may not be customizable to meet your needs. In other cases, you may just need to buy an entirely new product. This means time spent searching for the product, implementing it, converting from the old product or trying to integrate with it, incurring further expense.

With an extensible system like Agiloft, this is a simple matter of adding a new table, custom relationships and fields, defining the workflow, and designing the automation you want. In a few hours of customization you can have fully integrated change management that interacts with your existing system, all without writing a line of code.

A Perfect Fit Without the Sticker Shock

Agiloft is built with all the features needed for a scalable, enterprise-ready solution. Any custom table that you add inherits the same infrastructure of views, searches, sophisticated permissions, charts/reports, workflow, business rules, email integration, and auditability as our pre-configured tables. It provides a huge headstart in designing your own custom applications.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have many customers who started to build their own in-house solution thinking that was the only way to get the perfect fit they needed. After going over schedule and over budget, they found Agiloft and realized we could do what was needed in a fraction of the implementation time; because we had already put the millions of man hours into developing the platform that made customization so easy.

If you're considering custom development, show us your requirements and specification and let us offer you a fixed price quote for building the system to your spec. You will be surprised at the low cost.

Let Us Prove We Can Meet Your Needs

There is no way to miss a hidden limitation when evaluating our product. We ask you to describe the process you are trying to automate. Then we build it and demonstrate it to you in a personalized demo, showing you exactly how we built it and how it can work for you.

Do you have a complicated company structure? Do you have complex relationships between components of your business? Do you have complex workflows and automation requirements? If so, you are our favorite kind of customer, because we know that we can serve you better than any of our competitors.

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